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ONU Course Reviews

Ohio Northern University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 3231Introduction to Virology00000
BIOL 4631Clinical Immunology00000
ATTR 3101Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training00000
BIOL 2531Nutrition for Nurses00000
BIOL 1101Principles and Concepts of Human Biology00000
ART 3401Ceramics 200000
BIOL 3621Parasitology00000
ACCT 3021Intermediate Financial Accounting 200000
ATTR 4451Athletic Training Clinical Level 600000
AERO 1120Air Force Heritage and Values 2.000000
BIOL 2321Anatomy and Physiology 200000
BIOL 1321Biology 2: Organismal Biology00000
ART 2111Life Drawing00000
BIOL 3021Human Anatomy00000
AASG 2111Discovering Vocation, Purpose, & Meaning: Relfecting on your...00000
BIOL 3451Pharmacology00000
ATTR 1001Basic Athletic Training00000
BIOL 3701Marine Biology00000
TADN 2501Tap Dance II00000
BIOL 4881Forensic Biology Capstone Seminar00000
ACCT 4011Auditing 100000
ATTR 4651Senior Research in Athletic Training00000
TADN 4201Ballet IV Pointe00000
BIOL 1201Introductory Biology00000
AERO 4120National Security/ Leadership Responsibilities/ Commissionin...00000
BIOL 2191Forensic Biology 100000
BIOL 2001Biology 3: Diversity of Life00000
ARMY 4010Unit Management and Officer Development00000
BIOL 2371Anatomy and Physiology II: Lecture00000
AASG 0971Introduction to College Reading00000
BIOL 2691Forensic Computer Analysis00000
ART 2611Art History 200000
BIOL 3191Forensic Microscopy00000
TAAD 3351Arts Administration Internship00000
BIOL 3291Forensic Physical Methods00000
ART 4401Advanced Ceramics00000
BIOL 3571Forensics DNA Analysis00000
ABUS 2221Principles of Entrepreneurship00000
BIOL 3661Environmental Research Methods00000
ATTR 2401Athletic Training Clinical Level 100000
BIOL 3911Pathophysiology00000
STAT 3901S/T: Technology for Actuaries00000
BIOL 4781Internship in Forensic Biology Capstone00000
ATTR 3501Off Campus Athletic Training Clinical Experience00000
BIOL 4901Special Topics in Biological Sciences00000
TADN 3301Modern Dance III00000
ATTR 4601Senior Seminar in Athletic Training00000
ACCT 4871Taxation 200000
BIOL 1021The Genetics of Human Diversity00000
STAT 4971I/S: Stat 336100000
BIOL 1131Principles and Concepts of Human Biology00000
AERO 3110Leading People and Effective Communication 1.000000
BIOL 1301Biology 1: Cells, Molecules and Evolution Majors00000
TADP 2111Fundamentals of Stagecraft00000
BIOL 1401Biology II: Biodiversity, Organismal Biology & Ecology00000
ARAB 2011Intermediate Arabic 100000
BIOL 2171Molecular Biology00000
BIOL 2031Evolution00000
ARMY 3010Professionalism/Leadership00000
BIOL 2291Forensic Biology 200000
TADP 2761Prod. Prac. Choreo. Shift00000
BIOL 2351Forensic Applications in Anatomy and Histology00000
ART 1101Visual Foundations 100000
BIOL 2471Anatomy and Physiology II: Laboratory00000
TAAD 2311Arts Marketing/Audience Development00000
BIOL 2601Tropical Biodiversity Conservation00000
ART 2401Ceramics 100000
BIOL 2901S/T: Plant Taxonomy and Phylogeny00000
AASG 1951Publication Activities Practicum00000
BIOL 3111Microbiology00000
ART 3101Biological Illustration Biological Illustration00000
BIOL 3211Introduction to Immunology00000
STAT 3541Nonparametric Statistical Methods00000
BIOL 3251Medical Physiology 200000
ART 4111Advanced Life Drawing00000
BIOL 3321Human Physiology 200000
AASG 2961Leadership: Peer Mentor Coord00000
BIOL 3511Cell Biology00000
ART 4901Senior Capstone in Art 100000
BIOL 3591Wetland Delineation Practicum00000
TADN 1501Tap Dance I00000
BIOL 3641Herpetology00000
ATTR 1201Advanced Weight Control/Sports Nutrition00000
BIOL 3681Ichthyology00000
ABUS 4991I/S: Venture Capital00000
BIOL 3741Freshwater Ecology00000
ATTR 2651Evaluation Techniques of Athletic Training 200000
BIOL 4511Advanced Topics in Cell Biology00000
LAW 1412Products Liability00000
BIOL 4761Internship in Biology Capstone00000
ATTR 3401Athletic Training Clinical Level 300000
BIOL 4861Biology Capstone Seminar00000
ACCT 3151Intermediate Managerial Accounting 200000
ATTR 4201Trends in Athletic Training00000
LAW 1256Commercial Law: Payments00000
SPAN 4101Medical Spanish00000
STRC 3251Biomechanics00000
TADP 2551Technical Direction00000
ARMY 1010ROTC and the National Defense Organization00000
BIOL 2131Natural History00000