MXC Course Reviews

Malcolm X College

AUTOTEC 204Electrical Systems II00000
BUSINES 217Nonprofit Accounting00000
ABEGED 921GED Math Advanced Level00000
ART 166-1Oil Painting Techniques00000
ADLTLANG 1401Conversational Spanish00000
ABEGED 480ABE Constitution Course00000
BIOLOGY 240Vertebrate Embryology00000
340MFGT 139Print Requirements-Quality Assurance00000
ADLTART 1004Beginning Photography00000
340MFGT 295Electrical Motor Controls00000
ART 113Beginning Digital Photography00000
AIRCON 106Sheet Metal I00000
ABEGED 264High Intermediate ABE Math 7CH00000
AUTOTEC 101Intro To Automotive Techn00000
332TECH 583Basic Hand Tools00000
BIOLOGY 114General Education Biology00000
ABEGED 841GED Writing Adv Level00000
BR175 130TDL Bridge Language Arts II00000
332TECH 436Plumbing Codes00000
BUSINES 250Computerized Accounting Systems00000
340MFGT 152Intermediate Welding00000
ADLTDAN 1108Line Dancing00000
332TECH 449Professional Development00000
ADLTMUS 1509Adult Piano—Level II00000
ABEGED 123ABE Math Beginning Level00000
ARCHITC 171Digital Lab II00000
AIRCON 160Intro to Principles of Heating00000
ABEGED 235-3Low ASE General Studies-Spanish00000
ART 131-2General Drawing00000
332TECH 509-3Intro To Basic Arc Welding00000
ART 200-LArt Projects: Figure Drawing00000
ABEGED 423ABE Math Intermediate Level00000
AUTOTEC 106Fuel Systems00000
332TECH 427-1Masonry Tools & Equipment00000
AUTOTEC 212Manual Drive Train & Axles00000
ABEGED 810GED Reading Adv Level Sp00000
BIOLOGY 122Biology II00000
334HLTH 130Mental Health Issues00000
BR175 113Healthcare Bridge Transition Hi ASE Math00000
ABEGED 895Basic Skll Gen Adv Lvl Sp00000
BUSINES 207Intermediate Accounting II00000
330CUL 709Advanced Garde Manger00000
BUSINES 227Elder Law00000
ABEGED 985GED Constitution Course00000
BUSINES 269Principles Of Management00000
332TECH 440Introduction to Construction Masonry00000
ADLTART 1022Community Creative Clay00000
340MFGT 255Industrial Hydraulics00000
ADLTEST 4175National Paramedic Psychomotor Skills Validation (MXC-STUDEN...00000
330CUL 728Restaurant Service00000
ADLTLANG 1429American Sign Language III00000
ABEGED 104ABE Reading Beg. Level00000
AIRCON 102Intro Air Conditioning II00000
332TECH 453-1Overhead Techniques & Projects I00000
AIRCON 150Intro To Refrigeration00000
ABEGED 144ABE Writing Int Level00000
ARCHITC 121Basic Design Studio00000
ANTHRO 206Introduction to Archaeology00000
ABEGED 234-2ABE Career Assessment & Exp00000
ARCHITC 220Portfolio Development00000
332TECH 503Gas Utility Training I00000
ART 117Beginning Color Photography00000
ABEGED 250Constitution ASE-Spanish00000
ART 143-1Advanced Figure Drawing00000
330TRNS 116Diesel Brakes00000
ART 196-4Ceramics00000
ABEGED 404ABE Rdng Intermediate Level00000
ART 200-9Art Projects: Computer Art/Application00000
332TECH 526Welding Mathematics I00000
AUTOTEC 104Electrical Systems & Power Accessories00000
ABEGED 443ABE Wrtg Intermediate Level00000
AUTOTEC 119Automotive Body Detailing00000
330CUL 703Food Sanitation & Safety I00000
AUTOTEC 207Transmission Transaxle & Dr00000
ABEGED 504Intermediate Supplemental Reading II00000
BIOLOGY 103Biology Of Human Sexuality00000
334HLTH 121Introduction to Community Health Work00000
BIOLOGY 120Terminology For Medical Careers00000
ABEGED 821GED Math Advance Level00000
BIOLOGY 205Pathophysiology00000
332TECH 432Basic Arc Welding00000
BR175 109Healthcare Bridge High Intermediate Math00000
ABEGED 871GED Bsc Gen Adv Lvl Sp00000
BR175 122Transition Language Arts for Manufacturing00000
340MFGT 112-1Machining Processes II00000
BR175 163Healthcare Bridge Intermediate Math00000
ABEGED 900GED Reading Advanced Level00000
BUSINES 213Data Visualization and Presentation for Business00000
330BKPS 770Basic and Classical Cakes00000
BUSINES 223Tort Law00000
ABEGED 941GED Writing Adv Level00000
BUSINES 238Legal Ethics for the Paralegal00000
340MFGT 144Wire Electrical Discharge Machining00000
ABEGED 1840I-Pathways00000
330BKPS 767Baking Techniques00000
330BKPS 777Chocolate and Confections00000
330TRNS 113Introduction to Diesel Engine Construction00000
332TECH 462Vocational Physical Training II00000
ABEGED 159Low ASE Language Arts 7CH00000
ARCHITC 104History Of Architecture I00000