OHC Course Reviews

Olive-Harvey College

LIT 111Poetry00000
PHYSICS 237Engineering Physics III: Heat light and Modern Physics00000
BR175 112Healthcare Bridge Low ASE Mathematics00000
ENGLISH 101Composition00000
CHEM 205-1Organic Chemistry I00000
ASTROMY 201Descriptive Astronomy00000
MUSIC 105Group Piano I00000
ABEGED 480ABE Constitution Course00000
BUSINES 182Managerial Accounting00000
ABEGED 870GED Bsc Skll Gen Adv Lvl Sp00000
CRMJUS 202Issues In Criminal Justice00000
CHLDDV 258Principles & Practices of Pre-School Education00000
ART 113Beginning Digital Photography00000
HISTORY 141History of World Civilization to 150000000
ABEGED 400ABE Rdng Intermediate Level00000
MATH 125-1Introductory Statistics00000
BIOLOGY 107Nutrition-Consumer Education00000
PERDEV 3013Essay Writing Boot Camp00000
ABEGED 201Low Intermediate Abe Math00000
PROFDEV 4224Public Passenger Vehicle Training - Taxi00000
ABEGED 806GED Reading Advance Level00000
BUSINES 271Human Resources Management00000
ABEGED 208Low ASE Mathematics00000
CHLDDV 143Science & Math for Young Children00000
ABEGED 1440Basic Skills Gen Int Level00000
CIS 281Web Development III/Server Side Programming00000
CHLDREAD 2305Improve Your Reading Grades 5-600000
ADLTLANG 1401Conversational Spanish I00000
ECON 202Principles Of Economics II00000
ABEGED 255Test Taking Strategies Intermediate00000
FSWRIT 93Foundational Studies in Literacy00000
ART 145-1Three Dimensional Design00000
HUM 209Latinxs in Chicago00000
ABEGED 183Beginning Abe Math00000
MATH 90Mathematical Literacy00000
AUTOTEC 209Steering & Suspension Systems00000
MATH 207Calculus & Analytic Geometry I00000
ABEGED 424ABE Math Intermediate Level00000
MUSIC 183World Music00000
BIOLOGY 122Biology II00000
PHYSCI 107Current Public Issues in Physical Science00000
ABEGED 139Low Intermediate Language Arts 7CH00000
PROFDEV 4117Refusal Service00000
BR175 138TDL Bridge Mathematics III00000
PROFDEV 42274 Hour - Defensive Driving00000
ABEGED 203-3Low Intermediate Abe Math00000
BUSINES 231Marketing00000
ABEGED 840Ged Writing Adv Level00000
CANBS 112Dispensary Operations00000
ABEGED 159Low ASE Language Arts 7CH00000
CHLDDV 107Health Safety And Nutrition00000
ABEGED 921GED Math Advanced Level00000
CHLDDV 205Development of Exceptional Child00000
ABEGED 220Writing Low Intermediate Abe00000
CHLDMATH 2005Improving Your Math Grades 5-600000
ABEGED 1641Abe Basic Skl Gen Int Level00000
CIS 181Web Development I/Basic Web Technologies00000
CIS 113Human-Computer Interaction00000
ADLTDAN 1110Intermediate Line Dancing00000
CRMJUS 102Administration of Criminal Justice00000
ABEGED 233Adult Secondary Education Science00000
CRMJUS 234Criminal Law & Procedure00000
AFROAM 101Introduction to African-American Studies00000
ENGLISH 96Aligned Reading and Composition00000
ABEGED 169-3Low Intermediate Reading00000
ESL 580ESL Accelerated Level 500000
ART 131-2General Drawing00000
HISTORY 112History of American People From 186500000
ABEGED 263Low Intermediate ABE Math 7CH00000
HISTORY 248African History - Modern Period00000
ART 196-4Ceramics00000
INTDSP 104College Success: Special Topics00000
ABEGED 124Abe Math Beginning Level00000
LIT 150Women's Literature00000
AUTOTEC 105Fuel Management 100000
MATH 107-1Math For Technicians I00000
ABEGED 420ABE Math Intermediate Level00000
MATH 141Plane Trigonometry00000
AVIATN 101Aviation General Sciences I-Math, Science and General Physic...00000
MATH 210Differential Equations00000
ABEGED 187Beginning ABE Literacy Math00000
MUSIC 124Trends In Mod Amer Music00000
BIOLOGY 116Introduction to Anatomy And Physiology00000
NETTEC 121Internetworking I00000
ABEGED 461ABE Basic Skls Int Literacy00000
PHIL 105Logic00000
BIOLOGY 227Human Structure and Function II00000
PHYSICS 221Mechanics, Waves, and Heat00000
ABEGED 119Beginning ABE Language Arts 7CH00000
PROFDEV 4044Professionalism00000
BR175 130TDL Bridge Language Arts II00000
PROFDEV 4210Grant Writing for Beginners00000
ABEGED 580Abe Constitution Course00000
BUSINES 155Warehouse Management00000
ABEGED 109Literacy ABE Language Arts 7CH00000
ABEGED 121ABE Math Beginning Level00000
ABEGED 164Basic Skls Gen Literacy00000
ABEGED 226Writing Low ASE00000
ABEGED 1840Basic Skills Gen Adv Level00000
CIS 123Microcomputer Spreadsheets00000