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NDSU Course Reviews

North Dakota State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MIS 376Data and Telecommunications Administration31331
ACCT 200Elements of Accounting I43451
PHYS 171Introductory Projects in Physics35431
ENGL 120College Composition II43451
MATH 129Basic Linear Algebra45341
ANSC 892Graduate Teaching Experience00000
ADHM 793Individual Study/Tutorial00000
ANTH 797Master's Paper00000
ARCH 793Individual Study00000
ADHM 261Visual Communications II00000
AGEC 712Applied Risk Analysis II00000
ART 480Baccalaureate Studio: Photography00000
ANSC 754CyberSheep: A Genetic Simulation Game00000
ADHM 481Capstone in Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design00000
ANTH 471Archaeological Research Methods00000
ADHM 152Visual Communication I00000
ARCH 471Architectural Design V00000
AGEC 397Fe/Coop Ed/Internship00000
ART 260Sculpture II00000
ACCT 410Fraud Examination00000
ASM 125Fabrication & Construction Technology00000
ADHM 301Foundation of Event Management00000
AHSS 472Introduction to Publishing00000
ANSC 210Introduction to Therapeutic Horsemanship00000
ACCT 496Field Experience00000
ADHM 365CADD for Interiors00000
ANSC 261Basic Equitation & Horsemanship00000
ANSC 663LPhysiology of Reproduction Laboratory00000
ADHM 450Research and Project Development in Interior Design00000
ANSC 795Field Experience00000
ACCT 793Individual Study/Tutorial00000
ANTH 394Individual Study00000
ADHM 740Promotional Strategies in Merchandising00000
ANTH 645Archaeology of Native North America00000
ABEN 892Graduate Teaching Experience00000
ARCH 341Site Design for Architects00000
AGEC 342Farm and Agribusiness Management II00000
ARCH 722Urbanism00000
ADHM 181Aesthetics and Visual Analysis of Apparel Products00000
ART 131Foundations Drawing00000
AGEC 494Individual Study00000
ART 380Topics in Photography00000
ABEN 487Design Project II00000
AS 210Leadership Laboratory00000
AGRI 397Coop/Internship00000
ASM 291Seminar00000
ACCT 420Accounting Information Systems00000
ANSC 102Student Success Techniques - Animal Sciences with Pre-Veteri...00000
ADHM 351Interior Design Studio III-Advanced Residential00000
ANSC 232Dairy Cattle Evaluation00000
ABEN 664Resource Conservation and Irrigation Engineering00000
ANSC 314Animal Biotechnology00000
ADHM 370Sewn-Product Manufacturing and Analysis00000
ANSC 340Principles of Meat Science00000
ANSC 360Equine Nutrition00000
ACCT 619Tax Accounting II00000
ADHM 379Global Seminar00000
ANSC 371Fundamentals of Animal Disease II00000
ANSC 644Livestock Muscle Physiology00000
ADHM 406Professional Club Management00000
ANSC 695Field Experience00000
ACCT 730Legal Aspects of Business00000
ANSC 774Nitrogen Metabolism00000
ADHM 461Building Information Modeling00000
ANSC 828Advanced Reproductive Biology00000
ABEN 790Graduate Seminar00000
ANTH 204Archaeology and Prehistory00000
ADHM 494Individual Study00000
ANTH 446Latin America & Carribean: Afro-Latino/as, Gender, Indigenei...00000
ADHM 140Introduction to the Hospitality Industry00000
ANTH 494Individual Study00000
ADHM 775Research Methods in Merchandising00000
ANTH 680Development of Anthropological Theory00000
ABEN 479Fluid Power Systems Design00000
ARCH 271Architectural Design I00000
AGEC 246Introduction to Agricultural Finance00000
ARCH 443Architectural Structures II00000
ADHM 161Introduction to Manual Drafting00000
ARCH 474International Design Studio00000
AGEC 375Applied Agricultural Law00000
ARCH 771Advanced Architectural Design00000
ACCT 311Intermediate Accounting I00000
ART 120Painting I00000
AGEC 450National AgriMarketing Association (NAMA) I00000
ART 210Art History I00000
ADHM 251Interior Design Studio I-Residential00000
ART 330Drawing III00000
AGEC 646Agribusiness Finance00000
ART 450Baccalaureate Studio: Ceramics00000
ABEN 391Seminar00000
ART 790Seminar00000
AGEC 797Master's Paper00000
AS 410Leadership Laboratory00000
ADHM 272Product Development00000
ANSC 396Field Experience00000
ADHM 386Merchandise Planning and Buying00000
ANSC 444Livestock Muscle Physiology00000
ANSC 480Equine Industry and Production Systems00000
AHSS 188Cultural Diversity Scholars00000
ABEN 255Computer Aided Analysis & Design00000