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NCC Course Reviews

Nassau Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CMP 100Computing Technology in Today's Society00000
CRJ 203Police and the Community00000
ART 231Digital Photography III00000
CET 232Route Surveying00000
BIO 109General Biology I00000
ART 124History of Photography00000
COM 170Radio Production00000
AHS 211Clinical Internship II00000
ASL 252American Sign Language III00000
AHS 234Kinesiology00000
CET 103Introductory Civil Engineering Technology00000
BIO 165Natural History of Long Island00000
ART 109Printmaking I00000
CHE 132College Chemistry II00000
AHS 168Introduction to Treatment Planning00000
COM 107Film Production I00000
ART 159Photography I00000
COM 295Independent Study-Communications00000
AHS 123Surgical Technology III00000
CSC 130Computer Science II00000
AHS 218Respiratory Care IV Lab00000
BEP 091Basic Education English00000
AHS 132Anatomy and Physiology II00000
BIO 119Oceanology00000
AHS 243Radiologic Technology II Laboratory/ Clinic00000
BUS 118Franchising Management00000
BIO 214Microbiology00000
ART 102Art History (Renaissance)00000
CET 218Statics of Structure00000
AHS 155Physical Therapist Assistant V00000
CHE 107Introduction to Chemistry00000
ART 115Painting I00000
CHE 201Organic Chemistry I00000
AHS 116Respiratory Care I Lab00000
CMP 294Cooperative Education Internship00000
ART 136Fashion Art Techniques I00000
COM 113Documentary Media00000
AHS 203Clinical Pathology00000
COM 209Introduction to Speech and Hearing Therapy00000
ART 222Ceramics II00000
CRJ 111Probation and Parole I00000
AFR 200History of the Black Woman00000
CRJ 227Constitutional Law00000
ART 249Web Design II00000
CSC 230Data Structures00000
AHS 131Anatomy and Physiology I00000
AST 101Exploring the Solar System00000
AHS 220Respiratory Care IV Clinical00000
BIO 103Ecology00000
AHS 100CPR and Basic Cardiac Life Support00000
BIO 115Human BioNutrition00000
AHS 241Radiologic Technology I Laboratory/ Clinic00000
BIO 125Introduction to Marine Science00000
AHS 134Applied Radiation Physics I00000
BIO 202Physiology00000
AHS 246Radiologic Technology IV Laboratory/ Clinic00000
BUS 114Introduction to International Business00000
BIO 222Scanning Electron Microscopy00000
AHS 262Radiation Therapy Clinic I00000
BUS 120Management in Health Systems00000
AHS 151Physical Therapist Assistant I00000
CET 150Blueprint Reading00000
ART 105Principles of 2-Dimensional Design00000
CET 223Structural Steel Design00000
AHS 111Respiratory Care I Lecture00000
CET 256Construction Contracts and Specifications00000
ART 112Drawing II00000
CHE 109Contemporary Topics in Chemistry00000
AHS 156Physical Therapist Assistant VI00000
CHE 152General Chemistry II00000
ART 118Figure Drawing I00000
CHI 101Beginning Chinese I00000
AFR 170Black Social Philosophy00000
CMP 105Electronic Spreadsheets00000
ART 131Digital Imaging00000
COM 103Public Speaking00000
AHS 181Radiology and Topographic Anatomy00000
COM 110Understanding Mass Media00000
ART 140Graphic Design II00000
COM 124Communication for Business and the Professions00000
AHS 121Surgical Technology I00000
COM 201Voice and Diction00000
ART 201Ancient Through Medieval Art00000
COM 220Communication and Language00000
AHS 209Clinical Applications of Medical Laboratory Science00000
CRJ 106Understanding Criminal Behavior00000
ART 228Documentary Photography00000
CRJ 201Criminal Investigation00000
AFR 131African American Literature II00000
CRJ 216Investigation Interviewing and Counseling00000
ART 237Digital Video and Visual Effects00000
CRXS 1XXCross Registered Course SUNY00000
AHS 216Respiratory Care III Lecture00000
ASL 152American Sign Language I00000
ACC 206Payroll Systems and New York State Taxes00000
AFR 143History of Contemporary Africa00000
AHS 103Fundamentals of Pharmacology00000
AHS 135Applied Radiation Physics II00000
AHS 248Radiologic Technology V Laboratory/ Clinic00000
BUS 110Introduction to Business00000