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NEC Course Reviews

New England College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ESL 1050Writing and Reading in English00000
HS 2990History Workshop II00000
EN 1930Survey of American Literature00000
ES 3300Environmental Research Methods00000
ES 1120Estrn Brook Trout Habitat Surv00000
ED 4000Methods Inst Across Curriculum00000
GD 2220Storybrdng &2D Motion Graphic00000
CW 3100Advanced Short Story Workshop00000
EN 3950Shakespeare00000
ECS 5100Computer Security: Foundations00000
ES 2990New Orleans Culture/Environmnt00000
ES 2070New England Natural History00000
ED 2030Meeting Needs of All Learners00000
ES 4000Research Thesis:Environ Sci00000
CT 6610Business Intelligence00000
FI 6310Finance for Leaders00000
ED 4915Student Teaching: Elementary00000
HS 1120Westrn Civilization Since 150000000
CT 3610Database Management00000
HS 3420Modern Middle East00000
CW 4100Practicum In Creative Writing00000
ES 1110Env Science: Global Concern00000
CT 5120Org Leadership & Technology00000
ES 1227Animal Tracking00000
ECS 6300Network Security00000
ES 2550Environmental Economics & Mgt00000
ES 2110Intro to Planetary Science00000
ED 1992Teacher Portfolio II00000
ES 3000Careers In Environmental Sci00000
CT 6111Computer Security00000
ES 3655Solid Waste Management00000
ED 2990See Exper Ed: Faciltation Crse00000
ES 4010LEcology Lab00000
CT 1510Intro Programming Logic/Design00000
ESL 1070Adv Reading & Wrtng in English00000
ED 4911Student Tchg:Secondary English00000
GD 1260Game Design I00000
CW 2100Short Story Workshop00000
GD 2470Character Modeling/Game Design00000
ED 5090Literature In The 21St Century00000
HS 1990History Workshop I00000
CO 3320History/Criticism of Advertisg00000
HS 3200The Vietnam War/Amer Memory00000
EN 2990Topics In Literary Movements00000
HS 3490Sem. in European History: WWII00000
CT 3990Topics in Computer Application00000
EN 3990The Amer. Experience: Novels00000
EC 2110Introduction to Macroeconomics00000
ES 1110LEnv Science:Global Concern Lab00000
CO 3410Freedom Of Speech00000
ES 1200Sustainable Gardening00000
ECS 5901Internship00000
ES 2010Intro to Excel Programming00000
CT 5510Java: Intro to Obj Orentd Prog00000
ES 2070LNew Englnd Natural History Lab00000
ED 1000LIssue Prof Prac/School Law Lab00000
ES 2410Environmental Ethics00000
ES 2110LIntro to Planetary Science Lab00000
ED 1030Spec Ed Disability/Issues/Laws00000
ES 2680Energy and Environment00000
CT 6050Mobile Web Development00000
ES 2999Conservation Biology00000
ED 2010Curr Design,Plan, Inst, Assess00000
ES 3255Environmental Policy00000
CO 4430Senior Seminar00000
ES 3350Introduction to Soil Science00000
ED 2080Creative Writing & Expression00000
ES 3990ES Topics: Wetlands00000
CT 6530Python Programming00000
ES 4010Ecology00000
ED 3010Teaching Math00000
ES 4350Sustainblty Proj Finance Model00000
CO 3220Video Production II00000
ESL 1060Clsrm & Cmpus Conv Skills00000
ED 4890Student Teaching: Sec Math00000
ESL 1080Acad Convers/Present Skills00000
CT 6740Java Advanced Topics00000
GD 1010Raster Imaging & Visualization00000
ED 4913Student Tchg:Special Education00000
GD 1270Game Design II00000
CT 2750Website Design00000
GD 2410Modeling and Game Design00000
ED 4920Field Experience:EdStudies&Lab;00000
HS 1110Westrn Civilization To 150000000
CW 2120Creative Non-Fiction Workshop00000
HS 1130Evolution of Amer Democracy00000
ED 5170Spec Ed Disability/Issues/Laws00000
HS 2230American Art: Art and War00000
CO 2750Website Design00000
HS 3065New Hampshire History/Culture00000
EN 2070Comparative Mythology00000
HS 3410Sem in Euro Hist:The Holocaust00000
CW 3120Adv Creative Non Fiction Wkshp00000
EN 3000Topics in Literary Movements00000
CH 3330Biochemistry00000
CO 3120Journalism: Feature Wrtg Wkshp00000
CO 3810Advertising and Promotion00000
CT 5630Pega Platform and Applications00000
ED 1010Portfolio I00000
ES 2300Introduction To Sustainability00000