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OCC Course Reviews

Orange Coast College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART A141Sculpture 144431
ART A151Ceramics 243441
ARCH A141Intro Resource Management00000
ANTH A105Nonverbal Behavior00000
ART A171Printmaking 200000
ARCH A021NFrameCAD Studio 1 NC00000
AMT A172Pwrplnt Prplr/Lube Sys FAA00000
ARCH A220Bldg Materials/Systems00000
ALH A112Intro to Autism/ABA00000
ANTH A285World Ethnology00000
AMT A151General Electricity FAA (I)00000
APT A131Intro to Unmanned Aircraft Sys00000
ARCH A1623-D Modeling: Rhino 100000
AMT A160Airframe & Pwrplnt Elec FAA00000
ARCH A142Environmental Advocacy00000
ACCT G130Computerized Accounting00000
ARCH A197California Energy Code00000
ANTH C100Cultural Anthropology00000
ARLN A137Operations, Terms, Safety00000
ACCT A110Excel for Acct & Finance (I)00000
ART G118Life Drawing 100000
ALH A003NFirst Aid and CPR/AED for PCA00000
ANTH G190Introduction to Linguistics00000
ACCT C116ACCT for Managers/Entrepreneur00000
APT A122Commercial Pilot Flight Lab00000
AMT A173LPrpnt Gas Trbin Eng Lab FAA00000
APT A139Commercl Pilot Grnd Sch00000
ARCH A102Intro to Environmental Studies00000
AMT A174Powrplnt Ignition Sys FAA (I)00000
ARCH A170Intro to Design Fabrication00000
ACCT C111Advanced QuickBooks00000
ARCH A156BIM 2 for Architecture00000
AMT A174LPwrpnt Ignition Sys Lab FAA(I)00000
ARCH A006NAccesory Dwelling Unit Desn NC00000
ACCT G111Individual Income Taxation00000
ARCH A296History of Architecture 200000
AMT A154Gen Wgt/Bal/Math/Physcs FAA00000
ARCH A115Architectural Design/Theory 100000
ALH A001NPersonal Care Aide I00000
ARCH A199Curr Topics Arch:Tiny Houses00000
ANTH A100HCultural Anthro Honors00000
ART A125Perspective Drawing00000
ACCT A212Intermediate Accounting 100000
ART C102Contemporary Art Hist00000
ANTH C185Physical Anthropology00000
ART A253Environment Dsgn& Illustration00000
ACCT C102Managerial Accounting00000
ANTH A102Native American00000
ALH A199Current Issues00000
APT A121Instrument Pilot Flight Lab00000
ACCT A102Managerial Accounting00000
APT A180Basic Air Transportatn00000
AMT A173Pwrplnt Gas Turbine Eng FAA00000
APT A132Aviation Navigation00000
ACCT G113Business Income Taxation00000
APT A123Privat Pilot Advanc Flight Lab00000
AMT A170LPwrplnt Recip Engns Lab FAA00000
APT A133Aviation-Meteorology00000
ARCH A001NDesign/Build 1 for Arch NC00000
AMT A180Airframe Instrumentatn FAA (I)00000
ARCH A121FrameCAD Studio 100000
ACCT A112Acct with QuickBooks00000
ARCH A230HArch Design/Theory 3 Honors00000
AMT A171LPrplntful/Mtr/Exhst Lab FAA00000
ARCH A230Architectural Design/Theory 300000
ACCT C113Intermediate Accounting 200000
ARCH A108Solar Panels for Small Project00000
AMT A181Arfrm Comm/Nvgation Sys FAA00000
ARCH A205Arch Dwg/Desgn Visual 200000
ACCT C130VITA 1 Tax00000
ARCH A202Design/Build 2 Architecture00000
AMT A182Avionics Install Practices00000
ARCH A105Drawing/Design Visualization 100000
ACCT G163Accounting for Small Business00000
ARCH A172Design Fabrication 200000
AMT A172LPrpnt Prplr/Lub Sys Lab FAA00000
ARCH A185Environmental Design Systems00000
ACCT A210Cost Accounting00000
ARCH A041NFrameCAD Workshop 1 NC00000
ANTH A100Cultural Anthropology00000
ARCH A1603-D Modeling:SketchUp 100000
ACCT G235Quickbooks Pro for Accounting00000
ARCH A165Presentation Graphics (I)00000
ANTH G200Gender, Culture, Society00000
ARLN A139Flight Attendant Qualification00000
ALH A115Patient Care00000
ART A110Color & Design: 2-D00000
ANTH G185Physical Anthropology00000
ART A144Illustration 2 Sequential00000
ACCT C104Business Taxation00000
ART A252Prop and Vehicle Design00000
ANTH A185Physical Anthropology00000
ART G104ModernContemporary Art History00000
ALH A009NPCA: Assist Alzheimer/Dementia00000
APT A110Intro to Airport Operations00000
ANTH G185LPhysical Anthroplogy Lab00000
ACCT A116Business Taxation00000
ACCT C131VITA 2 Tax00000
ACCT C101Financial Accounting00000
ACCT A111Individual Income Tax00000