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OBU Course Reviews

Oklahoma Baptist University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 4503Advanced Drawing00000
CCCM 2959Topics: House Church Planting00000
APMU 3269Private Composition III00000
ART 2143History of Graphic Design00000
APMU 3919Private Trumpet00000
APMU 2659Private Organ00000
BIOL L4104Advanced Human Physiology Lab00000
APMU 1559Private Piano00000
APMU 3689Private Harpsichord00000
APMU 1839Private Oboe00000
APMU 4959Private Trombone00000
APMU 4359Private Percussion00000
APMU 2359Private Percussion00000
ART 32133D Character Animation I00000
APMU 1179Private Guitar00000
BIBL 3713Bible Difficulties00000
APMU 2909Private Trumpet00000
BIOL 3274Microbiology00000
ANTH 3183Race & Ethnicity in Global Perspective00000
CCCM 4999Ind Study: Womens Theological Foundations00000
APMU 1759Private Voice00000
APMU 3839Private Oboe00000
ANTH 4223Introduction To Linguistics00000
APMU 4019Jazz Improvisation00000
APMU 1889Private Bassoon00000
APMU 4859Private Clarinet00000
APMU 4479Private String Bass00000
APMU 2019Jazz Improvisation00000
APOL 6353Christian Responses to Evil and Suffering00000
APMU B3379Private Percussion: Drum Set00000
ART 2503Figure Drawing00000
APMU 2459Private Cello00000
ART 3503Drawing And Composition00000
ANTH 2223Statistics for Behavioral & Social Sciences00000
BIBL 3213Biblical Hebrew II00000
APMU 2829Private Oboe00000
BIOL L3014Molecular & Cellular Bio Lab00000
APMU 1429Private Viola00000
BIOL 2364Human Physiology00000
APMU 2989Private Tuba00000
BISS 1103Fluency in Information Technology00000
ACCT 4503Forensic Accounting00000
CCCM 4000Senior Dialogue00000
APMU 3469Private String Bass00000
CHEM L3114Organic Chemistry II Lab00000
ANTH 3423World Religions00000
APMU 3809Private Flute00000
APMU 1819Private Flute00000
APMU 3879Private Saxophone00000
ACRS 1202Tutorial for International Students00000
APMU 3969Private Euphonium00000
APMU 1869Private Saxophone00000
APMU 4159Private Guitar00000
ANTH 4909Field Experience Practicum00000
APMU 4429Private Viola00000
APMU 1919Private Trumpet00000
APMU 4819Private Flute00000
APMU 4579Private Piano00000
APMU 1979Private Euphonium00000
APMU 4899Private Bassoon00000
APMU B3359Private Percussion: Drum Set00000
APOL 6313Biblical and Theological Foundations for Apologetics00000
APMU 2159Private Guitar00000
ART 2033Photography00000
ANTH 2153Popular Culture00000
ART 2323History and Princ of Animation00000
APMU 2419Private Violin00000
ART 3143Typography00000
APMU 1019Jazz Improvisation00000
ART 3289Stained Glass00000
APMU 2499Private Harp00000
ART 4319Ceramics III00000
ACCT 4213Tax Accounting II00000
ART 4999Advanced Techniques in Product Photography Ind Study: Advanc...00000
APMU 2759Private Voice00000
BIBL 3423The Prophets00000
APMU 1409Private Violin00000
BIBL 4343Readings in Hellenistic Greek00000
APMU 2869Private Saxophone00000
BIOL L2044Animal Biology Lab00000
ANTH 3123East Asia: Culture & Politics00000
BIOL 2044Animal Biology00000
APMU 2959Private Trombone00000
BIOL 3034Environmental Biology00000
APMU 1459Private Cello00000
BIOL 4044Developmental Biology00000
APMU 3059Private Conducting00000
CCCM 2513Children's Ministry II00000
ACCT 3013Intermediate Accounting I00000
CCCM 3503Church Leadership00000
APMU 3419Private Violin00000
CCCM 4953Research/Readings:Spirit. Warf00000
APMU 1679Private Organ00000
APMU 3559Private Piano00000
ACCT 2013Principles of Accounting I00000
ACCT 3753Not for Profit Accounting00000
ANTH 1999Topics: Principles of Archaelology: Ancient Mesoamerica00000
APMU B2379Private Percussion: Drum Set00000
APMU 1949Private Trombone00000
APMU 4699Private Harpsichord00000