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NSU Course Reviews

Northwestern State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GEOG 1010World Regional Geography35441
FA 1040Exploring the Arts43321
COMM 4700Capstone I: Communication Com00000
BIOL 4500Environmental Toxicology00000
DAN 4660Dance & Technology00000
CJ 4470Adv Criminalistics & For00000
BIOL 3011Entomology Laboratory00000
DAN 1710Dance Theatre Technology00000
ART 3540Art History III00000
BUAD 2200Business Reports & Communicati00000
ART 4690Portrait Photography00000
CFS 4140Family Finance00000
CIS 5820Advanced Mobile Development00000
BIOL 2081Comparat Anatomy Lab00000
COMM 3060Public Relations Principles00000
ART 2290Photography I00000
CULA 3100Adv Prof Culinary Prep & Pres00000
BIOL 3340Animal Behavior00000
DAN 3070Theatrical Dance00000
AMT 1230Integrated Control Systems00000
ECON 2000Prin Econ Macroeconomics00000
ART 4030Advanced Studio Probs00000
CFS 1090Intro To Children & Families00000
ANTH 3050Biological Anthropology00000
CHEM 2200Prac Chem Teaching00000
ART 5140Experimental Studio00000
CHEM 4910Capstone Course for Chemistry00000
CIS 4600Advanced Systems Development00000
BIOL 1060Medical Terminology00000
CJ 3070American Indians & the Law00000
ART 1500Intro To Artistic Presentation00000
COMM 2050Persuasive Communication00000
BIOL 2201General Parasitology Lab00000
COMM 3660Public Relations Management00000
ALHE 4970Mri Procedures & Sequencing00000
COUN 5800Alcohol And Drug Abuse Coun00000
BIOL 3170Histology00000
DAN 1150Beg Tap Dance00000
ART 3240History of Design00000
DAN 2550Advanced Tap00000
BIOL 4221Comp Verteb Phys Lab00000
DAN 3800Dance Pedagogy00000
ALHE 3000Foundations of Patient Care00000
ECED 3080Prog Design & Class Mgt Young00000
BIOL 4990Capstone Course Microbiology00000
EDAL 5000Fndtns Cont Ed/Prof Dev Adlts00000
ANTH 2010Origin Of Cultures00000
BUAD 4000International Business00000
ART 4460Ceramics V00000
CFS 3000The Child's Environment00000
ALHE 4430Education in Allied Health00000
CHEM 1040General Chemistry II00000
ART 5010Adv Prob in Painting00000
CHEM 3220Physical Chemistry II00000
ANTH 4060Special Problems00000
CIS 2040Intro to Video Game Developmen00000
ART 5950Research in Art00000
CIS 3050Multimedia Comm & Presen00000
CIS 4200Topics Info Systems Dev00000
AS 4490Senior Research Seminar II00000
CIS 5400Algorithm Analysis And Design00000
ART 1020Design II00000
CJ 2300Police Process00000
BIOL 2050Invertebrate Zoology00000
CJ 3900Survey Of Criminal Justice Res00000
ALHE 4920Cardiovascular Imagi Equipment00000
COMM 1040Writing Fund for Comm Profess00000
BIOL 2141Intro Plant Taxonomy Lab00000
COMM 2440Video Production I00000
ART 2120Figure Drawing I00000
COMM 3480Video Production II00000
BIOL 2261Anatomy/Physiology Lab II Nu/Alh00000
COMM 4310Globalization & Internat00000
ACSK 1010Study Skills Improvement00000
COUN 5540Org Behav-Leader School00000
BIOL 3061Biostatistics Laboratory00000
CSC 2060Program Design II00000
ART 3000Ceramics III00000
DAN 1030Modern I00000
BIOL 3271Genetics Lab00000
DAN 1540Intermediate Modern Dance00000
AMSL 3020Intro To Amer Sign Lang II00000
DAN 2050Rhyth Anal/Dan Accom00000
BIOL 4030Marine Ecology00000
DAN 3020Ballet III00000
ART 3350Sculpture III00000
DAN 3560Dance History & Criticism I00000
BIOL 4301Molecular Biology Lab I00000
DAN 4190Tap IV00000
ACCT 3180Intermediate I00000
ECED 2020Foundations of Diverse Early Childhood Educ00000
BIOL 4780Clinical Immunohematology00000
ECED 5530Positive Relationships Child00000
ART 3810New Media Design II00000
CIS 3900Systems Analysis & Dev00000
BMET 4950Biomedical Internship00000
ACCT 2010Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 4140Corp Income Taxes00000
ALHE 4850Foundation N Ct & Patient Care00000
ANTH 4150Hist Of Archaeo Thought00000