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NYIT Course Reviews

New York Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CAMP 115Studio Production Basics00000
COMM 610Vocabulary of the Media Critic00000
ARTE 861Graphics in Video and Film00000
BIOL 461Cancer Biology00000
ARTI 604UX/UI Design for VR/AR/MR00000
ARTA 862Dig Anim Tech Wksp00000
CLNU 720Nutritional Pathophysiology II00000
ARCH 602M. ARCH Studio 200000
ARTG 603Production Issues for Print00000
ARCH 705M. ARCH Studio 500000
BIOL 335Genetics00000
ARTU 872Thesis Production II00000
ARCH 862Architecture & Standardization00000
BUSI 510Business Research Methods00000
ARCH 403Analysis in Architecture00000
CHEM 395Introduction to Research Design00000
ARTC 3802D Animation00000
COMM 360Special Projects in Communication Arts00000
AENG 463Propulsion00000
EDIT 690Assessment and Evaluation Methods00000
ARCH 701CHealth and Design Studio 1 Healthcare Facilities Design00000
ARTH 101Art History I00000
ARCH 211Statics and Strength of Materials00000
ARTJ 801Special Topics00000
ARCH 741Architectural Visual Communication 300000
BIOL 245Histology00000
BIOE 890Thesis I00000
ARCH 802M. ARCH Studio 700000
BIOL 425Biomedical Research I00000
ARCH 340Visualization III00000
BMSC 701Research Methods00000
ARTA 6022-D Computer Animation00000
BUSIE 405Applied Industry Challenge00000
ADVG 201Advertising Design Concepts00000
CHEM 110General Chemistry I00000
ARTB 801Business of Creative Industries00000
CLNU 625Techniques in Epidemiology and Biostatistics00000
ARCH 475Computer Aided Management and Administration00000
COMM 215Media History00000
ARTC 871Thesis Paper and Exhibition00000
COMM 451Guided Project00000
ACCT 416Advanced Accounting00000
COMM 663Seminar00000
ARTG 320Motion Graphics II00000
EDLI 637Reading in the Content Area00000
ARCH 161Global History of Architecture I00000
ARTG 701Illustration00000
ARCH 702BComputational Design Studio 2 Fabrication and Robotics00000
ARTH 602Aesthetics and Theory00000
ACCT 610Accounting Analysis00000
ARTI 608Advanced Research: Usability and Testing00000
ARCH 724Material Tectonics II00000
ARTQ 701Programming for Artists and Designers00000
ARCH 291Special Studies in Architecture00000
BIOE 751Signal Processing I00000
ARCH 757Elective Seminar 1 Materials 1- Intelligent Materiality00000
BIOL 230Ecology00000
BIOL 105Food Microbiology00000
ARCH 781Elective Seminar 1 Computational Design I00000
BIOL 311Comparative Animal Physiology00000
ARCH 313Structural Timber Design00000
BIOL 345Medical Microbiology00000
ARCH 841Digital Modeling for Urban Design I00000
BIOL 441Contemporary Biotechnology00000
ACCTE 390Internship in Accounting00000
BMSC 502Scientific Foundations of Medicine I00000
ARCH 883Internship00000
BUSA 701Data Interaction & Visualization00000
ARCH 382Externship in Architecture00000
BUSI 750Global Strategy II00000
ARTA 801Concept, Character and Storyboard Development00000
BUSIE 701Broadridge Challenge00000
ACCT 315Financial Statement Analysis00000
CENG 320Mechanical and Electrical Sys in Bldgs00000
ARTB 701Business of Computer Graphics and Animation00000
CHEM 250Organic Chemistry II00000
ARCH 423Project Integration Studio00000
CHEM 493Independent Research III00000
ARTC 301Motion Graphics I00000
CLNU 650Nutritional Pathophysiology I00000
ADVG 310Intermediate Advertising Design Concepts00000
CLNU 787Independent Study I00000
ARTC 410Portfolio00000
COMM 330Media Law and Ethics00000
ARCH 492Honor Student Teaching II00000
COMM 365Externship in Communication Arts00000
ARTD 150Color Theory00000
COMM 454Guided Project00000
AAID 240Visualization II00000
COMM 630Media and Culture00000
ARTG 301Experience Design00000
EDIT 618Foundations II: Diversity, Learning & Technology00000
ARCH 641Arch Visual Communications I00000
ARTG 402Book Design00000
AAID 101Design Fundamentals I00000
ACCT 216Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 721Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ARCH 301Architectural Design III00000
ARCH 772Site Planning00000
BIOL 155Introduction to Osteopathic Principles and Practices00000