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Nicholls Course Reviews

Nicholls State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDCI 557Behavior Intervention Strategi00000
ENGL 213Young Adult Literature00000
CMPS 108Computer Literacy Spreadsheets00000
DIET 459Senior Seminar00000
CULA 111Culinary Foundations00000
CHEM 208Orgnc Biolgcl Chem Hlth Scienc00000
EDUC 211Psych & Educ Of Except Child00000
BIOL 105Basic Biology I-Prin Of Biol00000
COMD 400Aural Rehabilitation00000
BIOL 361Plant Taxonomy00000
DIET 400Research In Dietetics I00000
CULA 429Seminar Restaurant Operatns00000
BIOL 593Thesis Research00000
EDCI 506Foundtns Of Edctnl Assessmnt00000
ART 461Advanced Film Photography00000
EDCI 599Field-Based Research Seminar00000
CHEM 481Laboratory Internship00000
EDUC 441Multicultural Educ For Teacher00000
ART 333Intermediate Ceramics Wrkshp00000
ENGL 318Children's Literature & Empire00000
BIOL 275Introdctn To Research Problems00000
CRJU 400Criminal Justice Theory00000
ART 370Alternative Media-Letterpress00000
CULA 319Cajun And Creole Cuisine00000
BIOL 440Molecular Biology Of The Cell00000
DIET 305Nutrition Through The Life Cyc00000
DIET 111Introductory Foods00000
BIOL 552Marine And Environmental Biol00000
DIET 416Medical Nutrition Therapy I00000
ART 442Advanced Sculpture II00000
DIET 113Introductory Foods Lab00000
BSAD 507Ldrshp Ethics & Accntability00000
EDCI 534Prac I Tchng Apld Bhvr Anlys00000
ART 302Figure Drawing00000
EDCI 578Parent Invlmnt & Comunit Resou00000
CHEM 405Instrumental Analysis00000
EDLE 536Eval&Impl Prog Schl Imprvmnt00000
ART 497Senior Art Studio Capstone00000
EDUC 365The Tch Of Read & Lan Art El S00000
CIS 400Internship Computr Info Syst00000
EDUC 487Aprch To Mang Mi/Mo Excpt Sp E00000
AHSC 404Research In Health Sciences00000
ENGL 307Shakespeare00000
COMD 281Assessment & Mngt Of Lang Diso00000
ENGL 324Wmn Lit Survey:Grls Behvng Bad00000
ART 355Graphic Design II00000
COUN 505Analysis Of The Individual00000
BIOL 316Biomolecular Informatics00000
CRJU 470Law And Society00000
AHSC 442Integrtd Hlth Profsn Prct II00000
CULA 231Food/Bevrage/Labr Cost Cntrl00000
BIOL 417Molecular Ecology00000
CULA 353Introduction To Wine00000
ART 383Art History: Modern Art00000
CULA 475Regional Cuisine Tba00000
BIOL 471Special Topics00000
DIET 300Nutrition Education & Counslng00000
DIET 200Applied Nutrition00000
BIOL 503Experimental Design00000
DIET 330Hlth Belfs/Prtcs Divrsfd Soc00000
ART 425Advanced Printmaking II00000
DIET 410Advanced Nutrition00000
BIOL 572Gvtnmntl Regltry Agncy Intrnsp00000
DIET 418Medical Nutrition Therapy II00000
ART 254Graphic Design I00000
ECON 211Principles Of Microeconomics00000
BSAD 324Commercial Law00000
ECON 500Economic Envrnment Of Business00000
ART 452Graphic Design IV00000
EDCI 513Advanced Mthds In Classrm Mngt00000
CHEM 106Chemistry II (Science Majors)00000
EDCI 549Prc III Tchg Apld Bhvr Anlys00000
AHSC 220Pathophysiology00000
EDCI 562Analysis Of Readng Difficlties00000
CHEM 303Physical Chemistry I00000
EDCI 584Adv Meth Of Ins Elem Sch Scien00000
ART 480Contemporary Art00000
EDLE 507Facltatng Bst Prc Imprv Inst00000
CHEM 437Biochemistry Laboratory00000
EDTL 501Dsgn & Dev Mltmedia Inst Unt00000
ART 325Relief Printing00000
EDUC 314Mthds Of Instr In Sec Soc Stud00000
CIS 315Advncd Ntwrkng And Telecomctns00000
EDUC 392Me Te Stud Wi Learn & Behav Pr00000
ATTR 443Orthopedc Injury Assessmnt III00000
EDUC 458Student Tchng In Middle Schls00000
CIS 460Information Resources Managmnt00000
ENGL 102English Composition II00000
ACCT 351Accountng Information Systms00000
ENGL 264Advanced Grammar00000
CMPS 312Internt And Database Progrmmng00000
ENGL 312Creative Writng Semnr: Fiction00000
BIOL 124Hnrs Human Anatomy & Phys I00000
COMD 384Speech Sound Dvlpment & Dsrdrs00000
ACCT 206Intro To Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 403Auditing00000
ART 231Beginning Ceramics00000
ART 403Advanced Drawing Workshop00000
BIOL 478Laboratory Internship00000
DIET 211Nutrition & Health Education00000