New School Course Reviews

The New School

APTD 3931Maintaining Status00000
CAML 5990Graduation Jury for Graduate Students00000
APFS 5002Interpreting Fashion00000
APHT 5124Design Misfits GR00000
APFY 1020Space/Materiality:00000
APFR 1121French Intensive 1.500000
APVS 2013Intro to Visual Culture00000
APDS 2001History of Design: Lec00000
APFS 5108Fashion Criticism00000
APFD 2013Creative Technical Studio 100000
APHT 5109Objects, Archive, Interface00000
APHT 3103Ethnogaphic Methods for Design00000
APFD 3127Intro to Accessories: Bag Design00000
APHT 5903Independent Study00000
APDM 5140Design Innovation + Leadership00000
APTE 5105Design Technology Masterclass 200000
APFS 2001History of Fashion: Lec00000
CAML 3050UG 3 cr. Major Lessons00000
APAM 3103Photo Editorial00000
CAOV 1206Italian Diction 1B00000
APDS 2102Design Development & Production00000
APFS 5901Internship00000
APAM 4000Thesis 100000
APFY 1072Objects as History: Prehistory to Industrialization Rec00000
APFD 2163Intro to Fashion Design00000
APHT 5002Survey of Decorative Arts 200000
APHT 3110Out and About: Experiencing Art00000
APFD 3023Specialized Studio 200000
APHT 5118Art and Politics: A Situationist Perspective00000
APDM 4000Senior Project 1: Capstone00000
APHT 5130Sensing the City-GR00000
APFD 4002Thesis 200000
APPH 2100Introduction to Photography00000
APAM 3004Core Studio 3: RESPONSE00000
APTD 5932Professional Engagement Requirement Internship MS+EQ00000
APFR 2504Parlons cinéma !00000
APTE 5901Internship00000
APDR 2115Managing Creative Projects and Teams00000
CAML 0700ESLM 7 Additional Lesson Fee Section00000
APFS 3901Internship00000
CAML 510014 Additional/Secondary Lessons00000
APAM 2004Core Lab 2 Spatial00000
CAOV 1105IPA Foundations00000
APFS 5101Fashion Systems and Global Perspectives00000
CAOV 2206German Diction 1B00000
APAM 3106Dimensions00000
APFS 5112Fashion, Ethics and Environ.00000
APEC 2230Intro to Political Economy00000
APFY 1001Integrative Studio 200000
APAM 2006Core Studio 1: NARRATIVE00000
APFY 1040Time00000
APFD 2023Creative Technical Studio 200000
APHT 2104Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice00000
APDM 1802Intro to Strategic Design & Management00000
APHT 3106Objects, Places, Society00000
APFD 2165Fashion Functionality00000
APHT 4107Art, Science and Technology00000
APHT 4101A Situationist Perpective00000
APFD 3021Design Studio 4: Design Identity00000
APHT 5104Art, Science and Tech. GR00000
APDM 3365Design of Business00000
APHT 5113Theories Of Media And Design00000
APFD 3123Materials for Fashion Innovation00000
APHT 5121The Making of Paris GR00000
APAM 2107Sounds and Space Sounds and Space00000
APHT 5127Design & Visual Studies "00000
APFD 3129Intro to Accessories: Bag Design00000
APHT 5134Cultures of Jewelry GR00000
APDM 5110Designing + Implementing Sustainable Business Models00000
APMT 1950Quantitative Reasoning 100000
APFR 1101French Culture & Language 100000
APTD 3103Wearable Spaces00000
APAM 2002Dynamic Drawing & Letterforms00000
APTD 5901Professional Engagement Internship00000
APFR 2121French 3.500000
APTE 5004Integrative Thesis Studio 200000
APDM 5901Internship00000
APTE 5115Idea Prototyping00000
APFR 3900French Intensive 2.500000
APVS 2001History of Art, Media and Technology00000
APAM 3010Core Studio 4 Topics: Urban00000
CAML 0500ESLM 7 Lesson Fee Section00000
APFS 2012Introduction to Fashion Studies : Recitation00000
CAML 2000Annual Jury / Ug00000
APDR 3001Innovation: Recitation00000
CAML 4990Graduation Jury for Undergraduate Students00000
APFS 4500Advanced Research Seminar: Fashion00000
CAML 5550MM 4 cr. Major Lessons00000
ADMN 9999Registration Payment00000
CAOV 1100Operatic Arts 1A00000
APFS 5006Fashion Cultures00000
CAOV 1200Operatic Arts 1B00000
APDS 2011Introduction to Design Studies Lecture00000
APFS 5105Business of Fashion00000
ADMN 1000Performing Arts Placeholder UG00000
APAM 2000Core Studio 1 Communication Design00000
APAM 2103Web For Art00000
APDM 3100Designers and Managers00000
APFD 3012Design Studio 3: workshop00000
APHT 4104Paris Art Scene00000