NYIT Course Reviews

New York Institute of Technology

ARTJ 801Special Topics00000
BIOL 220Comparative Anatomy00000
ARCH 882Externship00000
ARTG 652Design For Web00000
ARTC 361Advanced 3D Modeling and Animation00000
ARCH 724Material Tectonics II00000
BIOE 622Biomechanics00000
ARCH 327Computer Aided Construction Drawings00000
ARTB 651Critical Thinking and Writing About the Arts00000
ARCH 402Design VI- Community Design00000
ARTG 352Editorial Design00000
ARTC 871Thesis Paper and Exhibition00000
ARCH 701CHealth and Design Studio 1 Healthcare Facilities Design00000
ARTI 602Human Computer Interaction Design00000
ARCH 294Studio Workshop00000
ARTW 255Concept and Visual Storytelling00000
ARCH 761Studio Workshop 1 Computational Design00000
BIOE 890Thesis I00000
ADVG 160Media Planning and Buying00000
BIOL 331Virology00000
ARCH 381Externship in Architecture00000
ARTC 251Computer Graphics II00000
ADVG 420Experiential Model: Advertising/ PR Agency The Carleton Grou...00000
ARTC 406Thesis Production II00000
ARCH 471Construction Supervision and Management I00000
ARTG 303Illustration00000
ARTE 801Digital Compositing and Visual Effects00000
ARCH 611Introduction to Structures & Technology00000
ARTG 404Information Design00000
ARCH 221Building Construction I00000
ARTH 201Art History III00000
ARCH 704M. ARCH Studio 400000
ARTI 608Advanced Research: Usability and Testing00000
ACCT 731Computer-Based Auditing and Research00000
ARTS 201Sculpture I00000
ARCH 751Studio Workshop 1 Introduction to Design Technologies00000
AUDI 201Theory and Practice of Audio Recording00000
ARCH 312Reinforced Concrete Design00000
BIOE 751Signal Processing I00000
ARCH 791Special Studies in Archictecture00000
BIOL 105Food Microbiology00000
ACCT 316Intermediate Accounting I00000
BIOL 250Biostatistics00000
ARTA 801Concept, Character and Storyboard Development00000
BIOL 325Evolutionary Biology00000
ADVG 220Media Production Workshop00000
ARTB 751Professional Critiques00000
ARCH 383Externship in Architecture00000
ARTC 351Digital Compositing00000
ACCT 416Advanced Accounting00000
ARTC 3802D Animation00000
ARCH 412Advanced Structural Concepts II00000
ARTC 801Thesis Orientation00000
AENG 463Propulsion00000
ARTD 103Shape and Color00000
ARCH 475Computer Aided Management and Administration00000
ARTG 301Experience Design00000
ARTE 861Graphics in Video and Film00000
ARCH 502Architectural Design VIII00000
ARTG 320Motion Graphics II00000
ARCH 162Global History of Architecture II00000
ARTG 402Book Design00000
ARCH 644Architectural Visual Communication 200000
ARTG 605Design Process00000
ACCT 710Tax Aspects of Managerial Decisions00000
ARTH 101Art History I00000
ARCH 702Urban Design Studio II00000
ARTH 602Aesthetics and Theory00000
ARCH 291Special Studies in Architecture00000
ARTI 605Unity Design and Certification00000
ARCH 721History of the City and Region00000
ARTJ 302Open Elective in Fine Arts00000
ACCT 302Federal Taxation I00000
ARTP 802Master Project00000
ARCH 726Case Studies in Urbanism/Suburbanism00000
ARTU 872Thesis Production II00000
ARCH 310Structural Design00000
ARTW 601Drawing00000
ARCH 754Core Seminar 2 Body, Mind and Built Environments00000
BIOE 610Engineering Principles in Cell Biology00000
ACCTE 390Internship in Accounting00000
BIOE 650Medical Devices00000
ARCH 775Core Seminar 1 History and Theory of Representation and Tech...00000
BIOE 870Design Project I00000
ARCH 324Environmental Systems I00000
BIOL 101Humanity and the Biological Universe00000
ARCH 821Building Systems 300000
BIOL 150General Biology II00000
AAID 160Introduction to History, Theory, and Criticism in Architectu...00000
BIOL 235Microbiology00000
ARTA 7013-D Computer Modeling and Animation00000
BIOL 311Comparative Animal Physiology00000
ARCH 361Architectural History and Theory Seminar00000
ARTB 300Academic Internship00000
AAID 101Design Fundamentals I00000
ACCT 102Accounting II00000
ACCT 601Managerial Accounting00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Anthropology00000
ARCH 491Honor Student Teaching I00000
ARTG 251Visual Identity00000