Oregon Tech Course Reviews

Oregon Institute of Technology

DH 499Laboratory Practice00000
ECHO 365Abdominal/Renal Testing00000
CHE 450Biochemistry I00000
DH 225Head/Neck Anat, Histol, Embry00000
CSH 242Evaluation & Measurement Tools00000
CE 533Structural Matrix Analysis00000
DMS 365Sonographic Pathology00000
BIO 331Human Anatomy/Physiology I00000
COM 301Rhetorical Theory & Applicatn00000
BUS 304Engineering Management00000
CST 374Embedded Project Proposal00000
CST 211Data Structures00000
CE 448Timber Design00000
DH 455Res. & Evid. Based Dent. II00000
BIO 205Nutrition00000
DMS 254Sophomore Lab III00000
CHE 202General Chemistry II00000
ECHO 227Basic ECG Recognition/Testing00000
ALH 505Intro IT for Health Care Pros00000
ECO 202Principles of Economics, Macro00000
BIO 426Evolutionary Biology00000
COM 347Negotiation & Conflict Resol'n00000
ALH 545Ethical/Legal Consid HC Leader00000
CST 120Embedded C00000
BUS 441Leadership I00000
CST 340Advanced UNIX00000
CST 240Linux Programming00000
CE 403FE Exam Preparation00000
CST 455System on a Chip Design00000
ART 315Design Thinking00000
DH 401Overview Advanced Den Hygiene00000
CE 489Treatment Wetlands00000
DH 467Restorative Func Endorsement00000
ACC 465Case Studies in Accounting00000
DMS 224App of Abdominal Sonogr II00000
CE 590Civil Engineering Grad Project00000
DMS 343Neonatal/Pediatric Sonography00000
BIO 231Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
DMS 430DMS Externship00000
CHE 315Environmental Analytical Chem.00000
ECHO 325Pediatric Echo00000
ACC 202Prin of Accounting II00000
ECHO 420BEcho Externship00000
COM 216Essen of Grammar & Punctuation00000
ECO 307Intro to Entrepreneurship00000
ALH 510Science Review for Health Care00000
COM 309Communication Tech in Use00000
BUS 207Design Thinking & Catalyze00000
CSH 225Impact of Neurologic Disorders00000
ACC 245Payroll Accounting00000
CSH 276Capstone Project00000
BUS 390Applied Management Internship00000
CST 134Instrumentation00000
ALH 595Curriculum Design for AH Prof00000
CST 231Digital Systems Design I00000
BUS 467Service Management00000
CST 331Microproc Periph Interfacing00000
CST 307Topics on Compilers00000
CE 371Closed Conduit Design00000
CST 356Web Design and Development00000
ART 220Basic Drawing00000
CST 415Computer Networks00000
CE 432Struc Loading & Lat. Forces00000
CST 473Embedded Senior Project00000
ACC 412Corporate Taxation00000
DH 351Pain Management I00000
CE 458Transportation Safety00000
DH 423Clincal Prac & Sem IX00000
BIO 105Microbiology00000
DH 463Restorative Dentistry III00000
CE 507Engineering Law00000
DH 475EBDM in Healthcare I00000
ACAD 107Intro to Nursing00000
DMS 207DMS Practicum00000
CE 549Bridge Design00000
DMS 252Sophomore Lab I00000
BIO 211Principles of Biology00000
DMS 337Breast Sonography00000
CHE 101Intro to General Chemistry00000
DMS 352Junior Lab I00000
AHED 450Instructional Methods00000
DMS 373Obstetrical Pathology00000
CHE 221General Chemistry I00000
DMS 430BDMS Externship00000
BIO 235Human Genetics00000
ECHO 232Echocardiography II00000
CHE 350Clinical Pharmacology/NMT00000
ECHO 333Echocardiography III00000
ABA 532Behavioral Change II00000
ECHO 385Echocardiography Lab Mgmt00000
COM 135Communication Software00000
ECHO 421Echo Senior Project00000
BIO 341Medical Genetics00000
COM 237Intro to Visual Communication00000
ABA 501ABA Colloquium00000
ABA 566ABA & Education00000
ACC 325Finance00000
ANTH 452Globalization00000
CE 308Princ of Professional Practice00000
CST 320Compiler Methods00000