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Northwestern Course Reviews

Northwestern University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOSTAT 305-0Applied Statistical Programming in SAS00000
BMDENG 478-0Transport Fundamentals00000
ASIANAM 220-0Topics in History00000
BIOLSCI 317-CNRegional Human Anatomy Lab00000
ASTRON 103-0Solar System00000
ARTHIST 318-0Exhibiting Antiquity: The Culture and Politics of Display00000
BMDENG 346-0Tissue Engineering00000
ANTHRO 379-0Advanced Topics in Anthropology00000
ASIANLC 224-0Introduction to Japanese Film, Media, and Visual Culture00000
ANTHRO 570-0Anthropology Seminar (TA Credit)00000
BIOLSCI 221-CNCellular Processes Laboratory00000
ASTRON 421-0Observational Astrophysics00000
ART 360-0Senior Critique00000
BIOLSCI 347-0Conservation Biology00000
ANTHRO 314-0Human Growth & Development00000
BMDENG 270-0Fluid Mechanics00000
ARTHIST 391-0Art Historical Methods Seminar00000
BMDENG 396-0Special Topics: Studying Animal Behavior with High Speed Vid...00000
AFAMST 399-0Independent Study00000
BUSCOM 613GCross-Border Transactions00000
ANTHRO 430-0Integrative Seminar in Society, Biology, and Health00000
ASIANLC 397-0Senior Seminar00000
AFAMST 460-0Race, Politics, Society, and Culture00000
ASTRON 321-0Observational Astrophysics00000
ARABIC 121-3Arabic II00000
BIOLSCI 215-0Genetics and Molecular Biology00000
ATHLPRA 201-0Practicum in Athletic Allied Health Care00000
ARABIC 410-0Advanced Study00000
BIOLSCI 305-0Neurobiology Laboratory00000
ANTHRO 235-0Language in Asian America00000
BIOLSCI 330-0Plant Biology00000
ARTHIST 101-6First-Year Seminar00000
BIOLSCI 378-0Functional Genomics00000
AFAMST 350-0Theorizing Blackness00000
BLAW 983-5Social Entrepreneurship00000
ARTHIST 350-219Th Century Art 2: 1848-190000000
BMDENG 311-0Computational Genomics00000
ANTHRO 322-0Introduction to Archaeology Research Design & Methods00000
BMDENG 378-0Transport Fundamentals00000
ARTHIST 470-0Studies in Modern Architecture00000
BMDENG 452-0Transport Through Connective Tissue00000
ACCTM 430-0Accounting for Decision Making00000
BUSANLY 302-DLMarketing Analytics00000
ASIANAM 370-0Studies in Diaspora00000
BUSCOM 630Labor Law00000
AFAMST 440-0Black Historiography00000
ASIANLC 320-0Advanced Topics in Japanese Literature and Culture00000
ANTHRO 485-0Seminar in Mind, Body, & Health00000
ASIANST 390-4Adv Topics in Asian Studies00000
ADVT 370-CNIntroduction to Public Relations00000
ASTRON 120-CNHighlights of Astronomy00000
APPPHYS 590-0Research00000
ASTRON 398-0Honors Independent Study00000
AFST 360-SACulture, Language, and Identity in South Africa00000
ASTRON 449-0Stellar Dynamics00000
ARABIC 121-2Arabic II00000
BIOLSCI 164-0Genetics and Evolution00000
BIOLSCI 103-6First-Year Seminar00000
ARABIC 311-2Arabic IV00000
BIOLSCI 217-CNPhysiology00000
ANTHRO 214-0Archaeology: Unearthing History00000
BIOLSCI 301-SGBIOL_SCI 301-SG Peer-Guided Study Group: Principles of Bioch...00000
ART 220-0Introduction to Painting00000
BIOLSCI 313-CNHuman Anatomy00000
AFAMST 327-0Politics of Black Popular Culture00000
BIOLSCI 326-0Neurobiology of Learning and Memory00000
ART 399-0Independent Study00000
BIOLSCI 341-0Population Genetics00000
ANTHRO 306-0Evolution of Life Histories00000
BIOLSCI 355-0Immunobiology00000
ARTHIST 230-CNIntroduction to American Art00000
BIOLSCI 393-0Biomedical Genetics00000
ACCT 457-5Global Financial Management and Reporting00000
BLAW 435-IBusiness Law00000
ARTHIST 339-0Special Topics in Renaissance and Mannerist Art00000
BLAWX 440-0Law and the Corporate Manager00000
ANTHRO 320-0Peoples of Africa00000
BMDENG 302-0Quantitative Systems Physiology00000
ARTHIST 375-0Media Theory00000
BMDENG 325-0Introduction to Medical Imaging00000
AFAMST 380-CNTopics in African American Studies00000
BMDENG 353-0Bioelectronics00000
ARTHIST 403-0Mellon Objects and Material Seminar00000
BMDENG 390-1Biomedical Engineering Design00000
ANTHRO 334-0The Anthropology of HIV/AIDS: Ethnographies00000
BMDENG 427-0Advanced MR Imaging00000
ASIANAM 203-0Topics in Asian American Social and Cultural Analysis00000
BMDENG 465-0Biomechanical Modeling & Simulation of Human Movement00000
ACCOUNT 310-DLManagerial Cost Accounting00000
BMDENG 512-0Graduate Research Seminar in Biomedical Engineering00000
ASIANAM 276-0Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies00000
BUSCOM 510Contracts00000
ANTHRO 398-0Senior Seminar00000
ASIANLC 110-6First-Year Seminar00000
ACCOUNT 208-DLIncome Tax I00000
ACCT 430-0Accounting for Decision Making00000
AFAMST 212-1Introduction to African-American History: Key concepts from...00000
ANTHRO 211-0Culture & Society00000
ARABIC 211-3Arabic III00000
BIOLSCI 108-6First-Year Seminar00000