OhioU Course Reviews

Ohio University

ART 5320Sculpture II00000
ASTR 3251Fundamentals of Astrophysics00000
ANTH 5010Visual Anthropology00000
ART 3810Advanced Photography00000
ARAB 5220Intermediate Arabic II00000
ANTH 3010Visual Anthropology00000
ART 6510Graphic Design Research Fellowship00000
AH 4711Methods in Art History00000
ANTH 5750Lithic Analysis: Stone Tools and Human Behavior00000
AH 5410History of Chinese Art00000
ART 3310Public Spheres & Dissemination Tactics00000
ART 1600Aesthetics of Architecture and Design00000
AKAN 2110Intermediate Twi (Akan) I00000
ART 4950Studio Art BFA Practicum00000
AH 3230Italian Renaissance Art00000
ART 5920Service Learning in the Visual Arts00000
ANTH 3980TAnthropology Tutorial00000
AST 2020Air Power Today00000
ACCT 4930Independent Research00000
AT 2200Therapeutic Modalities00000
AH 5111The Representation and Theorization of Gender in the History...00000
ARAB 1110Elementary Arabic I00000
ACCT 5930Independent Study00000
ART 1171Introduction to Printmaking00000
AH 5900Selected Topics in Art History: Global Performance Art Studi...00000
ART 2971TStudio Tutorial00000
ART 2501Design History and Social Impact00000
AHSW 4947HHonors Thesis in Food and Nutrition Sciences00000
ART 3620Interior Architecture Studio IV00000
AH 2970TArt History Tutorial00000
ART 4510Graphic Design Studio III00000
ANTH 2020Introduction to World Archaeology00000
ART 5100Museum Fundamentals I00000
ACCT 3770Entrepreneurial Accounting00000
ART 5640History of Furniture and Interiors I00000
ANTH 3590Before the Sickle and Plow: Archaeology of Foraging Societie...00000
ART 6300Sculpture Seminar00000
AH 3970TArt History Tutorial00000
ART 7960MFA Studio Thesis00000
ANTH 4750Lithic Analysis: Stone Tools and Human Behavior00000
AST 4010LLeadership Laboratory00000
AAS 4500The History of Black Women in Popular Culture00000
ASTR 5271Observational Astrophysics00000
ANTH 5560Ethnographic Methods00000
AT 2300Therapeutic Exercise00000
ACCT 5020Advanced Accounting Concepts I00000
ANTH 5930Readings in Anthropology00000
AH 5230Italian Renaissance Art00000
ARAB 3990Special Studies in Arabic00000
AAS 5900Special Topics in African American Studies: Black Music Semi...00000
ART 1121Introduction to Drawing00000
AH 5540Modern Architecture and Design00000
ART 1210Function + Practice00000
ACCT 6250Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination00000
ART 2320Sculpture: Environments & Actions00000
AH 5922Seminar in Art History: Teaching, Research, Publication00000
ART 2820Digital Photography00000
ART 2620Interior Architecture Studio II00000
AHSW 3980TTranslational Health - Applied Health Tutorial00000
ART 3100Museum Fundamentals I00000
ACCT 6930Independent Study00000
ART 3520Graphic Design Studio II00000
AHSW 4980TTranslational Health - Applied Health Tutorial Senior Thesis00000
ART 3640History of Furniture and Interior Design I00000
ACCT 3040AHonors Experience in Financial Accounting and Reporting I00000
ART 3922Museum Fundamentals II - Practicum00000
AKAN 5210Intermediate Twi (Akan) I00000
ART 4900Studio Art Topics: Advanced Studio Ideation00000
AH 3210Roman Art00000
ART 4958Interior Architecture VI: Thesis Studio00000
ANTH 2980TAnthropology Tutorial00000
ART 5210Ceramics00000
AAS 3650The Protracted Struggle for Civil Rights: African American S...00000
ART 5530Letterpress and Bookmaking00000
ANTH 3500Economic Anthropology00000
ART 5720Painting II00000
AH 3410History of Chinese Art00000
ART 6000Interdisciplinary Seminar00000
ANTH 3810Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa00000
ART 6410Printmaking III00000
ACCT 4600Multiple-Entity Accounting and Tax Planning00000
ART 6720Painting IV00000
ANTH 4720History of Anthropological Thought00000
AST 1020LLeadership Laboratory00000
AH 4180Contemporary East Asian Art00000
AST 3010LLeadership Laboratory00000
ANTH 4960Human Diversity00000
AST 4900Special Topics in Aerospace Studies00000
AAS 2020African American History II, 1876 to late twentieth century00000
ASTR 4271Observational Astrophysics00000
ANTH 5490Life History: The Individual and Culture00000
AT 2102Lower Extremity Examination Gross Anatomy Lab00000
AH 4930Independent Study--Projects00000
ANTH 5700Mexican/Central American Prehistory00000
AAS 1010African American History I, 1526-187500000
AAS 2200Introduction to Black Political Economy00000
ACCT 1010AHonors Experience in Foundations of Accounting00000
ACCT 6500Professional Ethics and Communication for Accountants00000
AHSW 2971TTranslational Health - Applied Health Tutorial00000
ART 2670Computer-Aided Design: Professional Applications00000