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NEIT Course Reviews

New England Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
NUR 388Informatics&HealthCare Tech00000
PTA 253Practice Issues for PT Asst.00000
MA 100Intro to College Math With Lab00000
NUR 124Fund of Med/Surg Nursing00000
MCT 420Thermodynamics00000
HU 313World War II in Film00000
PH 550Public Health Policy and Plan00000
BIO 100Anatomy & Physiology I00000
MAA 236Clinical Experience I00000
CET 136Into to Water/WasteWaterDesign00000
MT 218Marine Systems00000
MGM 277Leadership in Action00000
GMW 411Project Management00000
NUR 275NursingCare of ComplexPatients00000
AUT 211Automotive Powertrains00000
OT 555Wellness& Participation Popula00000
ID 430Int. Design VI Senior Thesis00000
PS 201Introduction to Psychology00000
AHS 102Introduction to Allied Health00000
RS 405Seating and Mobility00000
BIO 130Pharmacology00000
MCT 215Statics00000
ATX 115Automotive Engine Repair00000
MGM 134Business Communication00000
CJ 112Corrections00000
MT 105Intro to Marine Technology00000
MGM 346Project Management00000
GMW 112CDigital Graphics I00000
NE 244Desktop OS Troubleshooting00000
AUB 155Frame/Struc Straightening Lab00000
NUR 258Adv Med Surg Nurse II00000
HS 107Medical Terminology00000
NUR 283Nurse Care, Child/Fam Clinical00000
AH 220Basic Heating00000
NUR 500Theory/Found for Nur Practice00000
ID 1383D Model & Post Production00000
PAR 254OB/Pediatrics00000
AUT 277VehicleServ Prac w/Career Prep00000
PHY 300Physics II & Lab00000
IT 512Network Infrastructure &Design00000
PTA 112Foundations of PT Lab00000
ABT 315Structural Wood Design00000
RC 252Theory&App of RespCare III&Lab00000
MA 310Calculus I00000
RS 450Capstone in Assistive Tech00000
AR 209The Art of Collage00000
MCT 115CComputer Aided Design I00000
BU 236Small Business and the Law00000
MCT 303Applications of Kinematics00000
ABT 338Reinforced Concrete Design00000
MGM 108Introduction to Business00000
CET 313Highway Planning & Engineering00000
MGM 230CPlanning Your Financial Future00000
AUB 100Intro to Collision Repair00000
MGM 330Managerial Accounting00000
CJ 254Sentencing-Probation & Parole00000
MLT 131Medical Microbiology I00000
MGM 450Career Leadership00000
CJ 393Advanced Report Writing Skills00000
MT 119Intro to Electricity Fund. Lab00000
AUB 131BasicElectrcityCollisionRepair00000
MT 263Forklift Safety & Operations00000
GMW 302Concept Development00000
NE 381Design/Imp of Act Dir Network00000
AH 118Basic Electricity Lab00000
NUR 160Fundamentals of Nursing-Adult00000
HCM 411Health Care Finance00000
NUR 266NursingCare of theChild/Family00000
AUT 106Auto Elect. & Electronics Lab00000
NUR 279LPsych/Mental Health Nur Clin00000
HU 216Music and the Media00000
NUR 371Concepts Professional Nursing00000
ABT 221Visualization Studies I00000
NUR 420Prin of Prevention/Pop Health00000
HU 441World Literature00000
OT 320Theoretical&Clinical Reasoning00000
AUT 262Intro to Hybrid Vehicles00000
PAR 130Patient Assessmt&Human; Systems00000
ID 314History of Interior Design II00000
PH 520Epidemiology00000
AH 235Modern Heating Systems Lab00000
PH 585Capstone00000
IT 379Cloud Foundations00000
PL 230Plb Fxtr. Appl & Appurt00000
AUT 304Industry Software App. II00000
PS 330Marriage and the Family00000
IT 556Master's Project00000
PTA 141ClinicalEdSeminar/ServLearning00000
ABM 251Ethics&Humane; Prin in Vet Prac00000
RC 111Intro RespiratoryCare Clinical00000
MA 121Business Math00000
RC 436Adv Cardiopulmonary Mgnt 200000
BIO 120Anatomy & Physiology II00000
MAA 210Clinical Care Techniques I00000
ABM 203Principles of Economics00000
ABT 114Introduction to CAD00000
ABT 426Sr Thesis Proposal & Research00000
AUB 122Brakes/SuspenSys for Colllison00000
CJ 374Domestic & Family Law Issues00000
MGM 504Managerial Finance00000