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NMHU Course Reviews

New Mexico Highlands University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 4190Adv Synthesis Instr Analysis00000
COUN 6210Grief, Loss & Express Art Ther00000
BIOL 499Independent Research00000
CHEM 321Quantitative Analysis00000
BIOL 4230Molecular & Cell Biology00000
ARTS 5900Independent Study: Art Studio00000
CJUS 5240Violence & Society00000
ART 461Jewelry & Metalsmithing 300000
BIOL 689Advanced Ecology00000
ART 590Independent Study: Art Studio00000
BSSD 5650Patterns & Pattern Languages00000
BIOL 5760Evolution00000
ARTS 4850Art Foundry 300000
CHEM 671Chemical Thermodynamics00000
ANTH 4810Cultural Resource Mgmt00000
CHEM 6720Quantum Chemistry00000
BIOL 301General Microbiology00000
COUN 633College & Career Planning P-1200000
ANTH 442Forensic Anthro & Osteology00000
CS 135LC:Comp & Electronic Prototype00000
ART 531Ceramics 500000
BIOL 3000Genetics00000
ANTH 510Method & Theory in Archaeology00000
BIOL 4910Senior Project 100000
ARTH 5800Art History:The Americas00000
BSSD 4470Ambient Computing00000
BIOL 6890Advanced Ecology00000
ARTS 4110Mixed Media00000
BUSA 4110Business Research00000
ANTH 4130Archaeology of the Southwest00000
CHEM 483Biochemistry Lab00000
ARTS 5220Painting 600000
CHEM 2550Chemistry Research Seminar00000
AH 550SM: Women in Art00000
CHEM 4990Independent Research00000
BFIN 5750International Financial Mgmt00000
CJUS 3150Issues in Criminal Justice Sys00000
ART 361Jewelry & Metalsmithing 200000
COUN 611Social Justice & Cult Divers00000
BIOL 435ST: Global Climate Change00000
COUN 6020Counseling Child & Adolescents00000
ACCT 4040Cost Accounting00000
COUN 6490PsychtricRehab&Co-OccurDisord00000
BIOL 576Evolution00000
CS 350Programming Seminar 100000
ANTH 476Indians of the Greater SW00000
BIOL 1170Conserv Biol in Changing World00000
ART 561Jewelry & Metalsmithing 500000
BIOL 3320Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ACCT 4920Auditing00000
BIOL 4720Human Evolutionary Behavior00000
ARTH 3400Modern Art00000
BIOL 5350ST: Plant Physiology00000
ANTH 556US-Mexico Immigrat:Border Issu00000
BIOL 6000Research Methods in Life Sci00000
ARTS 1630Painting I00000
BSSD 3850Data Modeling00000
BLAW 639Law & Ethics in Business00000
ARTS 3610Jewelry & Metalsmithing 200000
BSSD 5340Practicum00000
ANTH 1140Intro to Cultural Anthropology00000
BSSD 6970Field Project00000
ARTS 4410Sculpture 300000
CHEM 215Chemistry Lab 100000
AH 210Art History 100000
CHEM 372Physical Chemistry 200000
ARTS 4980Professional Internship00000
CHEM 541Reaction Mechanisms00000
ANTH 4350ST: The Radical Past & Present00000
CHEM 1110Chemistry in Our Community00000
ARTS 5620Jewelry & Metalsmithing 600000
CHEM 3220Instrumental Analysis00000
ACCT 2110Principles of Accounting I00000
CHEM 4610Inorganic Chemistry 100000
BFIN 3430Advanced Corporate Finance00000
CHEM 5610Inorganic Chemistry 100000
ANTH 5160Ceramic Analysis00000
CJS 315Issues in Criminal Justice Sys00000
BIOL 131LC: Human Biology00000
CJUS 4180Reproductive Justice00000
ANTH 374Indian Cult of Central America00000
COUN 602Counseling Child & Adolescents00000
BIOL 359Fundamental Prin of Lab Safety00000
COUN 620School Counseling P-1200000
ART 422Painting 400000
COUN 690Independent Study00000
BIOL 475Field Tropical Ecology00000
COUN 6140Existential Counseling00000
ACCT 410Accounting Technology00000
COUN 6330College & Career Planning P-1200000
BIOL 535ST: Global Climate Change00000
COUN 6980Internship in Counseling00000
ART 495BFA Exhibit00000
BIOL 610Environmental Physiology00000
ACCT 288Prin of Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 510Accounting Technology00000
ACCT 5920Auditing00000
ANTH 651Sem: Concepts of Human Culture00000
ARTS 3020Life Drawing 100000
BMIS 5800Project Management00000