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Northwest Course Reviews

Northwest Missouri State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSIS 44386Digital Forensics35241
HPER 22484Theory and Fundamentals of Coaching Basketball15211
HPER 22410Adapted Physical Education55441
CRIM 46495Internship in Criminology and Criminal Justice00000
COM 29332Propaganda and Persuasion00000
BIOL 04348Biological Evolution and Diversity00000
ART 13392Typography 200000
CSIS 44410Coordination of Cooperative Education00000
BIOL 04483Advanced Biology Practicum00000
CSIS 44564Design of Data Intensive Systems00000
BIOL 04617Immunology00000
CHEM 24580Spt: Adv Chem Demo Therm Enrgy00000
BIOL 04140General Microbiology00000
COM 29495Independent Study in Communication00000
ART 13309Photography Studio00000
CSIS 44320Advanced Word Processing00000
BIOL 04429Problems in Cellular/Molecular/Microbial Biology00000
CSIS 44480Methods of Teaching Business and Marketing00000
AGRI 03609Special Topics in Agricultural Economics00000
CSIS 44626Developing Multimedia Systems00000
ART 13403Senior Exhibition00000
AGRI 03689Special Topics in Horticulture00000
BIOL 04678Readings in Molecular Biology00000
ART 13449Painting Studio00000
CHEM 24112General Chemistry (MOTR CHEM 100L)00000
CHEM 24135Laboratory Safety00000
CHEM 24552Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
BIOL 04109Emergency Medical Technician-Basic 100000
COM 29230Public Speaking00000
ART 13261Wheel Throwing and Functional Form00000
COM 29402Cur Top Comm00000
BIOL 04302Internship: Organismal Biology00000
COM 29610Foundational Domain in Strategic Communication00000
AGRI 03549Problems in Agronomy00000
CSIS 44155Introduction to Data Science and Data Mining00000
BIOL 04376Basic Ecology00000
CSIS 44345Computer Organization00000
ART 13333Printmaking00000
CSIS 44443Mobile Computing-iOS00000
BIOL 04444Immunology00000
CSIS 44525Theory and Implementation of Programming Languages00000
AGRI 03469Independent Study in Animal Science00000
CSIS 44608Data Analytics Fundamentals00000
BIOL 04576Methods in Plant and Animal Ecology00000
CSIS 44640Internet of Things00000
AGRI 03648Principles of Spray Application and Technology00000
BIOL 04622Environmental Issues00000
ART 13425Knacktive00000
BIOL 04697Scholarly Paper in Biology00000
AGRI 03503Agricultural Law00000
CHEM 24115General Chemistry I Laboratory (MOTR CHEM 150L)00000
ART 13488Package Design00000
ART 13102Art Appreciation (MOTR ARTS 100)00000
CHEM 24243Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
ART 13498Digital Illustration00000
CHEM 24342Organic Chemistry I00000
CHEM 24345Organic Chemistry II Laboratory00000
CHEM 24533Physical Chemistry I Laboratory00000
BIOL 04106Principles of Biology (MOTR BIOL 150L)00000
CHEM 24563General Biochemistry Laboratory00000
ART 13192Three-Dimensional Design00000
COM 29152Public Relations Practicum00000
BIOL 04113General Botany Laboratory00000
COM 29260Public Relations Techniques00000
AGRI 03534Plant Breeding00000
COM 29341Argumentation and Debate00000
BIOL 04238Physiology Allied Health00000
COM 29460Public Relations Problems: Cases, Concepts, and Campaigns00000
ART 13294Typography I00000
COM 29537Independent Study in Speech Science00000
BIOL 04310Cell Biology00000
COM 29654Writing Skills00000
AGRI 03454Swine Science00000
CSIS 44130Computers and Information Technology00000
BIOL 04364Ornithology00000
CSIS 44249Bldg Blocks Of Theory Of Cs00000
ART 13315Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Art00000
CSIS 44336Spreadsheet Applications00000
BIOL 04402Research: Organismal Biology00000
CSIS 44359Secure System Administration00000
AGRI 03582Plant Diseases00000
CSIS 44425Knacktive00000
BIOL 04438Human Physiology00000
CSIS 44460Database Systems00000
ART 13369Ceramics Studio00000
CSIS 44510Coordination of Cooperative Education00000
BIOL 04474Wildlife Management and Conservation00000
CSIS 44560Advanced Topics in Database Systems00000
AGRI 03434Weed Science: Ecology and Control00000
CSIS 44584Implementing Business and Marketing Education Programs00000
BIOL 04510Ct: Mycology00000
CSIS 44614Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning00000
ART 13396Advanced Graphic Design00000
ART 13539Printmaking Processes00000
CHEM 24370Chemistry Practicum00000
CHEM 24511Aquatic and Soil Environmental Chemistry00000
BIOL 04614Plant Physiology00000
AGRI 03365Artificial Insemination00000
AGRI 03445Applied Research in Precision Agriculture00000
AGRI 03525Induction Year Beginning Teacher I00000