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Oregon Tech Course Reviews

Oregon Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENV 111Intro to Env Sciences00000
MATH 327Discrete Mathematics00000
CST 407Mobile Development00000
EMS 341Community Para Clinical I00000
DH 475EBDM in Healthcare I00000
COM 425Mediation00000
HIST 201US History00000
BUS 447Controversial Issues in Mgmt00000
DH 241Prevention II00000
CE 401Design Project I00000
EE 548Geometric Optics00000
DMS 430DMS Externship00000
COM 225Interpers Communication00000
ENGR 445Engineering Project Management00000
BUS 308Principles of Int'l Business00000
GIS 332Customizing the GIS Environ I00000
CST 231Digital Systems Design I00000
LIS 307Intro to Library Science00000
ART 315Design Thinking00000
MECH 351Finite Element Analysis00000
CE 207Geotechnical Engineering Lab00000
DH 382Comm Dentl Hlth III00000
BIO 209Current Research Tpc Med Sci I00000
DMS 316Survey of Vascular Tech00000
CE 458Transportation Safety00000
EE 355Control System Design00000
ECHO 420AEcho Externship00000
CHE 350Clinical Pharmacology/NMT00000
EMS 218Trauma Emergencies00000
BIO 426Evolutionary Biology00000
ENGR 212Engineering Mech: Dynamics00000
COM 345Organization Comm I00000
ENGR 513Res Meth & Innov: Strat & Inno00000
ALH 595Curriculum Design for AH Prof00000
ENV 434Advanced Data Analysis00000
CST 120Embedded C00000
GME 444Adjustment by Least Squares00000
BUS 345Fraud Examination00000
HIST 407Water in the Klamath Basin00000
CST 331Microproc Periph Interfacing00000
MATH 111College Algebra00000
ACC 245Payroll Accounting00000
MATH 452Numerical Methods II00000
CST 471Embedded Senior Project00000
MECH 417Fluid Mechanics II00000
BIO 109Intro to Medical Sciences00000
DH 340Emerging Oral Health Topics00000
CE 311Intro to Geotechnical Engr00000
DH 455Res. & Evid. Based Dent. II00000
ACC 431Advanced Accounting I00000
DMS 224App of Abdominal Sonogr II00000
CE 432Struc Loading & Lat. Forces00000
DMS 353Junior Lab II00000
BIO 307Fire Ecology00000
ECHO 321Stress & Transesophageal Echo00000
CE 512Earthquake Engineering00000
EE 323Electronics II00000
ECO 202Principles of Economics, Macro00000
CHE 221General Chemistry I00000
EE 449Radiometry & Optical Detect00000
BIO 357Intro to Neuroscience00000
EE 596Grad Research & Development00000
COM 105Intro to Communication Theory00000
EMS 272Paramedic Skills Lab II00000
ALH 510Science Review for Health Care00000
ENGR 101Intro to Engineering I00000
COM 305Contemporary Rhetorical Theory00000
ENGR 318Engineering Mech: Fluids00000
BUS 215Principles of Management00000
ENGR 492MMET Senior Projects II00000
COM 420Externship00000
ENGR 597Graduate Project00000
ACAD 107Intro to Nursing00000
ENV 314Env. Science, Law, & Policy00000
CSH 242Evaluation & Measurement Tools00000
GEOG 105Physical Geography00000
BUS 318Marketing II00000
GME 241Legal Aspects of Land Surv I00000
CST 136OOP with C++00000
GME 482Adv Cadastral Surveying II00000
ART 207Mixed Media Art00000
HIST 224Tech & Ancient World00000
CST 307Topics on Compilers00000
HUM 207Honors Question Seminar II00000
BUS 399Marketing Special Topics00000
LIT 305Nature Writing & the Env.00000
CST 356Web Design and Development00000
MATH 254Vector Calculus I00000
ABA 524Observations and Measurements00000
MATH 362Statistical Methods II00000
CST 422Sr Development Project00000
MECH 260Engineering Materials I00000
BUS 495Senior Project Proposal00000
CYB 302Sys. Defenses & Incident Rpt.00000
ABA 511Foundations of ABA I00000
ABA 547Supervision and Management00000
ACC 497Senior Project00000
BIO 336Essentials of Pathophysiology00000
CE 595Graduate Thesis00000
EE 221Circuits I00000