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NCSU Course Reviews

North Carolina State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECE 560Embedded System Architectures3332.52
ECE 563Microprocessor Architecture42551
CHE 205Chemical Process Principles42341
MA 242Calculus III42331
GC 3203D Spatial Relations24111
MSE 201Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials53551
ECE 577Switched Network Management42451
ANT 511Overview of Anthropological Theory00000
AES 332Management of Animal Environments00000
ARC 402Architectural Design: Advanced00000
ARC 590Special Topics in Architecture00000
ANT 370Introduction to Forensic Anthropology00000
AEE 685Master's Supervised Teaching00000
ARC 140Experiencing Architecture00000
ADN 688Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Time Regis...00000
ARC 523Building Energy Modeling and Simulation00000
AFS 380Black Feminist Theory00000
ADN 226Sequential Imaging00000
ARE 270Principles of Agribusiness Entrepreneurship00000
AEC 519Freshwater Ecology00000
ALS 303Transfer Transitions and Diversity in Agriculture & Life Sci...00000
ARE 425Contracts and Organizations in Agriculture00000
ARS 498Independent Study in Arts Studies00000
AEE 103Fundamentals of Agricultural and Extension Education00000
ANS 221Reproductive Physiology Lab00000
ANS 266Swine Environment Management00000
ANT 254Language and Culture00000
AEE 550Leadership Theory00000
ANT 433Anthropology of Ecotourism and Heritage Conservation00000
ADN 502Advanced Visual Laboratory00000
ANT 585Skeletal Biology in Anthropology00000
AEE 820Special Problems in Agricultural and Extension Education00000
ARC 250Fundamentals of Architectural Visualization00000
ACC 588Special Topics in Accounting00000
ARC 450Architectural Drawing00000
AFS 342Introduction to the African Diaspora00000
ARC 545Methods of Interpretation in Architectural History00000
AEC 450Conservation Genetics00000
ARE 115Agribusiness Accounting00000
AGI 160Computer Applications for Agricultural Operations00000
ARE 321Agricultural Financial Management00000
ACC 460Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting00000
ARE 590Special Topics in ARE00000
ANS 110Introduction to Equine Science00000
AS 221Team and Leadership Fundamentals I00000
ADN 292Special Topics in Design00000
ANS 240Livestock Merchandising00000
AEE 322Experiential Learning in Agriculture00000
ACC 510Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ANS 290Professional Development for Animal Science Careers00000
ADN 400Design Studio00000
AEE 327Conducting Summer Programs in Agricultural Education00000
ANS 324Milk and Dairy Products00000
ANS 408Small Ruminant Management00000
AEE 426Methods of Teaching Agriculture00000
ANS 452Comparative Reproductive Physiology and Biotechnology00000
ANS 493Research Experience in the Animal Sciences00000
ANS 895Doctoral Dissertation Research00000
AEE 529Curriculum Development in Agricultural and Extension Educati...00000
ANT 325Andean South America00000
ADN 494Internship in Art + Design00000
ANT 412Applied Anthropology00000
AEE 577Evaluation in Agricultural and Extension Education00000
ANT 495Special Topics in Anthropology00000
ACC 563Forecasting Effective Tax Rates and Scenario Analysis - Adva...00000
ANT 550Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Living00000
AEE 699Master's Thesis Preparation00000
ANT 695Masters Research00000
ADN 570Graduate Studio III: Final Project Definition00000
ARC 202Architectural Design: Form00000
AEE 899Doctoral Dissertation Preparation00000
ARC 301Architectural Design: Tectonics00000
ACC 440Enterprise Resource Planning Systems00000
ARC 414Environmental Control Systems00000
AFS 241Introduction to African American Studies00000
ARC 501Professional Architecture Studio I00000
AEC 400Applied Ecology00000
ARC 536Materials for Design00000
AFS 346Black Popular Culture00000
ARC 581Project Preparation Seminar00000
ADN 200A Survey of Design Studies00000
ARC 697Final Project Research in Architecture00000
AFS 475History of the Republic of South Africa00000
ARE 141Personal Financial Management00000
AEC 493Internal Learning Experience in Applied Ecology00000
ARE 304Agribusiness Management00000
AGI 192AGI External Learning Experience00000
ARE 332Human Resource Management for Agribusiness00000
ACC 210Concepts of Financial Reporting00000
ARE 470Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Clinical Skills Development00000
ALS 602Preparing for a Career in Agriculture and the Life Sciences00000
ARS 351Arts, Ideas and Values00000
AEC 592Special Topics in Applied Ecology00000
ADN 423Digital Modeling00000
AEE 478Advanced Issues in Extension Education00000
ANS 553Physiology and Genetics of Growth and Development00000
ANS 601Animal Science Seminar00000
AEE 500Agricultural Education, Schools and Society00000
ANS 690Master's Exam00000
ANS 702Reproductive Physiology of Mammals00000