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New Haven Course Reviews

University of New Haven

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 1103Introduction To General Chemistry00000
CHEM 6635Chromatography and Separation Science00000
BIOL 2255Laboratory BIOL 225300000
BIOM 6697Thesis I00000
BIOL 3340Neurobiology of the Human Brain00000
BANL 4300Database Management for Business Analytics00000
CHEM 3333Laboratory CHEM 333100000
ARHS 4450ST:MedievalArt History Seminar00000
BIOL 3301Microbiology with Lab00000
ARTS 2209Digital Photography and Imaging I00000
BIOM 6630Biosensors and Instrumentation with Laboratory00000
BIOL 4511Molecular Biology of Proteins with Laboratory00000
ARTS 4420ST: Raising Awareness Envir00000
BUSA 4459ST:Internship00000
ARBC 1101Elementary Arabic I00000
CHEM 2002Organic Chemistry II Workshop00000
BIOL 1121General and Human Biology I with Laboratory00000
CHEM 4592Thesis with Laboratory00000
ACCT 6611State and Local Taxation00000
CHIN 1102Conversational Chinese II00000
ARTS 1105Drawing I00000
BIOL 3308Cell Biology with Lab00000
ACCT 6631Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BIOL 4470Molecular Biotechnology00000
ARTS 3301Writing for Designers00000
BIOM 4450ST:Undergraduate Research Proj00000
BIOL 4553Environmental Microbiology00000
ARTS 4405ST:Contemporary Photography &00000
BIOM 6672ST: Intro Biomedical Eng Model00000
ACCT 6656Valuation Theory00000
BUSA 4452ST: US Sports Corruption00000
BANL 1100Introduction to Business Analytics00000
BUSA 6598Business Internship00000
ACCT 6602Taxation of Property Transactions00000
CHEM 1116General Chemistry II (Honors)00000
BANL 6320Supervised Machine Learning00000
CHEM 2212Laboratory CHEM 221100000
ARBC 3301Advanced Arabic00000
CHEM 4412Seminar00000
BIOL 2232Seminar in Biology Careers00000
CHEM 6601Environmental Chemistry00000
ACCT 4437International Accounting and Taxation00000
CHEM 6688Graduate Internship00000
BIOL 2581Special Topics00000
CHIN 3301Advanced Chinese00000
ACCT 6620Financial Accounting for Managers00000
BIOL 3304Immunology00000
ARTS 2201Painting I00000
BIOL 3313Laboratory BIOL 331100000
ACCT 4456ST:Valuation Theory Fors Acct00000
BIOL 4460Senior Seminar00000
ARTS 2231History of Art I Majors00000
BIOL 4501Protein Biochemistry and Enzymology00000
ACCT 6635Analysis of Federal Income Taxation I00000
BIOL 4521Bioinformatics Programming/Python00000
ARTS 3310Photographic Lighting00000
BIOL 4599Independent Study00000
BIOL 4592ST: Molecular Virology w/ Lab00000
ARTS 4401Studio Seminar I00000
BIOM 6615Biomaterials II: Design and Applications of Biomaterials00000
ACCT 6652Auditing and Assurance Services Seminar00000
BIOM 6640Biomedical Optics00000
ARTS 4407ST: 3D Design00000
BIOM 6677Special Topics00000
ACCT 4598Internship00000
BUSA 1150Business LLC00000
ARTS 4593Honors Thesis: Art00000
BUSA 4454ST: eSports Strategy @ Turner00000
ACCT 6695Independent Study I00000
BUSA 4502Capstone Experiential Education00000
BANL 3100Data Visualization and Communication00000
BUSL 4598Internship00000
ACCT 4433Auditing and Assurance Services00000
CHEM 1111General Chemistry I Workshop00000
BANL 4593Honors Thesis: Business Analytics00000
CHEM 1120General Chemistry II with Application to Biosystems00000
ARBC 2201Intermediate Arabic I00000
CHEM 2203Laboratory CHEM 220100000
BANL 6550Managing Quality in the Supply Chain00000
CHEM 3300Chemistry Project00000
ACCT 6606Corporate Income Taxation00000
CHEM 3350Chemistry Research00000
BIOL 1124Laboratory BIOL 112200000
CHEM 4501Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
ARHS 1170Survey of Western Art History Part I00000
CHEM 4599Independent Study00000
BIOL 2250Invertebrate Zoology with Lab00000
CHEM 6615Basics of Computational Chemistry00000
ACCT 2220Intermediate Financial Acctg I00000
CHEM 6655Pharmacology00000
BIOL 2261Introduction to Biochemistry00000
CHEM 6699Thesis II00000
ARTS 1100Visual Thinking: Art and Design Foundations00000
BIOL 2591Special Topics: Recitation BIOL 225300000
ACCT 1000Introduction to the Accounting Profession00000
ACCT 3323Cost Accounting00000
ACCT 4596Accounting Tax Co-op00000
ACCT 6637International Accounting and Taxation00000
ARTS 3330Documentary Photography00000
BIOL 4596Laboratory Research II00000