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NYU Course Reviews

New York University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
APSTAGE 2044Generalized Linear Models and Extensions00000
APSYGE 2668Internship in School Counseling II00000
ANTHGA 1507Primate Behavior, Ecology and Conservation00000
ANTHUA 9071International Perspectives on Human Rights00000
ANTHGA 3914Reading in Anthropology00000
ANSTUA 600Topics in AS:00000
APSYGE 2094Development & Prevention Science:00000
ACTGGT 2000Graduate Acting00000
ANTHGA 2229Heritage, Memory, and Negotiating Temporality00000
AEUY 4653Aircraft Flight Mechanics00000
ANTHUA 603Popular Culture in Latin America00000
ANTHUA 50Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution00000
AMSTGA 3212Topics in Urban Studies:00000
APRGSUF 101Approaches to Global Studies00000
ACSUH 3910Directed Study00000
APSTAGE 2355Data Science Translation: Writing and Visualization00000
ANTHGA 1202Professional Development for Archaeologists00000
APSYGE 2527The Development of Immigrant Origin Youth00000
ACCTUB 21Financial Reporting & Disclosure00000
APSYGE 2840Play and Drama Therapy with Children and Adolescents00000
ADAV1UC 7990Spc Tpcs in Applied Data Analytics and Visualization:00000
ANTHGA 3390Topical Seminar00000
ACCTUB 44Modeling Corporate Transactions (Advanced Modeling)00000
ANTHUA 1Culture, Power, Society00000
AHSEMUA 228Disability Studies and Latin@ American Literature00000
ANTHUA 330Gender, Violence, and The Law00000
ANTHUA 111Populism, Religion, and Crisis in Europe00000
AMLTGE 3027Quantitative Methods in Organization and Administrative Stud...00000
ANTHUA 981Internship00000
ACSUH 2212XIntroduction to Islamic Texts00000
ANTHUA 9901Urban Ethnography00000
ANSTGA 2000Animals, Science and Philosophy00000
APSTAGE 2013Missing Data00000
ACCTGB 6380Taxation of Individual & Business Income00000
APSTAGE 2123Applied Statistical Modeling and Inference: Bayesian00000
ANTH1UC 5066Law, Culture and Society00000
APSYGE 2025Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Theory and Application00000
ACTGGT 1011Stage Movement III00000
APSYGE 2205Conflict Analysis & Resolution00000
ANTHGA 1234Materiality00000
APSYGE 2655Internship in Counseling Mental Health and Wellness I00000
ACCTGB 3380Taxation of Individuals and Business Income00000
APSYGE 2812Practicum in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness00000
ANTHGA 1540Research Design in Biological Anthropology00000
APSYGE 3016Internship in Counseling Psychology00000
ACCTUB 28Financial Statement Analytics Using Python00000
ANTHGA 2700Ethnographic Methods00000
AELSUF 1003Academic English for Liberal Studies III00000
ANTHGA 3399Topical Seminar00000
ACCTGB 4104Research Practicum IV00000
ANTHGA 3993Research in Anthropology00000
AFRSGA 3211Readings in Africana Studies00000
ANTHUA 16Language, Power, Identity00000
ACCTUB 9001Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ANTHUA 62Primate Sexuality00000
AHSEMUA 246Global Diaspora: The Irish Case00000
ANTHUA 321Topical Seminar in Social and Cultural Anthropology II00000
ANTHUA 201Animal Domestication: Horses, Donkeys, Dogs, and Cats00000
AHSEMUA 257Religious Skepticism from Ancient Greece to Medieval Islam00000
ANTHUA 490Urban Political Ecology00000
ACSUH 1012XEmergence of the Modern Middle East00000
ANTHUA 703Islam in the World00000
AMSTGA 2309American Studies Exam Preparation00000
ANTHUA 9060Australia's Animals and Environment00000
ACCTGB 6300Financial Statement Modeling00000
ANTHUA 9200From "Gypsies" to "Roma": Ethnic Politics in a Global Prague00000
AMSTGA 3309Reading in American Studies00000
ANTHUH 2115Anthropology of Forced Migration00000
ACSUH 2418XPolitics and Cultures of Nationalism in the Modern Middle Ea...00000
APSTAGE 2003Interm Quantitative Methods: General Linear Model00000
ANSTUA 323Introduction to Marine Ecology and Conservation00000
APSTAGE 2018Advanced Causal Inference Designs and Applications00000
ACCTGB 3328Financial Statement Analytics Using Python00000
APSTAGE 2086Basic Statistics II00000
ANTH1UC 5014World Cultures: Latin America & The Caribbean00000
APSTAGE 2331Data Science for Social Impact00000
ACTGGT 1002Production Crew/Act00000
APSTAUE 1301Power + Politics of Data00000
ANTHGA 1010Theory and Practice of Social Anthropology I00000
APSYGE 2069Counseling for College Readiness00000
ACCTUB 4Managerial Accounting00000
APSYGE 2138Human Growth and Development00000
ANTHGA 1215Culture & Media I: Hist & Theory of Ethno Film00000
APSYGE 2279Risk and Resilience00000
ACTGGT 1211Stage Movement IV00000
APSYGE 2634The Dynamics of Vocational Development00000
ANTHGA 1253Critical Race Theory: Intellectual History and Social Practi...00000
APSYGE 2659Individual Counseling: Practice II00000
ACCTGB 3120Analysis of Financial Institutions00000
APSYGE 2675Internship in Counseling for Mental Health & Wellness III00000
ANTHGA 1516Human Osteology and Odontology00000
APSYGE 2832Child Development and Social Policy in a Global Society00000
ADAV1UC 1000Applied Data Analytics I00000
ANTHGA 1640Elites: Power, Privilege, Dominance00000
ACCTGB 2302Financial Reporting and Disclosure00000
ACCTGB 3310Forensic Accounting and Financial Statement Fraud00000
ACCTGB 4302Theory & Research Managerial Accounting I00000
ACMUF 201Arts and Cultures of Modernity00000
AHSEMUA 252The World We Made: Human Responses to Climate Change from th...00000
ANTHUA 216Surveys of Regional Prehistory II:00000