NYU Course Reviews

New York University

GPHGU 5275Nutrition Epidemiology for Public Health00000
IDSEMUG 2133Criminal Atlantic: Paradoxes of Early Modern Law and Economy00000
DBINGB 3123DBi Israel00000
FRENGA 2792Stud in Contemp Litera: Theatre00000
ECEGY 9133Sel Topcs in Signal Processing00000
COLUUA 126Advanced Sanskrit II00000
HISTUA 269Topics:00000
CCEAUH 1007Abstraction00000
DRLITUA 293Theatre of Latin America00000
CDADUH 1045EQScience of Food & Cooking00000
FIRSTUG 700First-Year Research Sem: Curiosity: Inquiry, Discovery, and...00000
ECONUB 20The Future of Work00000
COARTUT 5Performance Practice: Body and Movement00000
GLOB1GC 2293Global Financial Crime00000
BUSFSHU 200GExperiential Mediation00000
HERSTUH 1502Judging Heritage: Cultural Property Law and Preservation Pol...00000
CSEMNZ 1Collegiate Seminar Program:00000
HPAMGP 2839Leading Change in Healthcare Organizations: Practical Strate...00000
ARTSUG 1662Performance Art: Progress as a Radical Outsider00000
IDSEMUG 2147Intellectual History of Capitalism00000
CCOLUH 1094Fire00000
EAPSHU 101FEnglish for Academic Purposes: On the Border00000
ASPPUT 1003Comics, Disability and Illness00000
ECONGH 5310Behavioral Economics00000
CFIUA 101Cultural Foundations I00000
FILMMUH 1912Practices of Documentary Filmmaking: Record and Representati...00000
EMATGE 2024How do I teach students with low-incidence disabilities?00000
CINEUT 134Korean Cinema00000
FMMEDML 4032Away: Family Medicine: Primary Care Sports Medicine00000
BMSCGA 4519Introduction to Neural Engineering00000
GAMESUT 504Game Production Practicum00000
COARTUT 10Thesis00000
GPHGU 2230Global Non-Communicable Disease Prev & Control00000
ARTMDGH 5002Graduate Critique Seminar 200000
HBRJDGA 2107Northwest Semitic Inscriptions00000
CRWRSHU 217The Art of Linked Collections00000
HISTSHU 265The Emergence of the Modern Middle East and North Africa00000
BUSORUH 2004Data Analytics for Business00000
HISTUA 667US History in Transnational & Global Perspective00000
DACP1ND 124Clinic III00000
IDSEMUG 1669Legal Fictions: Novel, Law, and Society00000
ANTHUH 1102Anthropology of and as Media00000
IDSEMUG 2137Persuasion!00000
DMGY 7153Images in the Expanded Field00000
IDSEMUG 2153Wrong Prester John, Wrong Indies: Ethiopian and European Enc...00000
ARVAGE 2021Education in Art Museums00000
DWPGGT 2000Art & Public Policy All School Seminar:00000
CDADUH 1001QData00000
EASTUA 73120th Century Chinese Lit in Translation00000
APSYGE 2046Consultation Approaches and Skills for Counselors00000
ECONGA 4004Dynamic Models for Computational Social Science00000
CEGY 7993Slctd Topic in Infrastructure Systems00000
ECONGH 5970The Network Economy00000
AWUH 1118Archaeology, Arabia and the Bible00000
EDCTGE 3312Design-based Research Methods00000
CHEMUH 3101Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences00000
EXECGP 4154Management Consulting for Public Service Organizations00000
ENGRUH 2811Biotransport Phenomena00000
CINEGT 2582Theatricality in Film00000
FINHGA 3025Seminar:00000
BIOLUA 901Fast Track:Biology Essentials00000
FIRSTUG 837First-Year Research Seminar: Space, Place, and the Body From...00000
CLS06DN 2611Oral Medicine/Diagnosis and Radiology Clinic00000
FMTVUT 1196Producing for Animation00000
ARTHUH 1118Patronage, Devotion and Pilgrimage00000
GAMESGT 504Game Production Practicum00000
COARTUT 7Technology in Action00000
GCHNSHU 246Youth and Consumer Culture in China00000
BMSCGA 4521Individual Development Plan for MD/PhD students00000
GPHGU 2154Adolescent Health and Development00000
COLITUA 73120th Century Chinese Lit in Translation00000
GPHGU 3030DrPH Public Health Leadership Seminar I00000
ANTHUA 217Barbarian Europe00000
GPHGU 5415Community-Based Health Interventions00000
COLUUA 264Second-Year Classical Tibetan II00000
HBRJDUA 760Hebrew Revival Literature: Modernism and Nationalism in the...00000
BUSFSHU 9289NYU Big Ideas Series: The Role of China in the Future of Wor...00000
HISTSHU 155Global Chinese: Chinese Migration in Historical and Comparat...00000
CSCISHU 361Computer Security00000
HISTUA 25The City in Western History: From Antiquity to Early Moderni...00000
ARTSHU 244Intermediate Ballet00000
HISTUA 542The Making of The Muslim Middle East, 600 - 140000000
CSUY 1123Problem Solving and Programming II00000
HISTUA 992Seminar:00000
CADTUH 1051Performing Online00000
HUMN1UC 7900Humanities Research Seminar00000
DATSSHU 236Mathematical Foundations of Data Science and Machine Learnin...00000
IDSEMUG 2114Environmental Racism and Environmental Injustice: Rights, Ci...00000
ACCTUB 53Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Industry00000
IDSEMUG 2134Sense and Scientific Sensibility00000
DESGGT 1062Film Production00000
IDSEMUG 2141Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Literature00000
CCEXSHU 214How Things Work00000
DMGY 9973Ms Thesis in Design Media00000
ACCTGB 2115Taxes and Business Strategy00000
ANTHGA 2212History of Archaeological Theory00000
ARTEDGE 2301Final Project in Art Education00000
BILEDUE 1001Bilingual and Multicultural Education: Theory and Practice00000
CHINSHU 306Performing Chinese Drama for Improved Oral Proficiency00000
ENUY 2244Shakespeare and the Creative Imagination00000