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Oakton Course Reviews

Oakton Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSC 180Introduction to Artificial Intelligence00000
EGL 091Vocabulary Improvement for ESL Students00000
CAB 184Communication Strategies00000
CNS 121IT Certification Preparation00000
CHM 207Elementary Organic Chemistry00000
BIO 240Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Laboratory Research00000
ECE 216Infant-Toddler Programming00000
ART 227Medium Format Photography00000
CAD 232Intermediate SolidWorks00000
ART 256Advanced Graphic Design00000
CNB 102Cannabis and the Law00000
CIS 148Introduction to Database Driven Web Sites00000
BIO 107Ecological Restoration00000
CNS 214Securing Enterprise Server00000
ART 131Drawing I00000
EAS 121Physical Geography00000
CAB 104Skill Building and Formatting00000
ECS 101The World of the Elder00000
ANT 202Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology00000
EGL 131Multicultural Literature in the U.S.00000
ART 240Museum Studies: Field Experience00000
CHI 200Independent Study-Chinese00000
ARB 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
CIS 103Computer Software and Concepts00000
ATA 113Brake Systems00000
CIS 249Introduction to ERP Systems00000
CIS 205Documentation and Technical Writing00000
BIO 101Introduction to Life Science00000
CNS 105Networking Essentials00000
ART 115Beginning Photography00000
CNS 171Hardening Network Security00000
BIO 116Microbe and Society00000
CSC 156Java Computer Science I00000
AHR 210High Pressure Steam Boilers and Operation00000
CSC 290Topics In Computer Science00000
BUS 107Business Ethics00000
ECE 106Guidance of the Young Child00000
ART 200Independent Study-Art: Ceramic Techniques00000
ECE 273Introduction to Early Childhood Administration00000
CAB 150Visio Fundamentals00000
EGL 071Academic Reading And Study Skills For The Non-Native Speaker...00000
ACC 260Auditing00000
EGL 102Composition II00000
CAD 117Intermediate AutoCAD00000
EGL 135Introduction to Native American Literature00000
ARB 101Beginning Arabic I00000
CAD 290Topics in Computer-Aided Design: 3D Printing00000
ART 245Watercolor II00000
CHM 105Elements of Chemistry00000
ACC 275Irs Enrolled Agent Exam Preparation Course00000
CHM 229Biochemistry00000
ATA 102Introduction To Automotive Technology00000
CIS 118Linux Operating System00000
ART 107Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Art I00000
CIS 188Active Server Pages00000
ATA 118Diesel I00000
CIS 241Database Management00000
CIS 218Advanced Linux Operating System00000
ATA 211Automotive Electrical Systems II00000
CIS 261System Configuration Using Sap00000
ART 112Art History: Renaissance to Modern00000
CNB 106Cannabis Cultivation Operations00000
BIO 105Human Genetics00000
CNS 114Windows Server 200000
AHR 206Residential Hot Water Boilers and Hydronics Technology00000
CNS 144Cisco Connecting Networks00000
BIO 112Essentials of Nutrition00000
CNS 176Network Security00000
ART 120Introduction to Museum Studies00000
CNS 290Topics in CNS: Cloud Computing00000
BIO 231Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CSC 171C++ Programming for Engineers00000
ACC 250Accounting Systems and Procedures00000
CSC 241Java Data Structures00000
BIO 290Topics in Biology: Medical Apartheid: Examining Black Exploi...00000
EAS 102Historical Geology00000
ART 137Ceramics: Introduction to Wheel-Throwing00000
EAS 191Geographic Information Systems II00000
BUS 225The Legal Environment of Business00000
ECE 165Family Child Care Provider I00000
AHR 213Commercial Hvac Systems Applications00000
ECE 255Curriculum Design for Early Childhood Programs00000
CAB 130Presentation Software Using PowerPoint00000
ECE 284Leadership and Advocacy for the Early Childhood Program Dire...00000
ART 218Advanced Black and White Photography00000
EDN 104Pre-Clinical Observation in Education00000
CAB 172Adobe Photoshop00000
EGL 076Academic Writing For The Non-Native Speaker III00000
ACC 175Accounting With Sage 50 – Part 100000
EGL 096Developmental Composition I00000
CAB 281Advanced Techniques Using Creative Software00000
EGL 117Introduction to Poetry00000
ART 231Drawing II00000
CAD 220CAD Introduction to Building Systems Revit00000
ACC 164Microsoft Excel For Accountants00000
ACC 242Intermediate Accounting II00000
AHR 105EPA Section 608 Certification00000
ART 110History of Photography00000
ATA 207Automotive Heating And Air Conditioning00000
CIS 231Advanced Java Programming00000