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OSU Course Reviews

Ohio State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
LAW 6350Environmental Justice: Legal Theory and Practice00000
LAW 8189.20Judicial Externship00000
LAW 7000Land Use Regulation00000
LAW 8896.66Seminar: Administrative Law in the Modern Administrative Sta...00000
LAW 7306Sales00000
LAW 8964Lawyers as Leaders00000
LAW 7228Regulatory Compliance00000
LAW 8209Federal Courts00000
LAW 7200Business Associations00000
LAW 8525Introduction to the US Legal System00000
LAW 8896.27Seminar: Middle East Conflict00000
LAW 7803Trademark00000
LAW 8896.26Seminar: Critical Race Theory00000
LAW 6025Native Americans and the Law00000
LAW 7812Patent Prosecution00000
LAW 7005Introduction to Legal Operations00000
LAW 6250Contracts Drafting Skills00000
LAW 7712International Law00000
LAW 7204Business Basics For Lawyers00000
LAW 8315Education Law00000
LAW 8310Energy Law00000
LAW 7222Litigation Finance00000
LAW 7224Mergers and Acquisitions00000
LAW 750414th Amendment00000
LAW 8707State and Local Government Law00000
LAW 8797Participation in a Foreign Exchange Program00000
LAW 8100Employment Law00000
LAW 8896.50Sem: Gender and the Law00000
LAW 8896.11Seminar: Research Seminar in Law00000
LAW 7602Family & Divorce Mediation00000
LAW 8896.47Sem: War Crimes Law00000
LAW 8896.72Sem: Federal Sentencing Law & Policy00000
LAW 6118Constitutional Law00000
LAW 7106Legal Negotiation and Settlement00000
LAW 6675Literature, Rhetoric, and Persuasion00000
LAW 6112Property00000
LAW 7192Public Interest and Government Externship00000
LAW 8189.06Multiparty Mediation Clinic00000
LAW 7403White Collar Crime00000
LAW 6550Lawyers as Effective Communicators00000
LAW 8005Lawyering Skills Program00000
LAW 6500Introductory Accounting for Lawyers00000
LAW 8215Remedies00000
LAW 7112Dispute Resolution Processes: Theory & Practice00000
LAW 7126Digital Dispute Systems00000
LAW 7214Contracts II00000
LAW 7212Banking Law00000
LAW 8400Interprofessional Education: Care of Patient/Client00000
LAW 7234Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Dealmaking00000
LAW 6650Reading the Law00000
LAW 7400Advanced Topics on Criminal Law00000
LAW 8603Real Estate Development00000
LAW 7603Family Law00000
LAW 7236International Trade00000
LAW 7814International Intellectual Property00000
LAW 8803Law and Religion00000
LAW 8211Sentencing Law & Policy00000
LAW 8189.04Justice For Children Clinic00000
LAW 8896.74Sem: Biotechnology Law & Policy00000
LAW 8817The Rule Of Law In The Age Of Legal Change00000
LAW 7409Criminal Procedure: Adjudication00000
LAW 8896.43Sem: Jurisprudence00000
LAW 8896.46Sem: Lawyering and Social Movements00000
LAW 8896.52Sem: U.S. Supreme Court Decisionmaking00000
LAW 7004To Be a GC: The Role of the Modern General Counsel00000
LAW 8896.44Seminar: Education Law00000
LAW 8896.54Sem: Critical Theory/Critical Lawyering00000
LAW 8990American Legal History00000
LAW 7800Copyright Law00000
LAW 6101Legal Analysis, Research and Writing for International Stude...00000
LAW 8896.61Sem: What's International Law For? Purposes and Values of th...00000
LAW 6200Counseling Start-Up Companies00000
LAW 6325Professional Essentials00000
LAW 6525The Lawyer as Negotiator00000
LAW 6075Loving v. Virginia: Critical Race/Sex Analysis00000
LAW 6825Law and Political Economy00000
LAW 8008Appellate Practice00000
LAW 7109International Commercial Arbitration & Mediation00000
LAW 6127Criminal Law00000
LAW 7213Drafting Business Contracts00000
LAW 7124International Dispute Resolution00000
LAW 7309Secured Transactions00000
LAW 6375Dueling Systems of Law00000
LAW 7509Special Education Advocacy00000
LAW 8189.07Mediation Clinic00000
LAW 7809Patent Law00000
LAW 6700Federal and State Clemency Decision-making00000
LAW 8189.01Criminal Defense Clinic00000
LAW 6115Civil Procedure I00000
LAW 8200Evidence00000
LAW 7006Advanced Legal Writing00000
LAW 8309Environmental Law00000
LAW 8300Federal Antitrust Law00000
LAW 8318Law and the Presidency00000
LAW 8306Administrative Law00000
LAW 7193Individual Studies00000
LAW 6575Civil Rights Lawyering00000
LAW 7209Accounting for Lawyers00000
LAW 8312Election Law00000
LAW 7215Securities00000
LAW 7221Corporate Finance00000
LAW 7230International Business Transactions00000
LAW 8406Professional Responsibility00000
LAW 7285Drug Crimes00000
LAW 6124Legislation and Regulation00000
LAW 7310Transactional Practice00000
LAW 8600Real Estate Finance00000
LAW 7406Criminal Procedure: Investigations00000
LAW 7233Topics in Business law00000
LAW 7600Children & the Law00000
LAW 8700Federal Income Taxation00000
LAW 7610Sex, Sexuality & the Law00000
LAW 6725Gender, Race and Tort Law00000
LAW 7807National Security Law and Process00000
LAW 8712Tax of Business Enterprise/Corporate Tax00000
LAW 8002Depositions00000
LAW 7300Commercial Paper00000
LAW 8109Employment Discrimination Law00000
LAW 8809Health Law00000
LAW 8203Civil Procedure II00000
LAW 8189.02Civil Law Clinic00000
LAW 8821Nonprofit Law00000
LAW 8218Products Liability00000
LAW 7401Forensic Mental Health Law00000
LAW 8808Health Care Agreements and Transactions00000
LAW 8896.67SEM: Surveillance and Secrecy00000
LAW 8828Oil and Gas Law00000
LAW 7001Basics of Elder Law00000
LAW 8896.59Sem: Section 1983: Police Misconduct and Prison Violations00000
LAW 8896.51Sem: Critical Race Narratives00000
LAW 8896.70Sem: Advanced Constitutional Law00000
LAW 7507Black Lives Matter: Law and Culture00000
LAW 8896.65Jus Ad Bellum: Waging War in International Law00000
LAW 8896.60Sem: Transitional Justice00000
LAW 8896.56Sem: State Constitutional Law00000
LAW 6225Legal Issues Surrounding the "MeToo" Campaign00000
LAW 8896.62Sem: Prisons, Police, and Borders00000
LAW 8896.02Seminar: Supreme Court Litigation00000
LAW 8896.68Seminar: Labor and the Constitution00000
LAW 7700Human Rights00000
LAW 8950Professional Practice Skills Course00000
LAW 8896.25Seminar: Law in Africa00000
LAW 5796Anglo-American Legal System00000
LAW 7009Advanced Legal Research00000
LAW 6060Analysis of Client Files for LL.M.00000
LAW 8896.64Seminar: Disability Accessibility - From Testing to Websites00000
LAW 6109Torts00000
LAW 7806Privacy00000
LAW 6125Justice, Democracy, and Law00000
LAW 8896.73Sem: Reimagining Public Safety00000
LAW 6275Interviewing & Counseling00000
LAW 6106Legal Analysis and Writing II00000
LAW 6450Social Justice and the Law00000
LAW 6050U.S. Legal System and Legal Traditions00000
LAW 6600Exploring the Lawyer-Client Relationship00000
LAW 8000Trial Practice00000
LAW 6750Serial, Season Three: Criminal Law in Action00000
LAW 6103Legal Analysis and Writing00000
LAW 7002Legal Analysis Workshop00000
LAW 7113Dispute Resolution in Employment00000
LAW 7100Negotiation and Mediation Advocacy00000
LAW 6121Contracts I00000
LAW 7114Franchise Agreements, Franchisor/Franchisee Relationships an...00000
LAW 8106Employee Benefits00000
LAW 7208Client Development for the New Lawyer00000
LAW 6175Law Practice Technology00000
LAW 7218Small Business and Entrepreneurial Finance00000
LAW 6425Criminal Law in Practice00000
LAW 7280Cannabiz: Exploring the "Legalized" Cannabis Industry from a...00000
LAW 6300Researching Client Matters00000
LAW 7321Consumer Law00000
LAW 8189.05Legislation Clinic00000
LAW 7503First Amendment00000
LAW 6475Contractual Due Diligence00000
LAW 7606Adoption Law00000
LAW 7127Designing Forums and Disputing Systems00000
LAW 7804The Law of Cyberspace00000
LAW 6625Introduction to Advertising Law00000
LAW 7815Introduction to Intellectual Property00000
LAW 8189.09Entreprenurial Business Law Clinic00000
LAW 8103Labor Law00000
LAW 6775Designing a Deal00000
LAW 8189.10Immigration Clinic00000
LAW 6055Transactional Practice-LL.M.00000
LAW 8189.40Regulatory Compliance Externship00000
LAW 7003Appellate Advocacy00000
LAW 8210Constitutional Litigation00000
LAW 8212Pretrial Litigation00000
LAW 8303Immigration Law00000
LAW 7103Issues in Arbitration00000
LAW 8311Climate Change Law00000
LAW 7210Business Bankruptcy00000
LAW 7116Dispute Resolution Survey00000
LAW 6000Tax Policy, Inequality and Distributive Justice00000
LAW 6100Legal Regulation of Cryptotransactions00000
LAW 6150Trump and the Law00000
LAW 6800Regulating Workers in the "Gig" Economy00000
LAW 7312Debtor and Creditor Law00000
LAW 8811Food and Drug Law00000
LAW 8189.03Criminal Prosecution Clinic00000