New Mexico Tech Course Reviews

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

MENG 431Fluid & Thermal Systems42541
MENG 382Jr. Eng. Design Clinic II45441
CHEM 1215RGeneral Chemistry I Recitation00000
CEE 523Open Channel Hydraulics00000
CSE 546Theory of Computation00000
CHEM 446Polymer Chemistry00000
CED 260CCommunity Stained Glass I00000
CSE 331Computer Architecture00000
BIOL 470Biology CURE00000
CHE 345LChemical Engr. Design Lab00000
BIOL 589Ecotoxicology00000
CHE 468Surfaces,Interfaces, &Colloids00000
CHEM 411Advanced Instrumental Methods00000
CE 414Adv Design of Concrete Struct00000
CHEM 545Advanced Organic Synthesis00000
BIOL 350Psychobiology of Sex00000
CSE 107LIntro Programming Python Lab00000
CEE 501Finite Elements00000
CSE 452Introduction Sensor Networks00000
ARTS 1610Drawing Studio I00000
CSE 590Independent Study00000
BIOL 502Ecosystem Biology00000
CHE 443Process Dynamics & Control00000
ARTS 2326Precious Metal Clay II00000
CHE 568Surrfaces,Interfaces,&Colloids00000
BIOT 502Molecular Biotechnology00000
CHEM 121RGeneral Chemistry I Recitation00000
CHEM 333Organic Chemistry I00000
CE 302Intro to Structural Engr00000
CHEM 441LBiochemistry I Lab00000
BIOL 333Molecular Biology00000
CHEM 512Adv. Topics in Analytical Chem00000
CED 120CBeginning Yoga00000
CHEM 591Thesis00000
ARTH 189Digital Techniques-Visual Art00000
COMM 570DCommunication in Engineering00000
CED 330CPiano All Levels00000
CSE 241LFoundtns of Computer Sci Lab00000
BIOL 389Psychotherapeutics00000
CSE 382Ethical/Social Issues Comp/IT00000
CEE 510Advanced Water Chemistry00000
CSE 500Directed Research00000
AFAS 251LEvolution of AFAS Lab00000
CSE 565Neural Networks00000
CEE 590Independent Study00000
CYBS 502Cybersecurity Ethics and Law00000
ARTS 1840Sculpture I00000
CHE 371Solution Methods for Chem Eng00000
BIOL 537Infection and Immunity00000
CHE 462Plant Design, Econ, & Mgmt II00000
AFAS 301Leading Ppl Eff Comm II00000
CHE 491Senior Seminar00000
BIOL 2110Prin of Bio: Cell & Molecular00000
CHE 595Dissertation00000
BIOL 101Topics in Biol/Biomed Sciences00000
CHEM 122General Chemistry II00000
BIOT 535Bioinformatics00000
CHEM 151Advanced General Chemistry I00000
CHEM 331Physical Chemistry I00000
BMS 496Biomed Resrch&Design: Engineer00000
CHEM 341Survey of Biochemistry00000
BIOL 311Genetics00000
CHEM 425Molecular Quantum Mechanics00000
CE 407Design of Concrete Structures00000
CHEM 442LBiochemistry II Lab00000
ART 189Comparative Arts (Fresh Only)00000
CHEM 489Intro to Polymeric Materials00000
CE 481Senior Engineering Design I00000
CHEM 525Molecular Quantum Mechanics00000
BIOL 343LEnvironmental Microbiology Lab00000
CHEM 555Research Proposal Writing00000
CED 152CPainting in Oils00000
CHEM 1215General Chemistry I00000
AFAS 121Heritage and Value II00000
CHEM 1225DGeneral Chemistry II00000
CED 265CComm. Stained Glass Interpret00000
COMM 1130Public Speaking00000
BIOL 352Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CSE 189Intro To Cyber Security00000
CED 389CChamber Orchestra00000
CSE 324Princ of Programming Language00000
ARTS 1410Fundamentals of Photography00000
CSE 353Introduct to Computer Networks00000
CEE 506Design of Steel Structures00000
CSE 391Cybersecurity Prof Develop S2200000
BIOL 435Bioinformatics00000
CSE 489DComputer Network Security00000
CEE 514Energy & Environment00000
CSE 544Advanced Algorithms00000
AE 418DStructural Dynam Aerospace Eng00000
CSE 557Hrdwr-Based Ntwk Security00000
CEE 541Min Design Loads for Buildings00000
CSE 585Graduate Seminar00000
BIOL 491Pineal Melatonin and Cancer00000
CHEM 152RAdvGeneral Chemistry II Recit.00000
CHE 110Intro to Chemical Engineering00000
ACCT 350Managerial Accounting00000
AE 489DAdvanced. Fluid Mechanics00000
AFAS 400Natl Security Leadership Res I00000
BIOL 112General Biology II00000