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NAU Course Reviews

Northern Arizona University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MAT 136Calculus I42.533.52
CS 249Data Structures51551
MAT 121Finite Mathematics With Calculus42341
AS 201Air Power History I00000
ART 281Sculpture II00000
ANT 580Medical Anthropology00000
ANT 250Doing Archaeology00000
AST 180HIntroduction To Astronomy - Honors00000
APMS 601Condensed Matter Of Physics Of Materials00000
AST 520Astroinformatics: Big Data In Astronomy00000
APMS 621Graduate Quantum Mechanics00000
ART 143Introduction To Handmade Books00000
ANT 514Text, Talk And Image Lab00000
ART 461Ceramics IV00000
AIS 590Indigenous Nation Building: Theory Into Practice00000
AS 302LAerospace Studies Leadership Lab00000
ANT 685Graduate Research00000
AST 390Astrophysics: The Solar System00000
ADV 411CAdvertising Campaigns00000
AST 799Dissertation00000
ANT 281Health Disparities, Violence, And U. S. Cultural Diversity00000
AIS 232Museums And American Indians: Collecting, Displaying, And Re...00000
ARB 202Second Year Arabic00000
ANT 309WHCultural Anthropology - Honors00000
ARE 421Concepts, Strategies, And Assessments For The Elementary Sch...00000
ARE 589Content Enhancement For Teachers00000
ART 100Art Appreciation00000
ANT 465HIndigenous Perspectives In Anthropology - Honors00000
ART 235Figure Drawing I00000
AIS 408Fieldwork Experience00000
ART 378New Media: Art In The Age Of Anthropocene00000
ANT 537International Heritage Management00000
ART 497HIndependent Study - Honors00000
ADV 207Introduction To Advertising00000
AS 253Air Force Physical Training Course III00000
ANT 606Anthropology Writing Seminar00000
AS 421LAerospace Studies Leadership Lab00000
ANT 109Anthropology Of Sports00000
AST 190The Planets00000
APMS 571Quantum Mechanics00000
AST 460Planetary Gemorphology00000
ACC 480Auditing00000
AST 590Physics Of The Solar System00000
APMS 611Thermodynamics Of Disparate Materials00000
AT 501Clinical Education I00000
AIS 201American Indian Expression00000
ARB 101First Year Arabic00000
ANT 306Peoples Of The Southwest00000
ARE 308Teaching Practicum00000
ACC 580Advanced Auditing00000
ARE 485Undergraduate Research00000
ANT 350Ancient Civilizations: The Roots Of Cultural Diversity00000
AIS 290Foundations Of Indigenous Environmental Justice: Law, Policy...00000
ARH 143Introduction To The Arts Of Asia00000
ANT 377Anthropology Of Race: Human Physical Variation And Its Cultu...00000
ARH 220HFeminism And Visual Culture - Honors00000
ARH 270Arts Of Japan: Tradition And Modernity00000
ARH 485Undergraduate Research00000
ANT 430Forensic Archaeology: Methods, Concepts And Crime Scene Prot...00000
ART 135Drawing Fundamentals I00000
AIS 390Indigenous Knowledge00000
ART 174New Media Foundations00000
ANT 497Independent Study00000
ART 261Ceramics II00000
ACM 355Topics In Arts And Cultural Management00000
ART 358Site-Specific, Place-Based Installation Art00000
ANT 522Research Ethics In Cross-Cultural And International Contexts00000
ART 408Fieldwork Experience00000
AIS 480Federal Indian Law And Policy00000
ART 482CStudio Exhibition00000
ANT 556Anthropology Of Gender00000
AS 101LAerospace Studies Leadership Lab00000
BIO 459Success in Environmental Health Research Part 200000
AS 202LAerospace Studies Leadership Lab00000
ANT 599Contemporary Developments00000
AS 256Air Force Physical Training Course Vi00000
ANT 102HExploring Cultures - Honors00000
AS 402LAerospace Studies Leadership Lab00000
ANT 623Space, Place, And Health00000
ASN 497Independent Study00000
ADV 309Advanced Advertising Development00000
AST 181Introduction To Observational Astronomy00000
ANT 699Thesis00000
AST 210Celebrating Diversity In Astronomy00000
ANT 206Ancient North Americans: The Prehistoric Legacy00000
AST 401LObservational Astronomy Lab00000
APMS 593Workshop00000
AST 496CCapstone Experience In Astronomy00000
CCJ 497Independent Study00000
AST 570Astrochemistry00000
APMS 607Directed Readings00000
AST 599Contemporary Developments00000
ANT 271Human Biological Variation00000
ANT 407CHApplying Anthropology - Honors00000
ARH 341Greek Art00000
ARH 346Baroque And Rococo Art00000
APMS 618Supramolecular Materials Chemistry00000
BIO 590Fundamentals of Bioinformatics00000
CYB 486CCapstone Experience00000
ACM 210Introduction To Arts And Cultural Management00000