NIU Course Reviews

Northern Illinois University

ACSC 496Actuarial Internship42321
UNIV 201The Transfer Experience33431
ANTH 460Methods in Ethnography00000
AHPT 637Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy00000
ANTH 790Seminar in Anthropology00000
ANTH 418Applied Archaeology00000
AHLS 488Medical Laboratory Science Degree Completion Practicum00000
ANTH 547Primate Anatomy00000
ACCY 664Financial Statement Auditing00000
AHPT 702Physical Therapy Management of Aging and Complex Patients00000
ACSC 405Quantitative Methods for Actuaries00000
AHRC 682Theories And Techniques Of Counseling People With Disabiliti...00000
ANTH 343Extinction: Where the Wild Things Were00000
AHLS 344Medical Diagnostic Biochemistry00000
ANTH 435Space in Language and Culture00000
ACCY 645Professional Tax Research00000
ANTH 507Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia00000
AHPT 613Foundational Physical Agents and Manual Therapy00000
ANTH 566Resource Conflicts and Environmental Peacebuilding00000
ACCY 490Current Topics in Accountancy00000
ART 656Advanced Curatorial Practice00000
ACCY 679Seminar in Accounting00000
AHPT 798Comprehensive Examimation in Physical Therapy00000
ACCY 520Intermediate Cost Management00000
AHRS 200Disability in Society00000
AHRS 472Occupational Therapy and the Rehabilitation Process00000
AHRS 493Counseling in Rehabilitation Services00000
ANTH 326XSurvey of World Music00000
AHLS 311Medical Immunology Laboratory00000
ANTH 409Cultures and Societies of the Middle East00000
ACCY 611Advanced Accounting Information Systems00000
ANTH 424Anthropology of Peace and Conflict Resolution00000
AHLS 471Molecular Testing/Special Topics00000
ANTH 446The Human Skeleton00000
ACCY 470Accounting Advanced Writing Lab00000
ANTH 467Applied Anthropology00000
AHPT 608Physical Therapy: Evidence-Based Practice00000
ANTH 515Archaeology of The American Southwest00000
ACCY 650Advanced Issues in Taxation00000
ANTH 560Methods in Ethnography00000
AHPT 620Topics in Clinical Education00000
ANTH 665Museum Practicum00000
ACCY 375Accountancy Writing Lab00000
ART 450Field Studies in Art00000
AHPT 652Neurological Rehabilitation00000
ART 680Seminar00000
ACCY 507Managerial Accounting Principles00000
AHPT 744Independent Study in Physical Therapy00000
ACCY 690Accountancy Capstone/Financial Statement Analysis and Busine...00000
AHRC 628Medical And Psychosocial Aspects Of Disability00000
ACCY 433Financial Reporting III00000
AHRC 690Practicum: Rehabilitation Counseling00000
ACSC 438XApplied Time Series Analysis00000
ACCY 532Financial Reporting II00000
AHCD 498Tutorial in Allied Health and Communicative Disorders00000
AHRS 495Assistive Technology in Rehabilitation00000
ANTH 103The Great Apes00000
ANTH 261XLanguage, Mind, and Thought00000
AHLS 302Hematology/Hemostasis00000
ANTH 329Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems00000
ACCY 580Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting00000
ANTH 407Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia00000
AHLS 335Medical Diagnostic Mycology and Parasitology00000
ANTH 414Archaeology of Mesoamerica00000
ACCY 465Forensic Accounting/Fraud Examination00000
ANTH 422Gender in Southeast Asia00000
AHLS 440Introduction to Teaching in the Allied Health Profession00000
ANTH 429XInternational NGOs and Globalization00000
ACCY 633Advanced Financial Reporting00000
ANTH 441Sex and Gender in Primates00000
AHLS 476Comprehensive Exams00000
ANTH 451History and Theory of Anthropology00000
ACCY 360Assurance Services00000
ANTH 464Disasters without Borders00000
AHPT 602Communication and Educatio Skills for Physical Therapists00000
ANTH 491Current Topics in Anthropology00000
ACCY 648Advanced Corporate Taxation00000
ANTH 510Environmental Archaeology00000
AHPT 611Foundations of Physical Therapy II00000
ANTH 519Archaeological Ethics00000
ACCY 480Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting00000
ANTH 553Archaeological Theory00000
AHPT 617Pathology for Physical Therapists00000
ANTH 564Disasters Without Borders00000
ACCY 656Tax Concepts and Property Transactions00000
ANTH 590Anthropological Research Training00000
AHPT 622External Clinical Experience I00000
ANTH 690Independent Study in Anthropology00000
ACCY 309Taxes and Financial Planning00000
ART 1022-D Foundation00000
AHPT 641Physical Therapy Management of Complex Musculosketal Disorde...00000
ART 499Capstone Seminar00000
ACCY 672Professional Development Skills in Accounting00000
ANTH 120Anthropology and Human Diversity00000
AHPT 660External Clinical Experience II00000
ACCY 288Fundamentals of Accounting00000
ACCY 320Intermediate Cost Management00000
ACCY 439Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting00000
ACCY 560Assurance Services00000
AHLS 211Introduction to the Medical Laboratory Sciences00000