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NEU Course Reviews

Northeastern University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 3500Object-Oriented Design4.
CS 3520Programming in C++443.542
CS 2500Fundamentals of Computer Science 13.52.5342
CS 5004Object-Oriented Design15111
CS 5006Algorithms44551
CS 5001Intensive Foundations of Computer Science25321
CS 5007Computer Systems54541
CS 1200First Year Seminar15111
CS 2510Fundamentals of Computer Science 243321
CS 5400Principles of Programming Language15111
CS 1800Discrete Structures43441
CS 5002Discrete Structures24121
CS 1100Computer Science and Its Applications00000
CS 1801Recitation for CS 180000000
CS 2511Lab for CS 251000000
CS 2810Mathematics of Data Models00000
CS 3000Algorithms and Data00000
CS 3800Theory of Computation00000
CS 4100Artificial Intelligence00000
CS 4180Reinforcement Learning00000
CS 4400Programming Languages00000
CS 4530Fundamentals of Software Engineering00000
CS 4710Mobile and Wireless Systems00000
CS 4830System Specification, Verification, and Synthesis00000
CS 4955Computer Science Teaching Seminar00000
CS 4991Research00000
CS 4994Internship00000
CS 5083Software Project Management with Scrum00000
CS 5200Database Management Systems00000
CS 5335Robotic Science and Systems00000
CS 5520Mobile Application Development00000
CS 5800Algorithms00000
CS 6120Natural Language Processing00000
CS 6220Data Mining Techniques00000
CS 6410Compilers00000
CS 6620Fundamentals of Cloud Computing00000
CS 6800Application of Information Theory00000
CS 7150Deep Learning00000
CS 7240Principles of Scalable Data Management: Theory, Algorithms, and Database Systems00000
CS 7290Special Topics in Data Science00000
CS 7430Formal Specification, Verification, and Synthesis00000
CS 7600Intensive Computer Systems00000
CS 7775Seminar in Computer Security00000
CS 7880Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science00000
CS 8949Research Work Experience00000
CS 9991Dissertation Term 200000
CS 1210Professional Development for Khoury Co-op00000
CS 1990Elective00000
CS 2501Lab for CS 250000000
CS 2801Lab for CS 280000000
CS 2992Research00000
CS 3650Computer Systems00000
CS 3990Elective00000
CS 4150Game Artificial Intelligence00000
CS 4240Large-Scale Parallel Data Processing00000
CS 4500Software Development00000
CS 4610Robotic Science and Systems00000
CS 4805Advanced Theory of Computation00000
CS 4850Building Game Engines00000
CS 4970Junior/Senior Honors Project 100000
CS 4992Directed Study00000
CS 5082Privacy and Security of User Accounts: Patterns and Best Practices00000
CS 5180Reinforcement Learning and Sequential Decision Making00000
CS 5330Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision00000
CS 5500Foundations of Software Engineering00000
CS 5700Fundamentals of Computer Networking00000
CS 5976Directed Study00000
CS 6140Machine Learning00000
CS 6350Empirical Research Methods00000
CS 6535Engineering Reliable Software00000
CS 6760Privacy, Security, and Usability00000
CS 6962Elective00000
CS 6965Co-op Work Experience Abroad00000
CS 7200Statistical Methods for Computer Science00000
CS 7280Special Topics in Database Management00000
CS 7400Intensive Principles of Programming Languages00000
CS 7580Special Topics in Software Engineering00000
CS 7680Special Topics in Computer Systems00000
CS 7805Theory of Computation00000
CS 7976Directed Study00000
CS 7996Thesis Continuation00000
CS 8986Research00000
CS 9996Dissertation Continuation00000
CS 1802Seminar for CS 180000000
CS 2990Elective00000
CS 3200Database Design00000
CS 3620Building Extensible Systems00000
CS 3950Introduction to Computer Science Research00000
CS 4120Natural Language Processing00000
CS 4300Computer Graphics00000
CS 4520Mobile Application Development00000
CS 4650High Performance Computing00000
CS 4820Computer-Aided Reasoning00000
CS 4950Computer Science Research Seminar00000
CS 4990Elective00000
CS 4993Independent Study00000
CS 5003Recitation for CS 500100000
CS 5010Programming Design Paradigm00000
CS 5100Foundations of Artificial Intelligence00000
CS 5170Artificial Intelligence for Human-Computer Interaction00000
CS 5320Digital Image Processing00000
CS 5610Web Development00000
CS 5964Experiential Project00000
CS 6130Affective Computing00000
CS 6240Large-Scale Parallel Data Processing00000
CS 6510Advanced Software Development00000
CS 6710Wireless Network00000
CS 6954Co-op Work Experience - Half-Time00000
CS 7140Advanced Machine Learning00000
CS 7180Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence00000
CS 7260Visualization for Network Science00000
CS 7340Theory and Methods in Human Computer Interaction00000
CS 7485Special Topics in Formal Methods00000
CS 7675Master's Research00000
CS 7800Advanced Algorithms00000
CS 7962Elective00000
CS 8674Master’s Project00000
CS 9000PhD Candidacy Achieved00000
CS 1101Lab for CS 110000000
CS 2800Logic and Computation00000
CS 2991Research in Computer Science00000
CS 3001Recitation for CS 300000000
CS 3540Game Programming00000
CS 3700Networks and Distributed Systems00000
CS 4000Senior Seminar00000
CS 4200Database Internals00000
CS 4410Compilers00000
CS 4550Web Development00000
CS 4700Network Fundamentals00000
CS 4810Advanced Algorithms00000
CS 4910Computer Science Topics00000
CS 4971Junior/Senior Honors Project 200000
CS 4998Research00000
CS 5005Recitation for CS 500400000
CS 5011Recitation for CS 501000000
CS 5150Game Artificial Intelligence00000
CS 5310Computer Graphics00000
CS 5340Computer/Human Interaction00000
CS 5600Computer Systems00000
CS 5850Building Game Engines00000
CS 6110Knowledge-Based Systems00000
CS 6200Information Retrieval00000
CS 6351Lab for CS 635000000
CS 6650Building Scalable Distributed Systems00000
CS 6949Career Preparation00000
CS 6964Co-op Work Experience00000
CS 7170Seminar in Artificial Intelligence00000
CS 7250Information Visualization: Theory and Applications00000
CS 7295Special Topics in Data Visualization00000
CS 7480Special Topics in Programming Language00000
CS 7610Foundations of Distributed Systems00000
CS 7780Special Topics in Networks00000
CS 7810Foundations of Cryptography00000
CS 7990Thesis00000
CS 8982Readings00000
CS 9990Dissertation Term 100000
CS 0180Special Topics in Professional Development00000
CS 3501Lab for CS 350000000
CS 4620Building Extensible Systems00000
CS 4800Algorithms and Data00000
CS 5081Accessibility and Inclusiveness in Human-Computer Interactio...00000
CS 5963Science Fiction for Com Sci00000
CS 7390Special Topics in Human-Centered Computing00000
CS 0210Introduction to Search00000
CS 3740Systems Security00000
CS 4501Recitation for CS 450000000
CS 4770Cryptography00000
CS 5009Recitation for CS 500800000
CS 5770Software Vulnerabilities and Security00000
CS 6750Cryptography and Communications Security00000
CS 0130Seminar in Professional Communication00000
CS 2550Foundations of Cybersecurity00000
CS 4170The Law, Ethics, and Policy of Data and Digital Technologies00000
CS 4740Network Security00000
CS 5008Data Structures, Algorithms, and Their Applications within C...00000
CS 5097Mixed Reality00000
CS 6740Network Security00000
CS 7980Capstone00000