Oberlin Course Reviews

Oberlin College

APST 808Performance & Improvisation Ensemble00000
ARTH 295Ingenious Making in the Early Modern World00000
APST 111Piano Class00000
APST 604RAP Individual Projects00000
APST 215Keyboard Skills II00000
ANTH 402The Native Languages of the Americas00000
ARTH 110Christian Art: A Global History00000
AAST 321Seminar: Black Feminist Thought: A Historical Perspective00000
APST 122Performing Beethoven's Cello Sonatas00000
AAST 501HSenior Honors Half00000
APST 461Seminar in Choral Conducting and Literature00000
APST 262Conducting II: Choral Analysis00000
ANTH 278Human Rights, Universalism and Cultural Relativism00000
APST 745Baroque Orchestra00000
AAST 263Black English and Voice: An Introduction to Sociolinguistics00000
APST 821Ensemble for Percussionists00000
ANTH 464Metaphors of Blood: Race, Kinship and Genetics00000
ARTH 225Pleasure and Design in Confinement: Japanese Prints in and a...00000
AAST 222Historic and Contemporary Debates in African American Educat...00000
ARTS 015Intro: Intaglio & Lithography (Through the Matrix)00000
AAST 368Black Arts Workshop II: African Diasporan Culture in Perfoma...00000
APST 144Mindfulness in Music Making00000
AAST 228Katrina and Black Freedom Struggle00000
APST 235Percussion Instruments00000
ANTH 102Human Origins00000
APST 425Score Reading00000
APST 330Cello Orchestral Repert Class00000
ANTH 227Medical Anthropology00000
APST 562Graduate Project in Choral Conducting00000
AAST 248Resistance and Voice: Literature of the African Diaspora00000
APST 712Trombone Choir00000
ANTH 353Culture Theory00000
APST 802Orchestral Repertoire for Woodwinds00000
AAST 217Unspoken Images: Complex Identities in Black Film00000
APST 814Harp Majors Seminar00000
ANTH 435Biopolitics: The Governance of Life and Death00000
APST 826Oberlin Arts & Sciences Chamber Music00000
AAST 285African American Women's History00000
ARTH 157Approaches to the Art of the Americas00000
ANTH 974Collecting Colonialism00000
ARTH 270Africa, Europe, and the Art of Colonization Africa, Europe,...00000
AAST 171Introduction to African American Music I00000
ARTH 390Wood, Flesh, Metal, Blood00000
APST 120Beginning Voice Class00000
ARTS 017Intermediate: The Negative, The Print00000
AAST 223OCAfrica, Memory & Diasporic Identity00000
APST 141Internalizing Rhythms II00000
AAST 410Debates in African History00000
APST 212Advanced Piano Class00000
AAST 190West African Dance Forms I00000
APST 222Sacred Music Skills00000
ACHS 300Senior Project00000
APST 244BAdv Baroq Violn for Violinists00000
AAST 231African American Politics00000
APST 284Orchestra Repertoire Violin00000
ANTH 203Introduction to Archaeology00000
APST 400Senior Honors Piano Performance00000
APST 341Advanced Continuo Realization at the Keyboard00000
ANTH 211ALearning Indigenous Culture00000
APST 451Seminar in Orchestral Conducting and Literature00000
AAST 236Politics and Society in Africa since the 1980s00000
APST 560Seminar In Choral Conducting00000
ANTH 257Graphic Anthropology00000
APST 600Performance Ensembles (Artist Diploma)00000
AAST 203Introduction to the Early History of Africa00000
APST 701Oberlin College Choir00000
ANTH 317Qualitative Methods in Environmental Anthropology00000
APST 724Oberlin Sinfonietta/Oberlin Chamber Orchestra00000
AAST 258Problems: Talking Book00000
APST 748Javanese Gamelan00000
ANTH 382Archaeological Lab Methods00000
APST 806Advanced String Quartet Seminar00000
AAST 132Introduction to African Studies: Patterns, Issues and Contro...00000
APST 811Genre Nova Ensemble00000
ANTH 416Race, Racism, and Human Variation in Global Perspective00000
APST 817Beginning Guitar Class00000
AAST 278Playwrighting and Performance in the Time of the Black Lives...00000
APST 823Chamber Singers00000
ANTH 456Seminar in Culture Contact and Colonialism00000
ARBC 225SLP Intermediate Arabic 200000
AAST 219Freedom Movements: Civil Rights and Black Power00000
ARTH 150Approaches to Western Art00000
ANTH 490HJunior Year Honors00000
ARTH 211Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts00000
AAST 302Marxism and the Black Radical Tradition00000
ARTH 253Latinx Art: Past and Futures00000
APST 101Beginning Piano00000
ARTH 290Gender and the Visual Arts in Europe, 1450–175000000
AAST 101Introduction to Africana Studies00000
ARTH 329Cultural Property? Art, Heritage, Ownership Cultural Propert...00000
APST 117Vocal Health and Function00000
ARTS 011Intro Screenprinting00000
AAST 347Culture, History, and Identity: Caribbean Literature and the...00000
APST 121ABach at the Clavier00000
AAST 060Probs: Talking Book Workshop00000
AAST 123Caribbean Survey: Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic Pa...00000
AAST 199Dance Forms--African Diaspora00000
AAST 234Africana Popular Culture00000
ANTH 211Learning with Indigenous Material Culture00000
APST 351Conducting IV: Advanced Instrumental00000