NCSU Course Reviews

North Carolina State University

ECE 560Embedded System Architectures3332.52
MA 242Calculus III42331
ECE 563Microprocessor Architecture42551
CHE 205Chemical Process Principles42341
AEC 510Machine Learning Approaches in Biological Sciences00000
AFS 345Psychology and the African American Experience00000
ALS 103Freshman Transitions and Diversity in Agriculture & Life Sci...00000
ANS 206Anatomy of Domestic Animals Lab00000
ADN 411Art + Design Laboratory II00000
AEE 426Methods of Teaching Agriculture00000
ANS 330Laboratory Animal Science00000
AES 443Environmental Restoration Implementation00000
AEC 441Biology of Fishes00000
AFS 479Africa [sub-Saharan] in the Twentieth Century00000
ADN 272Introduction to Printing and Surface Design00000
ANS 103Beef Production00000
AEE 206Introduction to Teaching Agriculture00000
ANS 263Farrowing Management00000
ACC 540IT Risks and Controls00000
ADN 470Fibers and Surface Design Studio00000
ANS 440Animal Genetic Improvement00000
AEE 493Special Problems in Agriculture and Extension Education00000
AEE 522Occupational Experience in Agriculture00000
ACC 564Project Management and Process Documentation in Tax00000
ADN 494Internship in Art + Design00000
AEE 535Teaching Agriculture in Secondary Schools00000
AES 250Survey of Agricultural and Environmental Issues00000
AEC 295Special Topics in Applied Ecology00000
AFS 305Racial and Ethnic Relations00000
ADN 202Design Studio: Art & Design in Context00000
AFS 380Black Feminist Theory00000
AEC 493Internal Learning Experience in Applied Ecology00000
AGI 161Agricultural Operations00000
ACC 508Advanced Commercial Law00000
ALS 498Honors Research or Teaching I00000
AEC 624Advanced Fisheries Science00000
ANS 150Introduction to Animal Science00000
ADN 319Animation I00000
ANS 230Animal Nutrition00000
AEE 323Leadership Development in Agriculture and Life Sciences00000
ANS 271Swine Nutrition00000
ACC 330An Introduction To Income Taxation00000
ANS 404Dairy Cattle Management00000
AEE 435Professional Presentations in Agricultural Organizations00000
ANS 454Lactation, Milk and Nutrition00000
ACC 561Database Management in Tax00000
AEE 503Youth Program Management00000
ADN 480Intermediate Studio00000
AEE 526Information Technologies in Agricultural and Extension Educa...00000
ACC 420Cost Accounting for Effective Management00000
ADN 500Graduate Seminar I: Software, Platforms + Environments00000
AEE 560Organizational and Administrative Leadership in Agricultural...00000
AEE 578Scientific Inquiry in Agricultural and Extension Education00000
AEE 641Practicum In Agricultural and Extension Education00000
ACC 568Analysis of Unstructured Data in Tax00000
ADN 503Graduate Seminar in Art & Design00000
AEE 690Master's Examination00000
AEHS 500Supervised Professional Experience00000
ADN 688Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Time Regis...00000
AES 343Agricultural Electrification00000
ADN 112Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design00000
AFS 248Survey of African-American Literature00000
AEC 419Freshwater Ecology00000
AFS 344Leadership in African American Communities00000
ACC 495Special Topics in Accounting00000
AFS 372African-American History Through the Civil War, 1619-186500000
AEC 460Field Ecology and Methods00000
AFS 448African-American Literature00000
ADN 219Digital Imaging I00000
AGI 120Spanish For AG Stu00000
AEC 502Introduction to Biological Research00000
AGI 193AGI Special Problems and On-campus Learning00000
ACC 311Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
ALS 398Agriculture and Life Sciences Honors Seminar00000
AEC 570Urban Ecology00000
ANS 101Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Industries00000
ADN 281Drawing I00000
ANS 105Introduction to Companion Animal Science00000
AEC 761Conservation and Climate Science00000
ANS 201Techniques of Animal Care00000
ACC 520Advanced Management Accounting00000
ANS 220Reproductive Physiology00000
AEE 303Administration and Supervision of Student Organizations00000
ANS 240Livestock Merchandising00000
ADN 400Design Studio00000
ANS 266Swine Environment Management00000
AEE 327Conducting Summer Programs in Agricultural Education00000
ANS 303Principles of Equine Evaluation00000
ACC 200Introduction to Managerial Accounting00000
ANS 400Companion Animal Management00000
AEE 427Student Teaching in Agriculture00000
ANS 411Management of Growing and Performance Horses00000
ADN 418Contemporary Issues in Art and Design00000
AEE 695Master's Thesis Research00000
ADN 561Graduate Studio II: Exploring the HyperReal: Materiality, Re...00000
AEE 735Effective Teaching in Agriculture and Life Sciences00000
AEE 841Practicum in Agricultural and Extension Education00000
AEE 490Seminar in Agricultural and Extension Education00000
AA 503Analytics Methods and Applications II00000
ACC 230Individual Income Taxation00000