NSC Course Reviews

Nevada State College

EDU 206Classroom Learning Environment00000
ENG 485Topics in Comparative Literature00000
COM 221Social Media00000
EDSC 321Secondary Pedagogy I00000
CRJ 104Introduction to Administration of Justice00000
CHEM 121LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory I00000
ENG 298Writing About Literature00000
BIOL 197Principles of Modern Biology II00000
COM 475Communication and Community Engagement00000
BIOL 330Plant Biology00000
EDEL 483Elementary Supervised Student Teaching00000
CRJ 450Seminar in Criminal Justice00000
BUS 395Current Issues in Business00000
EDSP 432Parent Involvement and Family Engagement for Students with/w...00000
AST 103Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System00000
ENG 204Introduction to Professional Writing00000
CHEM 456Medical Biochemistry00000
ENG 432AChaucer00000
AM 360Advanced Interpreting and Transliterating00000
ENV 345Environmental Regulations: History, Law, and Methods00000
BIOL 224Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
COU 300Introduction to Human Services and Counseling00000
AM 403Educational Interpreting00000
CRJ 409Youth, Crime, and Society00000
BIOL 399Internship00000
EDEL 433Teaching Elementary School Mathematics00000
DATA 210Introduction to SQL for Data Science00000
BIOL 491Independent Study00000
EDRL 443Literacy Instruction II00000
ART 142Introduction to Digital Photography II00000
EDSC 483Secondary Supervised Teaching Internship00000
CH 202The Modern World00000
EDSP 455Assistive Technology for Individuals with Disabilities00000
AM 253Deaf Culture00000
EDUC 417Literacy and Technology00000
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry II00000
ENG 242Survey of American Literature II00000
BIOL 190AIntroduction to Cell and Molecular Biology Lecture00000
ENG 360Literature of the Ancient World00000
COM 101Oral Communication00000
ENG 462CModern American Poetry00000
AES 481National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty II00000
ENG 496CTopics in Middle Eastern Literature00000
COM 400Human Communication Theory00000
ENV 494Environmental Science Colloquium00000
AM 390ASL Structure00000
COM 492Public Relations Campaigns00000
BIOL 300APrinciples of Genetics00000
COU 427Identification and Assessment in Addictions00000
AM 140American Sign Language I & II00000
CRJ 302Quantitative Applications in Criminal Justice00000
BIOL 350Clinical Epidemiology00000
CRJ 419Law and Society00000
AM 410ASL Storytelling, Literature, and Folklore00000
CRJ 491Internship in Criminal Justice00000
BIOL 416Bioinformatics00000
ECON 262Principles of Statistics II00000
ECE 262Early Language and Literacy Development00000
BIOL 461Global Health00000
EDEL 443Teaching Elementary School Science00000
ART 100Visual Foundations00000
EDRL 407Teaching Literature00000
BIOL 497Senior Thesis00000
EDRL 461Diagnostic Assessment and Instruction Literacy00000
AM 160Fingerspelling, Numbers, and Glossing00000
EDSC 433Teaching Secondary English00000
BUS 498Global Business Strategy00000
EDSP 414Career Education for Students with Disabilities00000
ART 211Ceramics I00000
EDSP 446Curriculum and Methods for Teaching Students with Autism00000
CHEM 108Introduction to Chemistry00000
EDSP 493Supervised Internship in Special Education00000
AES 361Air Force Leadership Studies II00000
EDUC 399Foundations of Educational Technology00000
CHEM 122LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory II00000
ENG 101Composition I00000
BIOL 189AFundamentals of Life Science Lecture00000
ENG 226Memoir and Autobiography00000
CHEM 421Physical Chemistry I00000
ENG 272Queer Literature00000
AM 305Intermediate Interpreting00000
ENG 306Fundamentals of Creative Writing: Fiction II00000
CHEM 497Independent Study00000
ENG 407AFundamentals of Business Writing00000
BIOL 191AIntroduction to Organismal Biology Lecture00000
ENG 449ABritish Literature I00000
COM 216Survey of Communication Studies00000
ENG 477AFilm and Literature00000
AES 121AFROTC Leadership Lab I-B00000
ENG 494ANative American Literature00000
COM 335Communication in the Public Interest00000
ENG 499Independent Study00000
BIOL 223AHuman Anatomy and Physiology I Lecture00000
COM 431Visual Literacy00000
ACC 494Special Topics00000
AES 241AFROTC Leadership Lab II-B00000
AM 147American Sign Language III00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 441Field Ecology00000
ECON 102Principles of Microeconomics00000