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OSU Course Reviews

Ohio State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 1172Engineering Mathematics A22341
MATH 2173Engineering Mathematics B44541
MATH 4557Partial Differential Equations00000
MATH 4504History of Mathematics00000
MATH 7222.01Ergodic Theory II00000
MATH 1194HHonors Group Studies in Mathematics00000
MATH 5630Life Contingencies I00000
MATH 6411Ordinary Differential Equations I00000
MATH 1534Transition Calculus II00000
MATH 5051Introduction to Mathematical Logic00000
MATH 3350Introduction to Mathematical Biology00000
MATH 5522HHonors Complex Analysis00000
MATH 1149Trigonometry00000
MATH 5194HHonors Group Studies in Mathematics00000
MATH 3345Foundations of Higher Mathematics00000
MATH 1152Calculus II00000
MATH 5631Life Contingencies II00000
MATH 2193Individual Studies in Mathematics00000
MATH 7141.01Algebraic Geometry I00000
MATH 7651.02Applied Complex Variables and Asymptotics I00000
MATH 7852Differential Topology II00000
MATH 2182HHonors Calculus II00000
MATH 5201Introduction to Real Analysis I00000
MATH 7851Differential Topology I00000
MATH 5603Numerical Linear Algebra00000
MATH 4480Algebra for Teaching00000
MATH 1050Precollege Mathematics I00000
MATH 1135Number and Operations for Teachers00000
MATH 5001Introduction to Set Theory00000
MATH 1161.02Accelerated Calculus I for Honors Engineers00000
MATH 1136Measurement and Geometry for Teachers00000
MATH 2168History of Mathematics for Middle School Teachers00000
MATH 5520HHonors Linear Algebra and Differential Equations00000
MATH 4420Capstone Course for Integrated Major in Mathematics and English00000
MATH 7212.02Functional Analysis II00000
MATH 4999HHonors Undergraduate Thesis00000
MATH 2010SIntersections of Mathematics and Society: Hidden Figures00000
MATH 6111Abstract Algebra I00000
MATH 6251Theory of Probability I00000
MATH 6801Algebraic Topology I00000
MATH 3589Introduction to Financial Mathematics00000
MATH 7211.01Functional Analysis I00000
MATH 7122.02Analytic Number Theory00000
MATH 7711Riemannian Geometry00000
MATH 4570Applied Algebraic Topology00000
MATH 4990Undergraduate Seminar in Mathematical Biology Research00000
MATH 7711.02Riemannian Geometry00000
MATH 5152Introduction to Number Theory with Applications00000
MATH 2568Linear Algebra00000
MATH 5402Applied Differential Equations II00000
MATH 7142Algebraic Geometry 200000
MATH 5576HHonors Number Theory00000
MATH 4182HHonors Analysis II00000
MATH 5702Curves and Surfaces in Euclidean Three Space00000
MATH 8110Topics in Algebra00000
MATH 1075Precollege Mathematics II00000
MATH 4547Introductory Analysis I00000
MATH 1118Mathematics for Architects00000
MATH 1131Calculus for Business00000
MATH 4581Abstract Algebra II00000
MATH 1141Calculus with Review II00000
MATH 8800Topics in Topology00000
MATH 1154Calculus I for Engineering Technology00000
MATH 5112Algebra II00000
MATH 1181HHonors Calculus I00000
MATH 7211.02Functional Analysis I00000
MATH 2137Algebra and Coordinate Geometry for Teachers00000
MATH 5401Applied Differential Equations I00000
MATH 2194Group Studies in Mathematics00000
MATH 1144Precalculus Transition00000
MATH 4181HHonors Analysis I00000
MATH 5540HHonors Differential Geometry00000
MATH 4545Analysis Overview00000
MATH 6802Algebraic Topology II00000
MATH 4580Abstract Algebra I00000
MATH 5660Integrated Molecular and Cellular Biology for Non-Biologists00000
MATH 5590HHonors Abstract Algebra I00000
MATH 1161.01Accelerated Calculus I00000
MATH 5651Mathematical Modeling of Biological Processes00000
MATH 2167Calculus for Middle School Teachers00000
MATH 6221Complex Analysis I00000
MATH 7222.02Ergodic Theory II00000
MATH 6601Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing I00000
MATH 2568HHonors Linear Algebra00000
MATH 7122.01Analytic Number Theory00000
MATH 1194Group Studies in Mathematics00000
MATH 7161.01Lie Algebras00000
MATH 4193Individual Studies in Mathematics00000
MATH 7212.01Functional Analysis II00000
MATH 6451Partial Differential Equations I00000
MATH 7612Computational Partial Differential Equations II00000
MATH 4548Introductory Analysis II00000
MATH 7811.01Homotopy Theory00000
MATH 2162.02Accelerated Calculus II for Honors Engineers00000
MATH 8120Topics In Number Theory00000
MATH 4999Undergraduate Thesis00000
MATH 7141Algebraic Geometry I00000
MATH 5102Linear Mathematics in Infinite Dimensions00000
MATH 2255Differential Equations and Their Applications00000
MATH 5194Group Studies in Mathematics00000
MATH 7811.02Homotopy Theory00000
MATH 5221Introduction to Complex Analysis00000
MATH 3295Senior Seminar00000
MATH 5451Calculus of Variations and Tensor Calculus00000
MATH 6502Combinatorics and Graph Theory II00000
MATH 5530HHonors Probability00000
MATH 3607Beginning Scientific Computing00000
MATH 5601Essentials of Numerical Methods00000
MATH 7851.02Differential Topology I00000
MATH 5634Loss Models II00000
MATH 4350Quantitative Neuroscience00000
MATH 5801General Topology and Knot Theory00000
MATH 7142.02Algebraic Geometry II00000
MATH 1074Transition Pre-College Mathematics II00000
MATH 4512Partial Differential Equations for Science and Engineering00000
MATH 1116Excursions in Mathematics00000
MATH 8160Topics in Representation Theory00000
MATH 4552Complex Analysis00000
MATH 1120Precalculus with Review I00000
MATH 1121Precalculus with Review II00000
MATH 1130College Algebra for Business00000
MATH 4575Combinatorial Mathematics00000
MATH 1134Transition Calculus for Business00000
MATH 8610Topics in Applied Mathematics00000
MATH 1138Fundamentals of Mathematics for Engineers00000
MATH 4998HHonors Undergraduate Research00000
MATH 1148College Algebra00000
MATH 7162.02Lie Groups and Representation Theory00000
MATH 1151Calculus I00000
MATH 5111Algebra I00000
MATH 1156Calculus for the Biological Sciences00000
MATH 1060Supplementary Pre-College Mathematics00000
MATH 1166Math for Middle School Teachers II00000
MATH 5168Introduction to the Finite Element Method00000
MATH 1193Individual Studies in Mathematics00000
MATH 6702Differential Geometry00000
MATH 1544Transition Engineering Calculus00000
MATH 5202Introduction to Real Analysis II00000
MATH 2162.01Accelerated Calculus II00000
MATH 1140Calculus with Review I00000
MATH 2177Mathematical Topics for Engineers00000
MATH 5421Mathematics of Infectious Disease Dynamics00000
MATH 2415Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations00000
MATH 7212Functional Analysis II00000
MATH 3588Practicum in Actuarial Science00000
MATH 5529HHonors Combinatorics00000
MATH 4194Group Studies in Mathematics00000
MATH 1150Precalculus00000
MATH 4507Geometry00000
MATH 5591HHonors Abstract Algebra II00000
MATH 4551Vector Analysis00000
MATH 6252Theory of Probability II00000
MATH 4573Elementary Number Theory00000
MATH 5633Loss Models I00000
MATH 4998Undergraduate Research00000
MATH 1155Calculus II for Engineering Technology00000
MATH 5101Linear Mathematics in Finite Dimensions00000
MATH 5757Mathematical Methods in Relativity Theory II00000
MATH 5602Computational Partial Differential Equations00000
MATH 7221.02Ergodic Theory I00000
MATH 5632Financial Economics for Actuaries00000
MATH 2153Calculus III00000
MATH 5756Mathematical Methods in Relativity Theory I00000
MATH 1165Math for Middle School Teachers I00000
MATH 6211Real Analysis I00000
MATH 2174Linear Algebra and Differential Equations for Engineers00000
MATH 7121.02Algebraic Number Theory00000
MATH 1125Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I00000
MATH 6501Combinatorics and Graph Theory I00000
MATH 2366Introduction to Discrete Mathematics00000
MATH 6701Differentiable Manifolds00000
MATH 1187HHonors Problem Solving00000
MATH 7121.01Algebraic Number Theory00000
MATH 3345HHonors Foundations of Higher Mathematics00000
MATH 7141.02Algebraic Geometry I00000
MATH 7611Computational Partial Differential Equations I00000
MATH 7142.01Algebraic Geometry II00000
MATH 3618Theory of Interest00000
MATH 7162.01Lie Groups and Representation Theory00000
MATH 1295Introductory Seminar00000
MATH 7211Functional Analysis I00000
MATH 4407Geometry for Teaching00000
MATH 7221.01Ergodic Theory I00000
MATH 6212Real Analysis II00000
MATH 7452Partial Differential Equations II00000
MATH 4530Probability00000
MATH 7651.01Applied Complex Variables and Asymptotics I00000
MATH 2138Calculus and its History for Teachers00000
MATH 7721Kahler Geometry00000
MATH 4556Dynamical Systems00000
MATH 7851.01Differential Topology I00000
MATH 7711.01Riemannian Geometry00000
MATH 4578Discrete Mathematical Models00000
MATH 6112Abstract Algebra II00000
MATH 6222Complex Analysis II00000
MATH 6602Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing II00000
MATH 7161.02Lie Algebras00000
MATH 8250Topics in Probability Theory00000
MATH 4568Linear Algebra for Engineering Graduate Students00000
MATH 1126Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II00000