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NEIU Course Reviews

Northeastern Illinois University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 362Biochemistry00000
BLBC 340Teaching English Learners In Diverse Classrooms00000
ART 362Digital Manipulation00000
BIO 319Human Anatomy And Physiology II00000
ART 396Senior Seminar And Exhibition00000
ART 301Contemporary Design00000
BIO 441Biology Of Viruses00000
ANTH 357Economic Anthropology: Shells, Pigs, And Gold00000
ART 381Studio In Graphic Design00000
ARAB 101Arabic I00000
BIO 303General Genetics00000
ARTH 308Art And Ritual: African, Oceanic, And Native North American...00000
ART 240Sculpture I00000
BIO 331Plant Physiology00000
ANTH 310Middle Eastern Archaeology00000
BIO 392Independent Research I00000
ART 340Sculpture II00000
BLAW 109First Year Experience: Professionalism, Ethics, Law & Chicag...00000
ACTG 430Research Methodology In Accounting00000
CAST 303Child Advocacy Studies: Assessment And Evaluation00000
ANTH 371Forensic Anthropology00000
ART 392BWriting Intensive Program:Professional Practices00000
AFAM 302Foundations Of Africans In The Diaspora00000
ARTH 107Introduction To Art History II00000
ART 107Introduction To Art History II00000
BIO 299Ecology Concepts00000
ARTH 319European Art 1900-195000000
ART 170FStudio Experiences: Ceramics00000
BIO 311History of Science00000
ANTH 300Writing Intensive Program: Writing In Anthropology00000
BIO 325Local Fauna00000
ART 281Graphic Design I00000
BIO 345Emerging Infectious Diseases00000
ACTG 409Forensic And Investigative Accounting00000
BIO 367Developmental Biology00000
ART 31819Th Century European Art00000
BIO 415Animal Behavior00000
ANTH 329AEvolution Of The Human Diet00000
BIO 454Conservation Genetics00000
ART 355Studies In Art & Social Practice00000
BLBC 328BClinical Experiences00000
ACTG 307Auditing Theory And Problems00000
BLBC 439Cultural Diversity In Our Schools00000
ART 371Ceramics III00000
CHEM 108Chemistry Concepts For Educators00000
ACTG 480Issues In International Accounting And Multinational Busines...00000
ART 387Special Topics In Graphic Design00000
ANTH 376Primate Behavior00000
ART 394AWriting Intensive Program: Professional Practices In Graphic...00000
ACTG 311Federal Income Tax (Corporate)00000
ART 3843Internship In Graphic Design00000
ARAM 102Aramaic Language II00000
ARTH 305Ancient Mesoamerican Art & Architecture00000
ANTH 109DFirst Year Experience: Aliens, Curses, And The Chicago Cemet...00000
ARTH 312Italian Renaissance Art00000
ART 120Drawing I00000
BIO 201General Biology I00000
BIO 100Introduction To Biology00000
ART 170BStudio Experiences: Painting00000
BIO 301Cell Biology00000
ANTH 252North American Archaeology00000
BIO 307AInterdisciplinary Research Skills I00000
ART 230Painting I00000
BIO 315Communicating Biology00000
ACTG 406Governmental & Not-For-Profit Accounting00000
BIO 322Invertebrate Zoology00000
ART 270Ceramics I00000
BIO 328Animal Behavior00000
ANTH 307Anthropology Of Gender, Sexuality And The Body00000
BIO 341General Microbiology00000
ART 289Graphic Design (Survey)00000
BIO 358Biological Geography00000
ACTG 301Cost Accounting I00000
BIO 364Endocrinology00000
ART 314Typography00000
BIO 383Independent Study III00000
ANTH 321Race And Language00000
BIO 412Chronobiology00000
ART 330Painting II00000
BIO 425Animal Models of Human Disease00000
ACTG 410Seminar In Tax Planning00000
BIO 447Current Topics In Cell Biology00000
ART 344Writing Intensive Program: Professional Practices In Graphic...00000
BIO 475Advanced Immunology00000
ANTH 339Paleoanthropology: The Fossil Record Of Human Evolution00000
BLAW 384Labor & Employment Law00000
ART 358Studies In Studio Art00000
BLBC 329Student Teaching In Elementary Grades00000
ACAD 102BSuccess Program Seminar II: Project Success00000
BLBC 342Assessment In The Bilingual Classroom00000
ART 364Historic And Alternative Photographic Processes00000
BLBC 442Assessment In Multilingual Classrooms00000
ANTH 364Culinary Anthropology00000
ART 374Metals And Jewelry III00000
ABF 403Management Of Information Systems & Technology00000
ACTG 201Introduction To Financial Accounting00000
ACTG 322Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
ANTH 215Human Origins And Adaptations00000
ART 170GStudio Experiences: Drawing00000
BIO 107The Effects of Food & Drugs00000