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NCCU Course Reviews

North Carolina Central University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENSC 1000Intro to Sustainable Planet44331
MSCM 1250Elements of Speech44351
HIST 2220US History since 186535221
HEDU 1551Health & Physical Fitness (for Early College)34321
ENG 1110English Composition I44441
PSY 2100General Psychology35321
CHEM 1000Physical Science Related to Ch42331
MATH 1100College Algebra and Trig I54441
UNIV 1101First Year Seminar-ECHS 9th Gr33221
PHRD 8000Pharmacology00000
PADG 5201Strategic Planning and Management of Nonprofit Organization00000
PHRG 5240Assay Technologies00000
PETE 3750Team Sports I00000
PADG 5000EMPA Professional Skills Lab I00000
PHRG 5160Physical Biochemistry00000
NSCG 5610Nutr Therapy & Disease State00000
PHRG 5800Research in Pharmaceutical Sci00000
PADG 5420Administrative Law00000
PHRM 1120BRITE Sem 2: FDA Regulations00000
PHRM 2130Pharmacology00000
MUSL 3850The Black Composer00000
NURS 2006Foundation Lab00000
PEDG 5010Adv Org & Adm of Phy Ed & Recr00000
PHRM 4010Spec Topics:Agriculture Techno00000
PHRM 4111Bioprocess & Cell Culture Lab00000
NURS 3462Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurs00000
PEDU 1020Bowling00000
PEDU 4600Methods and Materials in Secon00000
NUTR 4440Community Nutrition00000
PETE 4800Independent Study in Phys Ed00000
MUSL 5300Technology in Music00000
PHRG 5110Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing00000
PADG 5120Personnel Management00000
PHRG 5190Plant-based Pharmaceuticals00000
MUSL 3500Woodwind Class00000
PHRG 5270Pharmaceutical Tech Writing00000
PADG 5330Compensation Policy & Manageme00000
PHRM 1000Human Anatomy & Physiology00000
NSCG 5840Weight Mngt, Obesity & Diabete00000
PHRM 2110BRITE Sem 3:Good Manuf Prac I00000
PADG 5610Public Administration Research00000
PHRM 3120BRITE Semi 6: Tmwrk Dynamics00000
MUSL 1700Class Guitar (Global Section)00000
PHRM 4100Immunology & Virology00000
PEDG 5180Legal Issues in Athletic Admin00000
PHRM 4120Assay Design00000
MUSL 3870Production I00000
PEDU 1080Rhythmic Aerobics/Aerobic Trai00000
NURS 4000Leadership and Management00000
PEDU 1120Volleyball/Badminton00000
PEDU 1541Fitness00000
MUSL 2210Music Theory III00000
MUSL 3930Independent Study00000
NURS 4005Nursing Informatics OL00000
PEDU 2010Structure and Function of Musc00000
PEDU 2075Prin of Strength & Condition00000
NURS 4202Nursing Care of Older Adult00000
PEDU 2200Practicum in Exercise Science00000
PEDU 4304Athletic Training Field Experience II PEDU 4304-0100000
NUTR 1000Food, Culture & Society00000
PEDU 4800Independent Study in Physical00000
MUSL 4900Seminar in the Music Industry00000
PETE 4400Meth/Mat Elem PE00000
NUTR 4630Clinical Nutrition II00000
PHIL 2000Critical Thinking00000
MUSL 3110Ear Training and Sight Singing III00000
PHRD 8250Adv Concepts in Metabo Disease00000
PADG 5031Public Transportation Service Management00000
PHRG 5140Advanced Meth in Protein Chemi00000
MUSL 5900Research Seminar00000
PHRG 5170Bioinformatics: Protein Struc00000
PADG 5160Comparative Public Administrat00000
PHRG 5200Cloning and Expression00000
MUSL 1590Percussion Ensemble00000
PHRG 5250Metabolic Diseases00000
PADG 5240Economic Conseq of Policy Anal00000
PHRG 5700Non-Thesis Graduate Project00000
NSCG 5740Pediatric Nutrition00000
PHRG 5900Thesis in Pharmaceutical Scien00000
PADG 5380Philosophy & Prin of Pub Healt00000
PHRM 1110BRITE Sem 1:Ovrvw of Drug Ind00000
MUSL 3600Percussion Class00000
PHRM 1140Intr to Pharmaceutical Science00000
PADG 5520Minority Public Administrators00000
PHRM 2120BRITE Sem 4:Good Manuf Prac II00000
NSCG 5930Applied Medical Nutrition Therapy00000
PHRM 3110BRITE Sem 5:Intellectual Property & Patent Law00000
PADG 5670Adminis Leadership and Ethics00000
PHRM 3500Pharmaceutical Data Sciences00000
MUSL 1520University Choir Non Major00000
PHRM 4020Spec Topics: Mamm Cell Gen Sci00000
PEDG 5130Facilities Management00000
PHRM 4110Bioprocess & Cell Culture00000
NURS 2030Med Terminolog: A Sys Approach00000
PEDU 3201Orthopedic Assessment I00000
MUSL 4600Sem in Contemp Music (Jazz Maj00000
NURS 4472Synthesis of Nurs Concepts I00000
PEDU 3230Therapeutic Modalities00000
PEDU 3302Practicum III in Athletic Trai00000
NURS 4520Introduction to Professional00000