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Ne State Course Reviews

Northeast State Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENT 1500Equipment Maintenance00000
MMEL 2221Gears and Pneumatics00000
CRMJ 1340Criminal Investigation00000
ENGL 2010Intro to Literature I- Fiction00000
DAST 1540Dental Science I00000
CITC 2353Tactical Permieter Defense00000
MFGT 2993Computer-Aided Manufacturing00000
BUSN 1340Small Business Management00000
CVTE 1260Clinical Practicum I00000
CHEM 1030Intro to Chemistry00000
EMSA 1202Adv EMT Trauma/Med Skills Lab00000
ECED 1310Intro to Early Childhood Educ00000
CITC 1317Intro to Scripting Language00000
ENGL 2630Literature for Children00000
BIOL 1030Concepts in Biology00000
MCOM 2700Intro to Public Relations00000
COMM 2085Business and Professional Comm00000
MMEL 1211Industrial Math00000
ARTP 1020Drawing II00000
NRSG 1120Pharmacology I00000
BUSN 2385Project Design & Management00000
DAST 1120Chairside Assisting II00000
AUBR 1420Paint and Refinishing00000
DRAF 1230Computer-Aided Drafting III00000
CISP 1110Adv. Concepts of Computers00000
ELEC 1310Motors,Alternators, Generators00000
ECED 2380Language/Literacy Early Child00000
CISP 2980Computer Science Capstone00000
EMSP 1401Paramedic Skills Lab I00000
AVIT 1420Aviation Systems-Electrical00000
ENGL 2180Myth & Tradition Honors00000
CITC 1360Computer Graphics & Animation00000
ENT 1100Intro to Entertainment00000
ART 1350Foundations Studio II00000
ESC 1110Intro to Environmental Studies00000
COMM 1020Media Writing00000
MECH 2610Millwright Principles00000
BIOL 2230Intro to Microbiology00000
MLAB 2110Clinical Practicum II00000
CPET 2550Information Security Fundamtls00000
MMEL 1241Mechanical & Electrical System00000
ADMN 2321Intro to Managing Health Info00000
MMEL 2322Analog/Digital Circ & Inst00000
CRMJ 2332Drug Identification and Effect00000
NRSG 1620Medical-Surgical Nursing I00000
ASTR 1010Solar System Astronomy00000
CVTE 2050Vascular Diagnostic Procedures00000
BUSN 2430Financing Issues in Sm. Bus.00000
DAST 1320Dental Science II00000
AGRI 1010Intro to Agriculture Business00000
DAST 1610Advanced Radiology00000
CHEM 1110General Chemistry I00000
DRAF 2510Geometrical Dimension & Toler00000
AUTO 2150Computer Engine Controls00000
ECED 2330Infant and Toddler Care00000
CISP 1200Essentials Of Computer Science00000
EDUC 2010Psychology of Human Develop/Te00000
ECON 2010Macroeconomics00000
CISP 2400Microcomputer Hardware Control00000
ELEC 2410Allen-Bradley PLC Programming00000
AUTO 2991Sp Topic-Auto Body Welding00000
EMSB 1111EMT Clinical00000
CITC 1303Database Concepts00000
EMTP 2990Special Topics-EMT00000
ART 1045Drawing I00000
ENGL 2080Fantasy Literature00000
CITC 1330Microsoft Desktop OS00000
ENGL 2310Early World Literature00000
AVIT 2310Aviation Fundamentals I00000
ENGR 1210Intro to Engineering00000
CITC 2326Network Security00000
ENT 1300Recording Engineering I00000
ADMN 2304Intro Electronic Heal. Records00000
ENT 1800Entertainment Business Mgmt00000
CITC 2399Co-Op/Internship In Comp Sci00000
MCOM 2070Advertising Graphics00000
BIOL 1510Environmental Science I00000
MECH 2330Piping and Auxiliaries00000
COMM 2045Public Speaking00000
MFGT 2320CNC Machine Operations I00000
ART 2990Special Topics: Watercolor I00000
MLAB 2010Clinical Chemistry00000
COMM 2800Advertising Principles00000
MLAB 2402Hematology/Hemostasis00000
BUSN 1310Business Communication00000
MMEL 1221Intro to Electrical Equipment00000
CRMJ 1311Criminal Law00000
MMEL 1261Motors & Motor Controls00000
ACCT 2399Accounting Capstone00000
MMEL 2230Piping & Piping Aux II00000
CRMJ 2010Intro to Law Enforcement00000
MUS 1922Indvid Instruction-Keyboard00000
BUSN 2320Business Finance00000
CVTE 1000Physical Princ of Medicine00000
ACCT 2321Intermediate Accounting I00000
ADMN 1309Records Management00000
ANTH 1130Intro to Physical Anthropology00000
AUTO 2410Management & Maintenance00000
CISP 1610Visual Basic00000
EDU 201Foundations of Education00000