MU Course Reviews

Millersville University

BIOL 211Concepts of Zoology312.522
ART 353Watercolor 143441
HIST 283Colonial Latin America52541
BUAD 341Managerial Finance 132341
BUAD 202Legal Environment of Business53551
MATH 130Elements of Statistics 133111
MATH 160Precalculus11111
INTL 201Intro to International Studies45431
ENGL 110English Composition43341
BIOL 417Parasitology: Lecture00000
ART 355Watercolor 200000
BIOL 667Human Genetics:Analysis/Apps00000
BIOL 344Population Community Ecology00000
ART 302The Italian Renaissance00000
BIOL 467Human Genetics:Analysis/Apps00000
AENG 448Machine Tool Design00000
BUAD 302Organzations and Transactions00000
ART 406Intm Photography: Darkroom00000
BUAD 354Compensation Management00000
BUAD 375Business Web Development00000
AENG 326Fluid Power00000
ANTH 122Physical Anthropology00000
ART 469Contemp Issues in Printmaking00000
BUAD 488BSeminar: Business Ethics00000
CHEM 232Organic Chemistry 200000
ANTH 227Culture Through Film00000
ART 524Art Education Methods II00000
BIOL 324Plant Biochemistry00000
ART 282Sculpture 100000
BIOL 363Medical Microbiology00000
AENG 427Programmable Logic Controllers00000
BIOL 446Ecosystems00000
ART 324Meaningful Art Education00000
BIOL 484Mech of Animal Behavior00000
AENG 262Semiconductor Electronics00000
BUAD 162Intro to Managerial Accounting00000
ART 368Collage00000
BUAD 332Consumer Behavior00000
AENG 515Adv Prob:Eng Visualization00000
BUAD 364Cost Accounting00000
ART 454Painting 400000
BUAD 445Financial Markets00000
ACTE 699Inquiry for Teaching/Learning00000
CHEM 104Gen Organic and Biochem 200000
ART 490Beyond Makng Strat for Success00000
CHEM 265Quantitative Analysis00000
AENG 332Construction Technology 200000
ART 534Drawing00000
ANTH 235Historic Archaeology00000
ART 554Painting00000
ART 566Collage00000
AENG 120Energy Systems00000
AENG 345Statics/Strength of Materials00000
ANTH 327Urban Anthropology00000
ART 583Sculpture00000
ART 587Topics: Meaningful Art Ed00000
ANTH 422History of Anthropolgical Thry00000
ART 592Fine Art Metals00000
BIOL 257Intro Allied Health00000
ART 221Introduction to Art Education00000
BIOL 329Plant-Insect Interactions:Lec00000
AENG 382Automated Manufacturing00000
BIOL 356Functional Human Anatomy00000
ART 295Ceramics:Hand Building00000
BIOL 385Principles of Animal Behav:Lec00000
AENG 251Print Media Systems00000
BIOL 438Neurobiology00000
ART 306Intro Photography: Darkroom00000
BIOL 462Molecular Biology00000
AENG 435Manufacturing Enterprise00000
BIOL 473Teaching Biological Issues00000
ART 352Painting 100000
BIOL 589Topics: Wetland Eco & Mgmt00000
ACTE 635Online/Hybrid/Customized Lrng00000
BUAD 101Introduction to Business00000
ART 364Relief Printmaking 100000
BUAD 206Business Research Methods00000
AENG 467Mobile Robotics00000
ART 391Fine Art Metals: Casting00000
BUAD 345Investment Analysis00000
AENG 302Futurology00000
BUAD 358Management Science00000
ART 433Drawing 400000
BUAD 371Principles of Entrepreneurship00000
AFAM 201Intro to African American Stdy00000
BUAD 431Marketing Research00000
ART 465Intaglio Printmaking 200000
BUAD 455Strategy and Policy00000
ACCT 368Business Applications: Excel00000
BUAD 670Strategy and Policy00000
ART 482Sculpture 300000
CHEM 112Introductory Chemistry 200000
ANTH 222North American Indians00000
ART 602Qualtve & Arts-Based Rsrch Mth00000
AENG 351Digital Imaging00000
ART 100Art in Culture00000
ART 686Topics: Landscape Painting00000
ART 699Thesis00000
ART 1422D Design00000
BIOL 108HHnrs:Freshman Biology Seminar00000