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NMU Course Reviews

Northern Michigan University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BI 312Genetics00000
BI 517Population Ecology00000
ATR 380Therapeutic Modalities00000
BC 493Senior Portfolio00000
ATR 592BClinical Experience in AT II00000
AN 101Intro Physical Anth/Arch00000
BI 434Plant Ecology00000
AD 324BWoodworking: Frm, Vol, Functn00000
ATR 498DS: Research Methods00000
AD 418HGraphic Design: Branding Sem00000
BC 298DS: Internship Q107 WMQT00000
AUT 164Engine Repair00000
AH 107Clinical Pharmacology Lecture00000
BI 215Principles of Evolution00000
AD 317Photography:The Extended Image00000
BI 417HComp Vertebrate Neuroanatomy00000
AN 498DS: Tch Asst-Forensic Anthro.00000
BI 469Wildlife/Fish Popultn Analysis00000
AD 122Ceramics: Foundations00000
BUS 510Business Law and Ethics00000
AD 411AWEB:Hmn Cntr Dsign: Design Res00000
ATR 575Research Methods in AT00000
AD 217Photography:Methods/Techniques00000
AUT 101Consumer Auto Maintenance00000
AD 422ACeramics Seminar: Design Pract00000
BC 250Intro to Multimedia Production00000
AUT 240Adv Steering Suspensn & Align00000
AD 488WEB:Social Media Design Mngmnt00000
BC 473FAdv Media Prod-Field TV Prod00000
AD 302Media & Methodology/Art Ed00000
BI 202Human Physiology00000
AMT 103Aviation Shop Practices00000
BI 295ST: Mycology00000
AD 110Ideas in Art History00000
BI 391Lab Ex: Sm Mammal Necropsies00000
AN 355Seminar In Arch Field Methods00000
BI 423Parasitology00000
AD 322Ceramics: Seminar00000
BI 461Herpetology00000
ATR 241Prevent & Care Athletic Injury00000
BI 495AST: Foundations of Ecology00000
ACT 201WEB:Practical Acct Procedures00000
BI 595ST:Data Manipulatn/Visualizatn00000
ATR 480Therapeutic Modalities00000
BUS 540Marketing Strategy00000
AD 175Visual Structures & Concepts00000
ATR 550Advanced Manual Therapies00000
AD 417BPhoto: Professional Practice00000
ATR 590AT Grad Seminar & Capstone00000
ACT 302Financial Accounting II00000
ATR 595ST:Issues in Sprt Med/Exer Sci00000
AD 420BWEB:Drawing/Painting SeminarII00000
AUT 140Steering/Suspension Fundamntls00000
AD 222Ceramics:Wheel Forms00000
AUT 170Electrcal/Electrnic Systems I00000
AD 424AAlt Materials- Applied Design00000
AUT 295ST: Adv Vehicle Technology00000
AUT 260Auto Transmission & Transaxle00000
AD 460Metalsmithing:Bfa Seminar00000
BC 272Studio TV Production00000
AD 270Concepts and Culture00000
BC 430Health Communication and Media00000
AD 498DS: Glaze Calculation00000
BC 480Media and Politics00000
ACT 495St: Vita I00000
BI 104Human Anatomy & Physiology00000
AIS 101Intro To Information Resources00000
BI 208Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
AD 311Human Centered Des:Concept/Tec00000
BI 229Field Marine Biology00000
AMT 202Flight Control Systems00000
BI 298DS: Medical Microbiology Lab00000
ABA 581Behavior Analysis Practicum I00000
BI 324Invertebrate Zoology00000
AN 312Religion & Society00000
BI 406Advanced Cell Biology00000
AD 319BIllustration: Narrative Figure00000
BI 417Comp Vertebrate Neuroanatomy00000
AN 430Historical Archaeology00000
BI 428Behavioral Ecology00000
AD 116Sculpture: Foundations00000
BI 443Aquaculture00000
ATR 292AIntro To Practicum 100000
BI 465Aquatic Insect Ecology00000
AD 323AProd Casting and Mold Making00000
BI 491Seminar: Animal Behavior00000
ATR 311Clinical Observtn/Ath Train II00000
BI 502Scientific Lab Instruction00000
ABA 350Practice & Ethics in B.A.00000
BI 589Research In Biology00000
ATR 410Athletic Healthcare Admin00000
BI 598DS: Larval Fish Est. II00000
AD 355WEB:20th Cent Art/Architecture00000
ATR 492AAdvanced Practicum I00000
ABA 210Resrch Methd Behavior Analysis00000
ABA 503Behavior Assessment00000
ACT 422WEB: Advanced Federal Taxation00000
AD 234Computer Art: Motion00000
AD 434BComputer Art: Production Pract00000
AUT 268Automotive Service Repair00000