NDSCS Course Reviews

North Dakota State College of Science

CIS 268Intermediate Networking II00000
CT 223Boundary Controls & Legal Principles00000
BCT 222Construction Safety00000
CIS 128IT Essentials I00000
BIOL 151LGeneral Biology II Lab00000
BADM 201Principles Of Marketing00000
COMM 110Fundamentals Of Public Speaking00000
ARCT 121Revit Architecture00000
BIOC 260*NElements of Biochemistry00000
ASC 60English Language & Grammar Skills00000
CHEM 241LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory00000
BIOL 226L*TCHuman A & P I Lab00000
AUTO 206Chassis Repair/Body Electrical00000
CIS 212Microsoft Windows Operating System Client00000
ANSC 123Feeds And Feeding00000
CMT 120Surveying Fundamentals00000
BCT 110Concrete And Sitework00000
CSCI 230Web Database I (ASP/PHP)00000
AGEC 244Introduction To Agricultural Marketing00000
CULA 202Short Order Cookery00000
ARCT 212Architectural Presentations00000
BIOL 150*NGeneral Biology I00000
AGEC 250Agribusiness Sales00000
BIOL 220LAnatomy & Physiology I Lab00000
ASC 88Composition Lab00000
CHEM 121*NGeneral Chemistry I00000
BUSN 170Entrepreneurship00000
AUTO 134Power Trains II00000
CIH 106Case IH Shop Service Management00000
AGRI 291Second Year Seminar00000
CIS 181Web Authoring Software00000
AUTO 285Light Duty Diesel00000
CIS 241IT Forensics I00000
ACCT 215Business In The Legal Environment00000
CIS 284Managing Network Security00000
BADM 251Personal Finance00000
CMT 165Residential Project Experience00000
ANSC 236Introduction to Range Management00000
CSCI 133Database Concepts I (SQL)00000
BCT 133Carpentry Fundamentals00000
CT 211Introduction to Geographic Information Systems00000
ABOD 202Frame/Body & Structural Repairs00000
CULA 102Food Preparation Laboratory00000
BCT 233Commercial Finishes00000
CULA 221Principles of Restaurant Management00000
AGEC 247Agricultural Land Resource Acquisition00000
BIOL 115LConcepts of Anatomy and Physiology Lab00000
ARCT 234Structural Steel Detailing I00000
BIOL 150General Biology I00000
ABOD 204Estimating & Job Costing00000
BIOL 220L*NA & P I Lab00000
ASC 84Critical Reading00000
BIOL 221*TCA & P II00000
AGRI 197Internship (Agriculture Department)00000
BOTE 108Business Mathematics00000
ASC 92Algebra Prep II00000
CHEM 116Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry00000
BUSN 297Internship00000
ATT 180*NPhotography I00000
CHEM 122General Chemistry II00000
AGRI 286Advanced Mapping00000
CHEM 341*NOrganic Chemistry I00000
AUTO 161Automotive Electronic Systems00000
CIH 260Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS)00000
ACCT 200Elements Of Accounting I00000
CIS 164Networking Fundamentals I00000
AUTO 219Advanced Engine Rebuilding00000
CIS 188Application Design00000
ANSC 116Animal Reproduction00000
CIS 220Operating Systems (Unix)00000
AUTO 297Cooperative Education00000
CIS 244Web Server Management00000
ABOD 200Mechanical/Electrical Components00000
CIS 280Fundamentals of Network Security I00000
BADM 234Customer Service00000
CJ 201Introduction To Criminal Justice00000
ANSC 224Applied Livestock Feeding00000
CMT 130Green Building Fundamentals00000
BADM 291Career Seminar00000
CMT 251Construction Documents and Specifications00000
AGEC 145Farm Records00000
COMM 216Intercultural Communication00000
BCT 130Wood Frame Construction00000
CSCI 160*NComputer Science00000
ARCT 102Architectural Drafting II00000
CT 122Surveying II00000
BCT 203Supervised Occupational Experience II00000
CT 215Land Use Planning and Development00000
ABOD 113Basic Auto Body Repair Techniques I00000
CT 262UAS and Remote Sensing00000
BCT 230Interior Finishing For Light Commercial Construction00000
CULA 120Menu Planning00000
ARCT 144Construction Estimating I00000
BCT 297Cooperative Education00000
ABOD 102Basic Auto Body Production Lab I00000
ABOD 117Refinishing Materials00000
ACCT 102Fundamentals of Accounting00000
AGRI 275Introduction To Precision Agriculture00000
AST 111Introduction to Data Science00000
CHEM 110*TCFundamentals of Concepts of Chemistry00000