MUW Course Reviews

Mississippi University for Women

COM 210Advertising00000
ED 365Content Area Reading00000
BSB 252Zoology00000
CA 300Food Preparation I w/lab00000
BSB 351LPlant Physiology Lab00000
BSB 109LIntroductory Biology Lab00000
ED 299Special Topics in Education00000
ART 338Sculpture00000
BSB 313Mtds/Mat Tch Sci in Sec School00000
ART 389Printmaking II00000
BU 303Rib/Cancel00000
BSB 459Histology00000
AS 401Nat'l Sec Aff/Prep Act Duty I00000
CA 401World Cuisines (with lab)00000
ART 31019th Cent European Art History00000
COM 454Special Problems in COM/FLM00000
BSB 152LGeneral Biology II Lab00000
ED 312Tchng Science in Elem &Mid Sch00000
ART 200Foundation Portfolio Review00000
ED 500Educational Research00000
ART 361The History of Graphic Design00000
BSB 332LCellular/Molecular Biology Lab00000
ART 220Photography I00000
BSB 410LGeneral Ecology Lab00000
ART 452Internship00000
BSM 342Food Microbiology00000
BSB 467LBiochemistry Lab00000
AS 201Evol of USAF Air/Space Power I00000
BU 496Capstone Portfolio in Business00000
ART 282Printmaking: Relief I00000
CA 363Service Design & Management00000
BSB 101General Biology I00000
COM 102Intro to Mass Communication00000
ART 105Drawing I00000
COM 320Mass Communication & Society00000
BSB 142LHum Anatomy-Physiology Lab II00000
EC 202Principles of Economics II00000
ART 320Photography II00000
ED 305Tching Math- Elem & Mid School00000
BSB 230LGeneral Genetics Lab00000
ED 351Educational Measurement00000
ACC 408Advanced Accounting II00000
ED 407Observ/Dir Teach (K-12)00000
BSB 304Research Methods00000
ED 520Foundations of Education00000
ART 211Art History Survey I00000
BSB 322LAnimal Phys Lab00000
ART 375Acrylic Painting00000
BSB 346Evolutionary Biology00000
ACC 412Auditing00000
BSB 408Animal Behavior00000
ART 405Advanced Figure Drawing00000
BSB 446Evolutionary Biology00000
ART 235Metal Arts I/Canceled00000
BSB 461Protein Misfolding&HumanDiseas;00000
ART 489Advanced Printmaking00000
BSM 340LMicrobiology for Majors Lab00000
BSB 485ST: Economic Biology00000
AS 102Found of the US Air Force II00000
BSM 456LPathogenic Microbiology Lab00000
ART 270Watercolor Painting I00000
BU 399ST: TWC Seminar00000
AS 302LLaboratory00000
CA 199ST: ServSafe Alcohol00000
ART 102Art Appreciation00000
CA 315Demonstration Techniques00000
BQA 170Statistical Analysis for Bus00000
CA 375Advanced Baking (with lab)00000
ART 305Figure Drawing II00000
CA 460Sem Culinary Entrepreneurship00000
BSB 102General Biology II00000
COM 200Writing for the Media00000
ACC 406Accounting Info. Systems00000
COM 303Images of Women in Film00000
BSB 141Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
COM 400Practicum00000
ART 316American Art00000
COM 499ST: PR Storytelling00000
BSB 151General Biology I00000
ED 206Creative & Analytic/Cancel00000
ART 195Computers in Art00000
ED 302Art and Science of Teaching00000
BSB 201Humans:Origins and Ecology00000
ED 309Mathematics in K-300000
ART 330Ceramics II00000
ED 320Dev Appr M&M Early Chldhd Ed00000
BSB 251LGeneral Botany Lab00000
ED 360Educational Psychology00000
ACC 311Intermediate Accounting II00000
ED 401Classroom Management00000
BSB 303Comparative Anatomy00000
ED 451Manage Instruct Environment00000
ART 360Illustration II00000
BSB 310General Ecology00000
ACC 211Principles of Accounting I00000
ACC 316Cost Accounting II00000
ACC 499Independent Projects in Acctg00000
ART 261Typography00000
ART 499Concept-Exhibition:Sr Seminar00000
BSM 131General Microbiology00000