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MUW Course Reviews

Mississippi University for Women

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HED 317Sexuality in American History00000
KIN 371Motor Development/Learning00000
EN 312Creative Writing00000
FSC 336Basic Helping Skills00000
EN 548Early Women Writers00000
ED 407Observ/Dir Teach (K-12)00000
HIS 300Genocide Studies00000
BSM 131LGeneral Microbiology Lab00000
EN 474Early British Gothic Lit00000
CA 362Bus Law Culinary Man/Cancel00000
FS 337Guid Parents & Young Children00000
FLL 101Elementary Latin I00000
ED 304Prin of Early Chldhd Lrning00000
GS 400General Studies Seminar00000
BSB 313Mtds/Mat Tch Sci in Sec School00000
HED 514Introduction to Epidemiology00000
ED 640Ldrshp Through School Mgmt00000
HIS 499History Capstone00000
ART 479Advanced Painting00000
MA 181Calculus I00000
BU 399ST: TWC Seminar00000
EN 514Graduate Nonfiction Workshop00000
AS 302Air Force Ldrsp Studies II00000
ENT 501Entrepreneurship00000
COM 102Intro to Mass Communication00000
FPA 300Fine Arts in Education/Cancel00000
FLS 203Inten Interm Spanish III & IV00000
DEC 200Science of Decision-Making00000
FSC 225Management of Family Resources00000
BSB 201Humans:Origins and Ecology00000
FSC 497Pre-Internship Orientation00000
ED 351Educational Measurement00000
HED 301Aging and Public Health00000
ART 362Graphic Design II00000
HED 384Eating Disorders/Body Image PH00000
ED 538Understanding Ind Lrng Diff00000
HED 598Internship in Health Educ00000
BSB 446LEvolutionary Biology Lab00000
HIS 331Medieval Christianity00000
EN 270Studies in Popular Culture00000
KIN 210Foundations of Kinesiology00000
ART 240Intro to Art Education00000
LIB 201Intro to Digital Research00000
EN 380Native Amer Lit & Religions00000
MA 310Probability00000
AS 102Found of the US Air Force II00000
EN 499English Capstone Course00000
CA 200Intro to Culinary Arts00000
EN 531Forms in Poetry II00000
ART 300Seminar: Process to Synthesis00000
EN 582Southern Drama00000
CA 401World Cuisines (with lab)00000
FIN 355Business Finance00000
BQA 345Adv Stat Analysis for Business00000
FLM 301ST Directors:Christopher Nolan00000
COM 250Newsgathering00000
FN 226Nutrition-Culinary Professionl00000
FLS 306Cultures & Civiliz of Latin Am00000
COM 431Video Production00000
FS 290Intro to Research00000
BSB 142LHum Anatomy-Physiology Lab II00000
FS 465Program Planning & Evaluation00000
EC 202Principles of Economics II00000
FSC 299ST: Consumer Economics00000
ART 335Metal Arts II00000
FSC 401EFamilies & Public Policy00000
ED 312Tchng Science in Elem &Mid Sch00000
GEO 306Geography of the Muslim World00000
BSB 252Zoology00000
HED 240Introduction to Public Health00000
ED 365Content Area Reading00000
HED 311Sexual Health Education00000
ART 200Foundation Portfolio Review00000
HED 327Global Child Advocacy Issues00000
ED 517Meth/Mat & Resc Teach Gifted00000
HED 511Research Meth in Health Ed00000
BSB 351Plant Physiology-Biotechnology00000
HED 525Gender Issues in Health00000
ED 592Capstone in Differentiated Ins00000
HIS 110US History 1877 to Present00000
ART 420Advanced Photography00000
HIS 318Museum Studies00000
EN 201Surv of Early English Lit00000
HIS 382U.S. as World Power Since 189800000
BSB 461LProteinMisfold-HumDisease Lab00000
IS 101Law School Preparation00000
EN 303Shakespeare00000
KIN 316Practicum in Health & Kinesiol00000
ACC 465Managerial Accounting00000
KIN 416Intern App Health Pop00000
EN 342Second Language Acquisition00000
MA 111Modern Elem Math I00000
BSM 456LPathogenic Microbiology Lab00000
EN 419Senior Portfolio00000
ACC 316Cost Accounting II00000
ART 104Design II: Color Theory00000
ART 320Photography II00000
BSB 109Introductory Biology00000
COM 307Advanced Writing for the Media00000
FLS 384CivilizationsCulturesLatinAmer00000