NCCU Course Reviews

North Carolina Central University

HEDU 1551Health & Physical Fitness (for Early College)34321
MATH 1100College Algebra and Trig I54441
MSCM 1250Elements of Speech44351
CHEM 1000Physical Science Related to Ch42331
ENG 1110English Composition I44441
UNIV 1101First Year Seminar-ECHS 9th Gr33221
ENSC 1000Intro to Sustainable Planet44331
PSY 2100General Psychology35321
HIST 2220US History since 186535221
BSS 3700Intro to Research00000
ARTV 4150Web Design00000
CHEG 5350Computational Science00000
BIOL 4620Bioethics00000
ARTV 3150Computer Graphics II00000
CHEG 5000Advanced Biochemistry00000
ART 1000Intro to the Study of Art00000
CHEM 4010Physical Chemistry I00000
BIOD 8060Fundamental Neuroscience00000
CHEM 4800Intro. to Chem Res Lit (WI)00000
CIS 2500Info Tech & System00000
APPL 0031Applied Voice Secondary00000
ART 3200African-American Art History00000
BIOG 5310Cell Biology00000
CIS 4860Professional Certification00000
CLTX 3020Apparel Design I00000
ARTF 2120Drawing II00000
BIOG 5820Research Laboratory Rotations00000
BIOL 4350Cancer Biology00000
ARTV 2120Character Development00000
BLAW 3120Legal Environment of Bus II00000
APPL 0661Applied Strings Primary00000
CEMA 3425Linear Algebra with Applications to Engineering00000
ARTV 3830Typography II00000
CHEG 5130Fund of Separation Science00000
AERO 3150Air Force Leadership and Manag00000
CHEM 3120Organic Chemistry II00000
ARTV 48852D Amination 200000
CHEM 4500Biochemistry00000
ART 2020Medieval Art00000
CIS 1100Business Computer Applications00000
BIOG 5000Graduate Biochemsitry00000
CIS 3600Managed Internship/Co-op00000
ACCT 4400Federal and State Income Taxes00000
CLTX 2410Apparel Construction and Mgmt00000
BIOG 5610Virology00000
CLTX 3820Fashion Buying00000
APPL 0174Applied Stringed Bass Secondar00000
BIOL 1000Heredity and Society00000
ARTF 2310Color and Design00000
BIOL 1201Prin of Biol:Organisms & Diver00000
BIOL 1300Molecules and Cell Function00000
ACCT 5015Esntls of Fin & Man Acct (MBA)00000
APPL 0511Applied Piano Primary00000
ARTF 3100Figure Drawing III00000
BIOL 1620Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
BIOL 2030Drosophila Behav Genet (Honors00000
ARTF 3210Painting I00000
BIOL 2200Molecular Biology of Cells I00000
BIOL 4310Advanced Human Anatomy00000
ARTF 4320Printmaking II00000
BIOL 4450Senior Research Project00000
APPL 0621Applied Saxophone Primary00000
BIOL 4930Scientific Writing00000
ARTV 2270Introduction to Game Development00000
BRIT 4020Microbial and Protein Sciences00000
AERO 2120The Evolution of US Air and Sp00000
CEMA 2500Progrm Tools for Stat Computng00000
ARTV 3810Advertising Design00000
CEMA 4760Introd to Machine Learning00000
APPL 0691Applied Guitar Primary00000
CHEG 5020Organometallic Chemistry00000
ARTV 3860Illustration II00000
CHEG 5210Prin Pharm.,Tox & Drug Dev00000
ACCT 4300Advanced Accounting00000
CHEG 5700Research00000
ARTV 4840Visual Communications Seminar00000
CHEM 3200Inorganic Chemistry00000
ART 1500Survey of the History of Art00000
CHEM 4400Instrumental Analysis00000
BIOD 8020Advanced Integrated Genetics00000
CHEM 4520Biochemistry Laboratory00000
AERO 4150Defense Studies II00000
CHEM 4920Senior Honors Seminar00000
BIOD 8080Advanced Physiology00000
CIS 2100Business Programming II00000
ART 3010Renaissance Art00000
CIS 3440Database Management Systems00000
BIOG 5120Genetics00000
CIS 4400Bus Process Mgmt & Six Sigma00000
ACCT 3300Computer Appl in Acct & Fin00000
CIS 5620Project Management00000
BIOG 5410Selected Topics in Bioinformat00000
CLTX 2430Apparel Alterations00000
ARTF 1500Survey of Art00000
BIOL 2510Microbes & Disease(non-majors)00000
APPL 0541Applied Trumpet Primary00000
ARTF 3410Ceramics I00000
BIOL 2700Environmental Problems00000
BIOL 3200General Microbiology00000
ARTF 3510Sculpture I00000