NEIT Course Reviews

New England Institute of Technology

DMP 105Visual Design00000
ELT 362Embedded Microcontrollers Lab00000
BIO 114General Biology00000
CR 208Intro to CAD00000
CET 321Hydrology & Site Drainage00000
AUT 262Intro to Hybrid Vehicles00000
DMP 307Visual Design 200000
AR 203Introduction to Drawing00000
BIO 376Pathophys:ClinclApproForNurse00000
ATX 117Automotive Engine Repair Lab00000
CMT 422Construction Site Safety00000
CJ 393Advanced Report Writing Skills00000
AUT 105Auto Electricity & Electronics00000
CYB 373Ethical Hacking00000
AH 222Basic Heating Lab00000
DMP 225Color Grading00000
AUT 300Industry Software App. I00000
DMP 421Music Video Production00000
ABT 334Site Engineering and Planning00000
ELY 223Industrial Controls Lab00000
AS 015Academic Skill Building00000
CET 135CAD II for Civil Engineering00000
ABT 421Acoustic & Lighting00000
CJ 372Case Studies in Crim Forensics00000
AUB 103Fund AutoBody Metal Repair Lab00000
CM 513Relationship & Dispute Managmt00000
CJ 412Crit. Incident Resp. & Tactics00000
AUB 154MajrMinrFrame/StrucStraigtning00000
CR 114Tech. Fund of Bldg. Const.00000
AH 138Commercial & Indust Refrig Lab00000
CR 231Cabinetmaking II Lab00000
AUT 210Auto Fuel & Ignition Sys Lab00000
CYB 538Security Auditing/Risk Mgmt00000
ABT 314Construction Contracts & Specs00000
DMP 134Studio Production00000
AUT 277VehicleServ Prac w/Career Prep00000
DMP 235Digital Filmmaking00000
AH 236Modern Heating Systems Lab00000
DMP 328Music Recording Techniques00000
AUT 403Service Selling Techniques00000
DMP 449Mixdown 200000
ABT 114Introduction to CAD00000
ELY 117Basic Wiring Techniques Lab00000
BIO 130Pharmacology00000
ELY 227Intro ProgLogic Control&Labs;00000
ABT 339Visualization Studies 200000
CE 301Community Enrichment (BS)00000
AS 065English Made Easy: noncredit00000
CET 221Estimating-Heavy Construction00000
ABT 126Presentation Techniques00000
CJ 260Moot Court/Mock Trial00000
ATX 235Auto Eng Perform Diagnosis00000
CJ 380Criminal Justice & the Media00000
ABT 427Sr Thesis Proposal & Research00000
CJ 402Use of Force &the Conseqnces00000
AUB 123Brakes/SuspSys Collision Lab00000
CM 510Fund of Project Management00000
CJ 419From the Street to Courtroom00000
AUB 132Basic Elec Coll Repair Lab00000
CM 540Leadership in the 21st Century00000
AH 118Basic Electricity Lab00000
CMT 435Senior Thesis00000
AUT 103Automotive Engines00000
CR 118SketchUp I00000
ABT 225Build. Design & Tech. III00000
CR 223Intro. to CNC Prog. Lab00000
AUT 109AutoBrakes, Sus & Steering Lab00000
CR 250Internship I00000
AH 214Air Conditioning00000
CYB 536Network/System Info Assurance00000
AUT 221Auto Eng Performance Diagnosis00000
DMP 101Video Techniques/Studio 100000
ABM 254Internet Marketing & Branding00000
DMP 106Motion Graphics 100000
AUT 271High Performance Vehicles00000
DMP 206Motion Graphics 200000
AH 234Modern Heating Systems00000
DMP 232Independent Production00000
AUT 285Auto Heating & AC Systems00000
DMP 250Portfolio00000
ABT 330Visualization Studies II00000
DMP 309Documentary Pre-Production00000
AUT 305Sales and Customer Relations00000
DMP 381Visual Effects00000
AH 241Blueprint/Pipe/Duct Layout Lab00000
DMP 426Commercial Production00000
BIO 100Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ELT 310Program AutomationControl &Lab00000
ABM 205Animal Behavior for Bus Manage00000
ELT 486LabVIEW Programming00000
BIO 121Anatomy & Physiology II Lab00000
ELY 138Advanced Wiring/NEC III00000
AR 209The Art of Collage00000
BIO 231Comprehensive Pathophysiology00000
ABM 110Intro to Animal Bus Management00000
ABM 245Legal Issues in Animal Bus Mgt00000
ABT 138Surveying & Civil Technology00000
AH 114Refrig Syst Fundamentals00000
AUB 128Custom Modifications I00000
CJ 426Senior Internship00000