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Otis Course Reviews

Otis College of Art and Design

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARLI 460Interior Development00000
DANC 363Mult Waysof Knowing & Showing00000
FNDT 160Drawing and Building Form00000
AHCS 579Theory and Criticism00000
GRAD 610Graduate Critique I00000
ENGL 050Developmental English I00000
COMD 229Typography II00000
COMD 319Type and Alternative Media00000
FSHD 390ST: Fashioning the Fantastic00000
COMD 479Digital Innov:Web Design II00000
ADVT 473On Screen Prod & Concepts00000
GRAD 789Visiting Lecture Series00000
DGMD 348Storyboarding and Pitching00000
ARLI 261Technologies + Ecologies II-A00000
CLST 3998SS: Mexico City/ LA00000
ASPA 3998SS:China Look US,US Look China00000
EVST 1000Intro to Environmental Studies00000
COMD 453Identity and Systems Design00000
ARLI 360Technologies + Ecologies III00000
DGMD 3253D Next Steps00000
COMD 440Senior Project(Graphic Design)00000
FSHD 999Independent Study00000
ARLI 461Constructions00000
GRAD 652In Context00000
CRIT 304History + Theory III00000
ACTS 300Spec. Top.: Art Therapy00000
GRDS 667Sequential Des as Crit Pract00000
DGMD 315Directing Film and TV00000
AHCS 236History of Toys00000
CAIL 101Connections thru Color & Desig00000
ANIM 430Practicum in Animation I00000
DGMD 428Traditional Effects Animation00000
ARLI 362Lighting Fundamentals00000
ARHS 4307Arts of Japan00000
ARLI 472Luminaire and Control Technolo00000
ENGL 2201Genres: Poetry00000
CLAR 3350Ancient Egyptian Religion00000
COMD 234Practicum I00000
COMD 352Exprmntl Brdcstng Creatv Publs00000
FINA 455Professional Practices00000
COMD 485Translation for Distribution00000
AHCS 372History of Costume00000
DGMD 304Storytelling for Dig Art II00000
FNDT 192Drawing Studio00000
DGMD 354Visual Language Films00000
ARLI 364Light,Health&Global Responsibi00000
FSHD 462Fashion Design and Ilus III00000
COMD 459Visual Language00000
GAME 430Practicum in Games & Ent I00000
AHCS 583Teaching Des:Pedagogy as Pract00000
GRAD 621Graduate Studio II00000
COMD 492Web Coding II00000
GRAD 710Graduate Critique III00000
ARLI 467Internship00000
GRDS 623Typography II00000
DANC 382Drumming for Dance00000
IDAP 400Intro to Social Media00000
GRDS 711Design Week00000
DGMD 3103D for Motion Cinema 4D00000
ADVT 353Ideation Bootcamp00000
ASPA 3500Econ/Pol Issues Contemp Asia00000
AHCS 220Essence of Eve: Women in Film00000
DGMD 323Character Performance for 2D00000
AHCS 370History of Costume I-OL00000
ANIM 490Advanced Topics in 3D00000
AHCS 651Critical Theory and Practice 200000
DGMD 404Senior Project I00000
ARHS 2002Art & Soc: Erly Xstn-Erly Mod00000
CAIL 550Community Radio00000
ARLI 352Studio III:Interiors00000
DGMD 999Independent Study00000
ARLI 455Studio VI00000
AHCS 226Contemporary Art Survey00000
ARLI 466Internship00000
ENGL 103Writing Lab00000
ART 405Building Community w/ Arts00000
COMD 216Drawing & Painting I00000
CAIL 300Collaborating w/Catastrophe00000
ENTR 310Entrepreneurial Internship00000
COMD 208Comm Studio II(Graphic Design)00000
ARLI 262Technologies + Ecologies II-B00000
COMD 312Experimntl Typogrphy(for web)00000
FINA 216Digital Media00000
COMD 365Book Structures00000
COMD 301Comm Studio IV(Graphic Design)00000
COMD 473Interactive Design II00000
FINA 999Independent Study00000
CRIT 205History + Theory I00000
ADVT 470Interactive Advertising00000
DGMD 230Costume and Portrait00000
FNDT 172Creative Practices I00000
DGMD 316Motion: IDEAS00000
COMD 362Intro to Letterpress00000
FSHD 202Sophomore Studio I00000
ADVT 240Advertising Workshop00000
AHCS 120Introduction to Visual Culture00000
ANIM 325Animation Explorations00000
ARLI 475Fabrications S00000
DGMD 240Digital Painting II00000
HIST 2300Race in Colonial America00000