Otis Course Reviews

Otis College of Art and Design

FNDT 160Drawing and Building Form00000
FSHD 999Independent Study00000
COMD 478Interactive Design II00000
ENTR 999IS:Entrepreneurial Internship00000
DGMD 260Studio Visits00000
COMD 300Communication Studio III: GD00000
FSHD 233Dynamic Model Drawing00000
ARLI 363Planning to Plan00000
CRIT 206History & Theory II00000
ARLI 465Presentation Techniques00000
ENGL 103Writing Lab00000
DGMD 3253D Next Steps00000
CMST 3840Mediation and Communication00000
FINA 406Advanced Critique00000
ARLI 250Studio I00000
FSHD 000Fashion Illus / Intro Des Lab00000
COMD 440Senior Project(Graphic Design)00000
FSHD 363Fashion Design and Ilus II00000
AHCS 371History of Costume II OL00000
GRAD 611Graduate Critique II00000
ARLI 459Donghia Master Class00000
DANC 382Drumming for Dance00000
AHCS 581Sp Topics in Soc Practice Art00000
DGMD 312Figure and Gesture Drawing00000
ARLI 475Fabrications S00000
DRWG 320Experimental Drawing Projects00000
DGMD 354Visual Language Films00000
CAIL 550Community Radio00000
ENGL 2297SS: History of Journalism00000
ANIM 490Advanced Topics in 3D00000
FINA 216Digital Media00000
COMD 217Drawing & Painting II00000
FINA 550Editorial: Fashion Photography00000
AHCS 226Contemporary Art Survey00000
FNDT 173Creative Practices II00000
COMD 319Type and Alternative Media00000
FSHD 212Fashion Illus/Intro to Design00000
ARLI 271Digital Media II-A00000
FSHD 330Model Drawing III00000
COMD 458Advanced Image Making00000
FSHD 426Digital Portfolio00000
ADVT 473On Screen Prod & Concepts00000
GAME 440Practicum in Games & Ent II00000
COMD 491Web Coding Fundamentals00000
GRAD 630Collaborative Projects I00000
AHCS 577Contemporary GraphicDes Issues00000
CRIT 405History + Theory IV00000
ARLI 460Interior Development00000
DGMD 204Storytelling for Digital Art I00000
AFAM 4998SS:Amer Cinema/Black Rprsntatn00000
DGMD 304Storytelling for Dig Art II00000
ARLI 469Lighting Internship00000
DGMD 318Foucault's Pendulum00000
AHCS 587Models of Practice00000
DGMD 345Advanced Character Design00000
ART 405Building Community w/ Arts00000
DGMD 550Digital Sculpting in Zbrush00000
DGMD 405Senior Project II00000
CAIL 200Food, Community and Urban Gard00000
ENGL 090Developmental English II00000
ANIM 3313D Animation II00000
ENGL 420Writing Colloquium00000
CLAR 3350Ancient Egyptian Religion00000
ENTR 310Entrepreneurial Internship00000
AHCS 222Graphic Dgn/Illust History00000
FINA 200Sophomore Seminar I00000
COMD 208Comm Studio II(Graphic Design)00000
FINA 353Studio IV00000
ARHS 2002Art & Soc: Erly Xstn-Erly Mod00000
FINA 470Senior Studio I00000
COMD 229Typography II00000
FNDT 000Life Drawing Workshop00000
ADVT 404Advt & Art Direction III00000
FNDT 162Drwg Studio-Expanded Practices00000
COMD 312Experimntl Typogrphy(for web)00000
FNDT 192Drawing Studio00000
ARLI 261Technologies + Ecologies II-A00000
FSHD 203Sophomore Studio II00000
COMD 352Exprmntl Brdcstng Creatv Publs00000
FSHD 226Digital Design I00000
AHCS 321History of Photography00000
FSHD 323Digital Design II00000
COMD 453Identity and Systems Design00000
FSHD 351Costume in Concept Art00000
ARLI 353Studio IV00000
FSHD 400Senior Studio I00000
COMD 472Interaction Design I00000
FSHD 472The Business of Fashion00000
ACTS 999Ind Study: Teaching Internship00000
GAME 330Adv Tools & Techniques I00000
COMD 482Internship00000
GAME 490Invisible Cities00000
ARLI 454Studio V:Architecture00000
COMD 550Interactive Design00000
ACTS 335Community Arts Internship00000
ADVT 353Ideation Bootcamp00000
AHCS 121Birth of the Modern00000
ANIM 230Animation Basics00000
ASPA 3998SS:China Look US,US Look China00000
DGMD 428Traditional Effects Animation00000