OBU Course Reviews

Oklahoma Baptist University

ART 2733Introduction to Digital Photography00000
BIBL 3423The Prophets00000
APMU 3559Private Piano00000
APMU 4889Private Bassoon00000
APMU 3959Private Trombone00000
APMU 2959Private Trombone00000
ART 3503Drawing And Composition00000
APMU 1579Private Piano00000
APMU 3849Private Clarinet00000
APMU 2439Private Viola00000
APMU 4779Private Voice00000
APMU 4069Private Conducting00000
APMU 2839Private Oboe00000
APMU 4999Private Tuba00000
APMU 1379Private Percussion00000
ART 3253Printmaking I00000
APMU 3359Private Percussion00000
ART 4771Senior Exhibition/Sr Seminar00000
ANTH 3223Public History00000
BIOL L2364Human Physiology Lab00000
APMU 1779Private Voice00000
APMU 3909Private Trumpet00000
ANTH 4329Topics: Global Health Equity: Principles of Medical Anthropo...00000
APMU 3999Private Tuba00000
APMU 2479Private String Bass00000
APMU 4559Private Piano00000
APMU 4359Private Percussion00000
APMU 2699Private Harpsichord00000
APMU 4849Private Clarinet00000
APMU B4359Private Percussion: Drum Set00000
APMU 4939Private French Horn00000
APMU 2899Private Bassoon00000
ART 1103Drawing Basics00000
ANTH 3103Modern Russia:Culture/Politics00000
ART 31533D Modeling I00000
APMU 3029Jazz Improvisation00000
ART 3289Stained Glass00000
APMU 1449Private Cello00000
ART 4329Advanced Digital Photography00000
APMU 3449Private Cello00000
BIBL 2313Elementary Greek I00000
ACCT 5923Financial Accountability00000
BIBL 4313Intermediate Greek II00000
APMU 3759Private Voice00000
BIOL L4329Topics:Lab:Adv Hum Physiology00000
ANTH 3803Human Rights In Wrld Community00000
APMU 3879Private Saxophone00000
APMU 2419Private Violin00000
APMU 3939Private French Horn00000
ANTH L2223Statistics for Behavorial and Social Sciences Lab00000
APMU 3979Private Euphonium00000
APMU 2459Private Cello00000
APMU 4029Jazz Improvisation00000
ANTH 4919Internship Practicum00000
APMU 4179Private Guitar00000
APMU 2499Private Harp00000
APMU 4479Private String Bass00000
APMU 4419Private Violin00000
APMU 2679Private Organ00000
APMU 4679Private Organ00000
APMU B1379Private Percussion: Drum Set00000
APMU 4819Private Flute00000
APMU 2779Private Voice00000
APMU 4869Private Saxophone00000
ANTH 2203Social and Cultural Research00000
APMU 4919Private Trumpet00000
APMU 2869Private Saxophone00000
APMU 4969Private Euphonium00000
APMU 1159Private Guitar00000
APOL 6333Apologetics and Evangelism00000
APMU 2929Private French Horn00000
ART 2343Vector Graphics00000
ACCT 4403Advanced Accounting00000
ART 3073Historical Survey of Art I00000
APMU 2989Private Tuba00000
ART 3193Historical Survey of Art III00000
APMU 1429Private Viola00000
ART 3283Stained Glass00000
APMU 3159Private Guitar00000
ART 3339Painting II Acrylic/Oil00000
ANTH 3133Native America:Cltr & Politics00000
ART 3999Coop Work Experience00000
APMU 3419Private Violin00000
ART 4503Advanced Drawing00000
APMU 1489Private Harp00000
BIBL 2113Introduction to Biblical Studies00000
APMU 3489Private Harp00000
BIBL 3323Intermediate Greek I00000
ACCT 3023Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIBL 3523Pauline Epistles00000
APMU 3679Private Organ00000
BIBL 4999Ind Study: Resolving Proposed Discrepancies Within the Synop...00000
APMU 1689Private Harpsichord00000
APMU 3819Private Flute00000
ACCT 2013Principles of Accounting I00000
ACCT 3999Accounting Internship00000
ANTH 2023World Cultures: Africa to Central Asia00000
APMU B4379Private Percussion: Drum Set00000
APMU 2579Private Piano00000
APMU 4449Private Cello00000