Occidental Course Reviews

Occidental College

CTSJ 107Introduction to Postcolonial Studies00000
DWA 355Junior Seminar: Economic and Social Human Rights00000
CHEM 300LThermodynamics and Kinetics Laboratory00000
CSP 59The Jungle in Western Imagination00000
CHIN 460Translating Chinese I00000
BLST 233African Political Thought00000
CTSJ 398Social Justice Practicum00000
BIO 250Plant Form and Function00000
CHEM 360Physical Organic Chemistry00000
BIO 320Developmental Biology00000
CSLC 285Impolitic Bodies: A Comedic History00000
COMP 337Programming Languages00000
BIO 369LOceanography Laboratory00000
CSP 72From Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter: Black Women in So...00000
BIO 105Marine Biology00000
CTSJ 250Resistance Movements and the Law00000
CHEM 120LFoundations of General Chemistry Laboratory00000
DWA 257Social Movements in Comparative and Transnational Perspectiv...00000
ARTH 295Topics in Art History: Japanese Art and Visual Culture in th...00000
ECON 306Advanced Econometrics00000
BIO 268LBiostatistics Laboratory00000
CHIN 201Intermediate Chinese I00000
ARTH 395Special Topics in Art History: Imag(in)ing War and Disaster...00000
COGS 242LComputational Approaches to Cognition Laboratory00000
BIO 326LMolecular Phylogenetics Laboratory00000
CSLC 236Zizek, Bakhtin: A Pervert's Guide to Eastern Europe00000
CORE 95Building your Academic Skills: Strategies for Academic Succe...00000
BIO 349Biochemistry I00000
CSP 52Ecomusicology00000
ARTS 301Writing Art and Writing As Art00000
CSP 67Race, Medicine, and Health in the Borderlands00000
BLST 101Introduction to Black Studies00000
CSP 81Age of Renaissance and Encounter00000
ARTH 257Turbines and Seashells: Architecture and the Pacific Ocean00000
CTSJ 204Torture, Sex, and Metaphysics: Dehumanization Before Abu Ghr...00000
BLST 320Critical Race Theory in Education00000
CTSJ 330Ballroom. Renaissance. Pose. Werk.00000
BIO 224LGenetic Analysis Laboratory00000
DWA 234South African Politics00000
CHEM 220LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory00000
DWA 295Topics in Diplomacy and World Affairs. Trump Foreign Policy00000
AMST 320Graphic Narratives: From Pulp Fiction to Comix Literature00000
ECON 102Principles of Economics II00000
CHEM 315Physical Chemistry III00000
ECON 314Economic Institutions in Historical Perspective00000
ARTH 378Art of the Northern Renaissance00000
CHEM 490Senior Seminar00000
BIO 275LFlora of Southern California Laboratory00000
CHIN 301Expository Essays and Short Narratives I00000
AMST 490Senior Seminar00000
COGS 201LEmpirical Methods in Cognitive Science Laboratory00000
BIO 323LHistology Laboratory00000
COMP 277Game Design00000
ARTS 102Painting Fundamentals00000
COMP 373Databases00000
BIO 333LNeurobiology Laboratory00000
CSLC 187Prometheus: Agonies of the Absolute00000
CSLC 107Marx, Nietzsche, Freud00000
BIO 345Virology00000
CSLC 251Nahuatl Language, Writing, and Culture00000
ARTS 227Introduction to Letterpress Printing00000
CSLC 490Senior Seminar00000
BIO 360Avian Biology00000
CSP 56Black Paris: Diasporic Connections in the City of Light00000
ARTH 160Introduction to East Asian Art00000
CSP 63The Holocaust in Comparative Perspective00000
BIO 380LPlant Physiological Ecology Laboratory00000
CSP 69Acts of God: A History of Natural Disasters00000
ARTS 490Studio Senior Seminar00000
CSP 76White Privilege, Feminism, and Intersectionality00000
BLST 111Topics in Jazz History00000
CTSJ 100Introduction to Critical Theory00000
AMST 280The United States and East Asia00000
CTSJ 160Introduction to Feminist Studies00000
BLST 277Women and Community Health00000
CTSJ 219Triumphs and Tribulations of Title IX00000
BIO 130Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology00000
CTSJ 265Feminist Rhetoric and Social Change00000
BLST 490Black Studies Senior Seminar00000
CTSJ 376Settler Colonialism Studies00000
ARTH 285Nineteenth Century Art: Culture, Politics, and National Iden...00000
DWA 221International Development00000
CHEM 195Directed Research00000
DWA 245China and the World00000
BIO 238Epidemiology00000
DWA 285Diplomacy and War00000
CHEM 240Integrated Concepts in General Chemistry00000
DWA 335Junior Seminar: Theories of Revolution from Africa and the A...00000
AMST 200Democratic Socialism, American Style00000
DWA 410Task Force in Diplomacy and World Affairs00000
CHEM 305Physical Chemistry II00000
ECON 251Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory00000
BIO 268Biostatistics00000
CHEM 340Inorganic Chemistry00000
ABDR 302Oxy-in-the-Dominican Republic00000
AMST 260United States Latino Literature and Cultural Studies00000
ARAB 151Arabic Conversation I00000
ARTS 203Intermediate Sculpture00000
BIO 336LMicrobial Pathogenesis Laboratory00000
CSLC 134Exploding Tongues: Language Art & Russian Avangard00000