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OCC Course Reviews

Orange Coast College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART A151Ceramics 243441
ART A141Sculpture 144431
ART A175Screen Process Printing 100000
ARCH A170Intro to Design Fabrication00000
ART A237Life Painting 200000
ART C111Color and Design 3-D00000
APT A129Adv Flght Instructor Flght Lab00000
ART A131Painting 200000
ANTH C100Cultural Anthropology00000
ARCH A156BIM 2 for Architecture00000
ANTH A280Introduction to Archaeology00000
ARCH A006NAccesory Dwelling Unit Desn NC00000
ART A135Digital Painting00000
APT A146Advanced Aircraft & Engines00000
ART A145Exhibition Design 100000
AMT A174LPwrpnt Ignition Sys Lab FAA(I)00000
ART G140Life Painting 100000
ARCH A008NSolar Panels Small Projects NC00000
ART C105Introduction to Art00000
ALH A111Medical Terminology00000
ART A180Professional Studies00000
ANTH A220Magic, Witchcraft, and Religio00000
ARCH A142Environmental Advocacy00000
ALH A120Human Diseases00000
ARCH A141Intro Resource Management00000
ANTH A102Native American00000
ARCH A296History of Architecture 200000
ARCH A296HHist of Architecture 2 Honors00000
APT A127Adv Instrmnt Pilot Flight Lab00000
ART A220Figure Composition00000
AMT A171LPrplntful/Mtr/Exhst Lab FAA00000
ART G131Painting 200000
APT A141Instrument Flight Simulatr Lab00000
ART A130Painting 100000
ACCT C111Advanced QuickBooks00000
ART C122Painting 100000
APT A140Flt Instructor Grnd Sch00000
ART A236Life Painting 100000
AMT A172LPrpnt Prplr/Lub Sys Lab FAA00000
ART A176Screen Process Printng II00000
ARCH A1623-D Modeling: Rhino 100000
ART A100HWest Art Prehistory-Gothic Hon00000
ACCT G100Introduction to Accounting00000
ART A132Painting 300000
ARCH A021NFrameCAD Studio 1 NC00000
ART A270Cartooning 200000
ALH A115LPatient Care Lab00000
ARCH A205Arch Dwg/Desgn Visual 200000
ANTH A105Nonverbal Behavior00000
ARCH A202Design/Build 2 Architecture00000
ACCT A220Data Analytics for Accounting00000
ARCH A105Drawing/Design Visualization 100000
ANTH C150World Cultures00000
ARCH A172Design Fabrication 200000
AMT A151General Electricity FAA (I)00000
ARCH A185Environmental Design Systems00000
ANTH G130Introduction To Archeology00000
ARCH A197California Energy Code00000
ARCH A180Architecturl Constructn Docs00000
APT A115Intro to Flight Operations00000
ARCH A290History Of Architecture 100000
AMT A170Pwrplnt Recip Engines FAA00000
ART A171Printmaking 200000
APT A138Aerodynamics00000
ART A102Survey Modern/Contemporary Art00000
ACCT C114Intermediate Accounting 300000
ART G109Color and Design: 3D00000
APT A128Flight Instructor Flight Lab00000
ART C152History/Appreciation Ceramics00000
AMT A171Pwrplnt Fuel/Mtr/Exhst FAA00000
ART A111Color & Design: 3-D00000
APT A192Human Fctrs/Crew Resource Mgmt00000
ART A147Jewelry 100000
ACCT A118Accounting Ethics (I)00000
ART A255Entertainment Art Project00000
APT A145Airline Transport Pilot Ground00000
ART G115Typography00000
AMT A161Arfrm Sheet Mtl/Cmposte FAA00000
ART G103History of Asian Art00000
ARAB C185Elementary Arabic 200000
ART A116Furniture Making/Design00000
ACCT G215Internal Control Compliance00000
ART A148World History of Ceramics00000
ARCH A121FrameCAD Studio 100000
ART A269Cartooning 100000
AMT A153LGn Mat/Process/Weld Lab FAA00000
ART G116Drawing 100000
ARCH A230HArch Design/Theory 3 Honors00000
ART G158History and Aesthetics Photo00000
ACCT C112Intermediate Accounting 100000
ART A118Visual Communication 100000
ARCH A230Architectural Design/Theory 300000
ART A150Ceramics 100000
ANTH G200Gender, Culture, Society00000
ARCH A041NFrameCAD Workshop 1 NC00000
ARCH A108Solar Panels for Small Project00000
ACCT A101Financial Accounting (I)00000
ACCT G220Forensic Accounting, Intro00000
ACCT C107Accounting with QuickBooks00000
AMT A150Gen Maintenance Records FAA00000