NSCC Course Reviews

Nashville State Community College

ESOL 0163American College Experience00000
INFS 1010Computer Applications00000
CSPT 1401Intro Central Processing Tech.00000
ENGL 2118Creative Writing I00000
ECED 2375Social & Emotional Development00000
CITC 2332User Support/Help Desk 17337 CITC 2332 N0100000
HCMT 2350Insurance & Reimbursement00000
CAD 1301Computer-Aided Drafting II00000
CULA 2375Purchasing and Cost Control00000
CHEM 1040Intro to General Chemistry00000
EETH 2410Hydraulics and Pneumatics00000
EETC 1321Electronics I00000
CITC 1334Project Management I00000
ENGR 2130ENGR 2130 Circuits I00000
BUSN 2300Business Ethics00000
GEOG 1035World Regional Geography 100000
CITC 2391Special Topics in CIT00000
HIST 2310Early World History00000
ARCT 2910Architectural Capstone00000
IPCT 2345Instrumentation III00000
CADD 1301AutoCad Fundamentals II00000
ECED 2312Admin of Early Childhood Prog.00000
ART 1360Painting I00000
ECON 2200Principles of Microeconomics00000
CISP 1020Computer Science II00000
EETH 2220Electronic Communications00000
EETC 2332Plc II00000
CITC 1311Programming II00000
ENGL 0815Writing Support00000
BUS 2915Cooperative Education00000
ENGL 2220Modern British Literature00000
CITC 2320Windows Server I00000
ENTR 1600Entrepreneurship00000
ARCT 1120Introduction to Architecture00000
FIN 2110Money and Banking00000
CITC 2352Digital Forensics00000
HCMT 2320Healthcare Compliance00000
BUSN 2389Social Media Marketing00000
HHP 2300Intro to Exercise Science00000
CIVT 2300Statics/Strength of Materials00000
HMGT 1250Service Management00000
ACT 1392History of Architecture II00000
IPCT 1345Instrumentation I00000
CULA 1310Fundamentals of Baking00000
IPCT 2360Pipefitting II00000
ART 1050Drawing II00000
CULA 2380Culinary Internship00000
CADD 2113AutoCAD & Solid Modeling00000
ECED 2360Dev. of Exceptional Children00000
ACT 2915Cooperative Education00000
ECED 2390Creative Development00000
CHEM 2010Organic Chemistry I00000
EDUC 2120Intro to Special Education00000
ARTH 2010Survey of Art History I00000
EETC 2190Capstone00000
CIT 1230Soils and Foundations00000
EETH 1225Transformers/Rotat. Mach. Lab00000
EETC 2380Electrical Code00000
CITC 1302Introduction to Networking00000
EETH 2235Digital Communications Lab00000
BIOL 1110General Biology I (Sci Major)00000
EETH 2915Cooperative Education00000
CITC 1330Microsoft Desktop Oper Sys00000
ENGL 2020Literature: Poetry and Drama00000
ADMN 1313Spreadsheet Applications00000
ENGL 2133Multicultural Literature00000
CITC 2199Co-op/Internship I00000
ENGL 2320Modern World Literature00000
BUSN 1301Legal Issues for the Web00000
ENGT 2800Arch/Civil/Const Engr Tech Cap00000
CITC 2323Windows Server II00000
ENTR 2200Business Plan Fundamentals00000
ACCT 2935Co-Operative Education00000
ESOL 0182Writing 200000
CITC 2340Adv. Database Concepts & Prog.00000
GEOG 1010World Regional Geography I00000
BUSN 2350Organizational Behavior00000
GEOL 1110Earth Science00000
CITC 2367Cloud Essentials Certification00000
HCMT 2330Pharmacology00000
ARCT 2400Design Process Studio II00000
HCMT 2370Electronic Healthcare Apps00000
CIVT 1550Surveying Fundamentals00000
HIST 2010Early United States History00000
BUSN 2945Cooperative Education00000
HMGT 1040Front Office Procedures00000
CRMJ 2391Law Enforcement Practicum00000
HMGT 2805Convention Mgmt. and Service00000
ACCT 2322Intermediate Accounting II00000
IPCT 1315Process Technology I00000
CULA 1000Career Dev for the Hos. Ind00000
IPCT 2310Process Technology II00000
CAD 1700Intro to Digital Animation00000
CULA 1330Garde Manger00000
ACCT 1371Accounting Spreadsheets I00000
ACCT 2381Accounting Databases00000
ADMN 1305Business English00000
ASTR 1030Astronomy00000
CIT 2312Geographic Information Systems00000
EETH 1200Electronics for Ind Elec00000