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NU Course Reviews

Norwich University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EN 202World Literature II00000
FN 407Corporate Finance II00000
CS 305Advanced Data Science00000
EG 303Fluid Mechanics00000
DTAN 301Introduction to Data & Business Analytics00000
CJ 444Crime Analysis and Mapping00000
EN 350History of the English Language00000
CE 332Engineering Hydrology00000
CYBR 225Linux Administration00000
CH 103General Chemistry I00000
EE 478Control Systems00000
ED 262Child Growth and Development00000
CJ 330Terrorism00000
EM 461Project Management00000
BI 364Pathophysiology in Sports Medicine00000
EN 250Crime in Literature00000
CS 111Personal & Professional Cyber Safety00000
ES 299Freshwater Ecosystems00000
AP 533Professional Practice00000
FS 101Api 100000
CE 446Soils in Construction00000
CYBR 410Systems Assurance00000
AP 626Materials, Design, and Construction00000
EC 419International Economics00000
CH 315Analysis Laboratory00000
EE 356Electrical Circuits II00000
ED 367Language and Literacy II00000
CJ 301Criminal Procedure00000
EG 110Introduction to Engineering II00000
BI 220Introductory Microbiology00000
EM 220Advanced Project Estimating00000
CJ 410Senior Seminar00000
EN 110Writing and Inquiry in Public Contexts00000
AP 455Special Projects in Architecture00000
EN 227Survey of American Literature I00000
CM 299Navigating the Digital World00000
EN 282Literary Methods00000
BI 440Reading and Research00000
ENGL 250Crime in Literature00000
CS 250Virtual Systems Administration00000
FA 240The History of American Art00000
AP 215Building Information Modeling for Architects00000
FR 112Beginning French II00000
CS 430Computer Science Undergraduate Thesis I00000
GL 251Sophomore Seminar in Geology00000
AP 604History & Theory of 20th-Century Architecture00000
CYBR 370Introduction to Information Warfare00000
CE 479Senior Design Project I00000
DF 312Malware Forensics00000
AP 312Architectural Design IV00000
EC 201Principles of Economics (Macro)00000
CH 214Communication in Chemistry00000
ECON 310Socio-Economic Studies00000
AS 201The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power00000
ED 351Methods of Teaching Science to Elementary Students00000
CH 328Physical Chemistry II00000
EE 315Electrical Energy Systems00000
ED 377Instructional Methods in the Social Studies00000
CH 499Internship in Chemistry00000
EE 373Electrical Energy Conversion00000
BI 203Introduction to Scientific Method & Bioscientific Terminolog...00000
EE 494Electrical System Design II00000
CJ 312Corrections00000
EG 206Thermodynamics I00000
AP 424Architectural Seminar in Technology00000
EG 447Special Projects (Technical Elective)00000
CJ 399International Criminal Law00000
EM 324Special Construction Systems00000
BI 304Physiology00000
EM 499Construction Administration00000
CJ 424Murder: Our Killing Culture00000
EN 114Advanced Academic English I00000
AP 118Fundamentals of Architecture II00000
EN 220Children's Literature00000
CM 208Journalism II: Advanced News Gathering and Design00000
EN 241Introduction to Acting00000
BI 401Senior Seminar00000
EN 274Introduction to Creative Writing00000
CRMJ 305Law Enforcement Administration00000
EN 308The Motion Picture Director00000
AP 520Arch Seminar in Technology00000
EN 373Ishiguro: War, Trauma, Memory00000
CS 212Assembly Language & Reverse Engineering00000
ES 200Energy and The Environment00000
CE 299Little House Construction00000
ES 451Environmental Science Seminar00000
CS 290Contemporary Data Visualization00000
FA 308History/Theory of Artchitectural III00000
AC 336Intermediate Accounting II00000
FNCE 407Corporate Finance II00000
CS 407Politics of Cyberspace00000
FR 206Intermediate French II00000
CE 421Environmental Engineering00000
CYBR 201Fundamentals of Computer Networking00000
AC 205Principles of Accounting-Financial00000
AC 442Advanced Accounting00000
AP 403Analysis of Architectural Icon00000
AS 412National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty00000
CH 422Chemical Synthesis and Examination II00000
EE 204Electrical Circuits I00000