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New School Course Reviews

The New School

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CAPR 5301Mannes American Composers Ensemble00000
CATM 3103Theory III00000
CAOV 4645Operatic Arts 2B00000
CAPR 5021Fortepiano Repertoire for Piano & Strings00000
CAOV 5721Perf. Practice 1B Coaching00000
CAML 5250GR 3 cr. Major Lessons00000
CATM 1006Dictation I Intensive00000
APHT 3105Contemporary Filmmaking Practices00000
CAOV 5517English Diction and Repertoire for Graduate Singers00000
APHT 5115Design and Cinema00000
CAPR 4051The Entrepeneurial Musician00000
CAPR 2511Ensemble Piano: Duets00000
APVS 2001History of Art, Media and Technology00000
CAPR 5073Orchestral Repertoire of the 20th Century00000
APFS 5106Fashion and Everyday Life00000
CAPR 5512Performance Class: Clarinet00000
CAOV 2207German Diction and Rep00000
CATM 1225Dictation 1A00000
APFD 2023Creative Technical Studio 200000
CATM 3259Analysis 1A Midflex00000
APHT 4106Sensing the City00000
CAOV 5656Opera Workshop 2B Coaching00000
APFD 3129Intro to Accessories: Bag Design00000
CAPR 0710Pdu 370/Chamber 2800000
APHT 5131Objects, Places, Society-GR00000
CAPR 4016Contemporary Music Ensemble00000
CAPR 3507Performance Class: Oboe00000
APTE 5002Major Studio 200000
CAPR 4900Independent Study/Dokovska00000
APFS 4500Advanced Research Seminar: Fashion00000
CAPR 5057Arranging Ensemble00000
CAML 1000EDPL Composition Lessons00000
CAPR 5203Cross Genre Improvisation Workshop00000
APDR 3100Integrative Research & Development00000
CAPR 5447Piano Performance and Literature: Celebrating Female Compose...00000
CAOV 1106English Diction00000
CAPR 5600Conducting for Non-Majors00000
APFY 1030Drawing/Imaging00000
CATM 1116Ear Training 1B Intensive00000
CAOV 3560Building Performance: UG 1B00000
CATM 2207ToM Integrated Skills 200000
APDM 2700Information Visualization00000
CATM 3216Ear Training 3B00000
CAOV 5050Mannes Voices00000
CATM 4102Dictation IV00000
APFD 3021Design Studio 4: Design Identity00000
CAOV 5640Opera Workshop 1A00000
APHT 5102Decorative Arts and Design Markets in Paris00000
CAOV 5711Perf. Practice 1A Coaching00000
APDM 3410Global Professional Practices00000
CAPR 0100ESLM Music Coursework Fee00000
APHT 5123Drawing Design History00000
CAPR 1507Chamber Music Project-Coleman00000
APFD 4100Editorial Fashion and Photography00000
CAPR 3427Piano Perf+Lit:Early&Contemp00000
APHT 5931Maintaining Status00000
CAPR 4005Graduation Recital00000
CAPR 3513Guitar Performance Class00000
APTD 3931Maintaining Status00000
CAPR 4024Percussion Repertory00000
APFR 2505Chic, Mode et Esthétique dans la littérature française00000
CAPR 4054Music Technology With A Focus On Film Scoring00000
APTE 5109Disobedient Electronics00000
CAPR 5003Mannes Sm. Ensemble Placement00000
APDM 5901Internship00000
CAPR 5046Spanish Song00000
CAML 0500ESLM 7 Lesson Fee Section00000
CAPR 5064Inside The Monsters' Studio00000
APFS 5022Thesis00000
CAPR 5096Go Digital00000
CAML 3999Annual Jury for Undergraduate Students00000
CAPR 5241P(L)AY IT FORWARD Keyboard Chamber Music from Brahms to Toda...00000
APAM 3901Internship00000
CAPR 5350Conducting Seminar00000
CAML 5999Major Lessons00000
CAPR 5508Performance Class: Double Bass00000
APFS 5930Equivalency00000
CAPR 5519Guitar Survey Midflex00000
CAOV 13071st Year Exp: Vocal Performanc00000
CAPR 5999Graduation Recital for Graduate Students00000
APDS 2116Creative Team Dynamics: Identity and Change00000
CATM 1101Ear Training I00000
CAOV 3000Vocal Performance Class For Undergraduate Students00000
CATM 1209Theory 1A Midflex00000
APFY 1260Collective Works00000
CATM 1299Dictation 1A Midflex00000
CAOV 4025Opera Coaching00000
CATM 2257Ear Training Skills Lab 200000
APAM 2105Dimensions00000
CATM 3136Piano Class 3B00000
CAOV 5003Vocal Coaching: Arner00000
CATM 3219Ear Training/Dictation 3B00000
APHT 3901Internship00000
CAOV 5360Spanish Song00000
APAM 2002Dynamic Drawing & Letterforms00000
APAM 3010Core Studio 4 Topics: Urban00000
APDM 4004Business Regulations and Practices00000
APFR 1112French Intensive 200000
APTD 3101Sustainable Practices00000
CAPR 4001Orchestra00000