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Northeastern State Course Reviews

Northeastern State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYC 3553Psychological Statistics53331
PSYC 4673Social Psychology44541
COUN 5101PPsychology Seminar00000
BIOL 4324LPrinciples Of Fisheries And Wildlife Management Lab00000
CRJ 5293Seminar In Administration Of Justice00000
CHIN 1113Elementary Chinese I00000
BIOL 3224Microbiology00000
CRJ 4041Independent Study: Criminal Justice & Legal Studies00000
ANTH 4183Ancient Mesoamerica00000
BIOL 4554LLimnology Laboratory00000
ART 3573Photoshop00000
BIOL 5264LOrnithology Laboratory00000
CHER 2312Cherokee Language Practicum I00000
BIOL 1021Introductory Biology II Laboratory00000
COMM 4713Communication Ethics00000
AMST 5033American Foreign Policy00000
CRJ 3343Corrections00000
BIOL 3464Field Botany00000
CRJ 4683Legal Aspects Terrorism And Disaster Response Legal Aspects...00000
AIS 1323Conversational Cherokee00000
CS 4253Windows Programming00000
ART 2103Crafts I00000
BIOL 5164LMedical Microbiology Laboratory00000
AIS 3453Ethnology Of The American Indian00000
BLAW 3013Business Law II00000
ART 4283History Of American Art00000
CHEM 3231Organic Chemistry II Lab00000
CHEM 5123Spectroscopic Methods In Chemistry00000
BADM 4003Contemporary Business Issues00000
CHER 3713Native Languages Of North America00000
AIS 4822Cherokee-Ojibwe Exchange00000
COMM 3223Business And Professional Communication00000
BIOL 3003LPlant Biology Laboratory00000
COUN 5053Assessment & Statistics00000
ACFN 5293Investment Analysis And Portfolio Theory00000
CRJ 3023Criminal Law II00000
BIOL 3314Human Physiology00000
CRJ 3603Introduction To Homeland Security00000
AMST 5993Public Internship In American Studies00000
CRJ 4401Honors Research IV00000
BIOL 4133General Virology00000
CRJ 5073Constitutional Criminal Law00000
ACCT 4323Estate Planning00000
CS 3623Network Security00000
BIOL 4422Integrative Biology Research00000
D EDDirected Readings In Safety00000
AIS 3123Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 5103Developmental Biology00000
ART 3401Honors Research I00000
BIOL 5234Mammalogy00000
ACCT 4503Auditing I00000
BIOL 5502Biotechnology00000
ART 4033Figure Drawing III00000
CHEM 1231General Chemistry II Lab00000
AIS 4043Nat Amer Mythology & Folklore00000
CHEM 3402Honors Research II00000
ART 4443Iindividual Studio: Sculpture00000
CHEM 4113Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 4811Research In Chemistry II00000
BADM 3023Gender In A Global Marketplace00000
CHEM 5513Medicinal Chemistry00000
AIS 4373American Indian Spirituality00000
CHER 3323Cherokee Lifeways00000
BADM 4402Honors Research III00000
CHER 4513History Of Indian Education00000
ACFN 5193Taxation And Business Strategy00000
COMM 2313Interpersonal Communication00000
BIOL 1123Evolution And Diversity00000
COMM 4223Leadership Communication00000
AMST 5003Theory And Practice In American Studies00000
COMM 5363Non-Profit Organizations Communication00000
BIOL 3124Cell Biology00000
COUN 5101HFmly Chgs: Aprch For Adju Issu00000
ACCT 4003Advanced Income Tax Accounting00000
COUN 5273Clinical Psychopathology00000
BIOL 3244Ichthyology00000
CRJ 3133Police Operations I00000
AMST 5853American Indian Writers00000
CRJ 3433Race, Ethnicity & Crime00000
BIOL 3401Honors Research I00000
CRJ 3693Humanitarian Organizations00000
ACFN 5363Accounting & Financial Analysis Seminar II00000
CRJ 4253Juvenile Justice00000
BIOL 4002Experimental Design00000
CRJ 4533Business Organizations00000
ANTH 4133Field Methods In Ethnology00000
CRJ 4993Internship00000
BIOL 4214LAnimal Parasitology Laboratory00000
CRJ 5193Crime Prevention & Control00000
ACCT 3313Accounting Information Systems00000
CS 3023Object Based Visual Programming00000
BIOL 4401Honors Research IV00000
CS 4104Sci Computing W/Python00000
ART 12332D Design00000
CHEM 4401Honors Research IV00000
BIOL 4503Selected Topics In Biology00000
ACCT 2203Introduction To Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 3403Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACFN 5003Accounting & Financial Analysis Seminar I00000
AIS 4153Archaeology Of North America00000