Nova Manassas Course Reviews

Northern Virginia Community College, Manassas

ESLA 7010008Part-Time ESL 1.1 - Low Beginning00000
ITD 134PL/SQL Programming00000
CST 130Introduction to The Theatre00000
ENG 256Literature of Science Fiction00000
EDU 207Human Growth and Development00000
CHD 225Curr/Dev For School-Age Child Care00000
GOL 106Historical Geology00000
BIO 165Principles in Regulatory and Quality Environments for Biotec...00000
DSL 145Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Preventative Maintenance Inspection00000
BIO 296On-Site Training in:00000
ENG 212Creative Writing II00000
EGR 122Engineering Design00000
CAD 175Schematics and Mechanical Diagrams00000
ESL 32Reading I00000
AUT 242Automotive Electricity II00000
ETR 281Digital Systems00000
CHM 260Introductory Biochemistry00000
HIS 252History of Middle East Civ II00000
ARA 102Beginning Arabic II00000
ITE 221PC Hardware & O/S Architecture00000
BIO 253Biotechnology Concepts00000
DSL 162Air Brake Systems II00000
ART 102History And Appreciation of Art II00000
EDU 280Technology Standards for Teachers00000
BUS 117Leadership Development00000
ENF 2Preparing for College English II00000
EGR 251Basic Electric Circuits I00000
BUS 242Business Law II00000
ENG 243Survey of English Literature I00000
AUT 141Auto Power Trains I00000
ENV 122General Environmental Science II00000
CHD 166Infant And Toddler Programs00000
ESL 48Writing Workshop00000
ADJ 248Probation, Parole, And Treatment00000
ESLA 7030017Part-Time ESL 3.1 - High Beginning00000
CHM 102Introductory Chemistry II00000
FRE 201Intermediate French I00000
BIO 110General Botany00000
HIS 122United States History II00000
CSC 205Computer Organization00000
HLT 230Principles of Nutrition and Human Development00000
ADJ 159Physical Security00000
ITE 115Intro. to Computer Applic. & Concepts00000
DSL 111Introduction to Diesel Engine00000
ITN 106Microcomputer Operating Systems00000
ARA 202Intermediate Arabic II00000
DSL 155Heavy Duty Suspension and Service00000
BIO 256General Genetics00000
ECO 202Principles of Microeconomics00000
ADJ 211Crim Law, Evidence And Procedures I00000
EDU 254Teaching Basic Academic Skills to Exceptional Children00000
BSK 1Whole Numbers00000
EGR 115Engineering Graphics00000
ART 121Drawing I00000
EGR 240Solid Mechanics (Statics)00000
BUS 165Small Business Management00000
ELE 233Programmable Logic Controller Systems I00000
EGR 265Digital Electronics And Logic Design00000
BUS 224Statistical Analysis for Business00000
ENG 111College Composition I00000
AUT 112Automotive Engines II00000
ENG 237Introduction to Poetry00000
BUS 280Introduction to International Business00000
ENG 250Children's Literature00000
ADJ 236Principles of Criminal Investigation00000
ENG 279Film And Literature00000
CHD 145Teaching Art, Music, and Movement to Children00000
ESL 24Oral & Written Communication I00000
AUT 225Automotive Emissions Inspection00000
ESL 41Composition II00000
CHD 210Intro. to Exceptional Children00000
ESL 52Reading III00000
ADJ 133Ethics & The Criminal Justice Prof.00000
ESLA 7020015Part-Time ESL 2.2 - Beginning00000
CHD 270Administration of Childcare Programs00000
ESLA 7040015Part-Time ESL 4.2 - Low Intermediate00000
AUT 266Auto Alignment, Suspension & Steering00000
FIN 215Financial Management00000
CHM 242Organic Chemistry II00000
GEO 220World Regional Geography00000
ADJ 275Forensic Pathology00000
HIS 111History of World Civilization I00000
CSC 200Introduction To Computer Science00000
HIS 203History of African Civilization00000
BIO 142Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
HIS 262U. S. History in Film00000
CST 110Introduction to Communication00000
IND 137Team Concepts & Problem Solving00000
ACC 261Principles Of Federal Taxation I00000
ITD 260Data Modeling and Design00000
CST 151Film Appreciation I00000
ITE 140Spreadsheet Software I00000
BIO 206Cell Biology00000
DSL 137Basic Diesel Engine Systems00000
ACC 211Principles of Accounting I00000
ADJ 107Survey of Criminology00000
ADJ 227Constitutional Law For Justice Personnel00000
AUT 100Intro. to Automotive Shop Practices00000
BUS 205Human Resource Management00000
ELE 150A.C. and D.C. Circuit Fundamentals00000