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MU Course Reviews

Millersville University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
INTL 201Intro to International Studies44.54.53.52
BIOL 211Concepts of Zoology312.522
HIST 283Colonial Latin America52541
MATH 160Precalculus11111
MATH 130Elements of Statistics 133111
BUAD 341Managerial Finance 132341
ENGL 110English Composition43341
ART 353Watercolor 143441
BUAD 202Legal Environment of Business53551
HIST 105The Craft of History00000
ESCI 363Chemical Oceanography00000
HIST 401Atlantic World, 1450-182000000
GOVT 333American Political Thought00000
ESCI 245Environmental Meteorology00000
HIST 273Afro-American History 200000
ENGL 482Film and American Society00000
HUMN 110French Fairy Tales00000
ESCI 445Num Modeling of Atmos and Ocns00000
ISCA 579Exp: Stats, Decisons ESCI00000
ITEC 302Futurology00000
ENGL 328Ethics in Print Media Journlsm00000
ENGL 642Drama00000
FORL 480Tchg For Lang in Sec School00000
ITEC 376Woodworking Technology00000
JAPN 201Intermediate Japanese 100000
ENGL 672Seminar:Rhetoric/Composition00000
GEOG 223Health, Gender, Race & Class00000
GOVT 252Global Crime and Justice00000
ESCI 221Physical Geology00000
GOVT 411Constnl Law:Sep of Pwrs/Fdrlsm00000
ENGL 445Short Story:Hist,Devel,Genres00000
HIST 225Germany, 1945-Present00000
ESCI 341Atmospheric Thermodynamics00000
HIST 320Renaissance and Reformation00000
ENGL 313Journalism00000
HIST 502U.S. History 1815-191900000
ESCI 421Advanced Geology00000
INTE 240Fundamentals of Web Tech00000
ENGL 607Milton00000
ITEC 241Drafting Communications00000
FIN 203Personal Finance00000
ITEC 346Architectural Drawing00000
ENGL 234Later British Literature00000
ITEC 457Print Prod Mgmt/Cost Estimatng00000
FREN 353Introduction to Phonetics00000
LATS 325Afro-Latino Cultural Exp00000
ENGL 334African American Literature 200000
GEOG 229Sustainable Tourism00000
ENTC 208Production Practicum00000
GEOG 245Geography of Pennsylvania00000
GEOG 292Quantitative and Spatl Analys00000
ENGL 240The Art of Film00000
ENGL 340Rhetorical Analysis00000
ENTR 201The Art of Entrepreneurship00000
GEOG 306Environmental Impact Assessmnt00000
GEOG 342Europe00000
ERCH 190Intro to Integrative STEM00000
GEOG 372Urban and Regional Planning00000
GOVT 225Modern China00000
ESCI 107The Atmosphere00000
GOVT 314American Judiciary00000
ENGL 428Contemporary Amer Lit: 1945-P00000
GOVT 356Disasters and Our World00000
ESCI 227Mineralogy00000
GOVT 456Global Humanitarianism00000
ENGL 280Intro to Rhetoric for Writers00000
HIST 215Slaves & Masters Ancient World00000
ESCI 322Environmental Hydrology00000
HIST 251HH:Violence In America00000
ENGL 466Writ Stdies Sem: Environmntl W00000
HIST 286HHon: War, Revolution & Terrori00000
ESCI 345Atmospheric Radiative Transfer00000
HIST 355Civil War and Reconstruction00000
ENGL 221Intro to Linguistic Analysis00000
HIST 458U.S. Social History00000
ESCI 382Water Wars: Science and Policy00000
HIST 510Topics: Comparative Migratns00000
ENGL 487Seminar in Teaching Writing00000
HUMN 391Topics: Germ Culture/Film00000
ESCI 427Field Studies of Mtn. Belts00000
INTE 440Human-Computer Interaction00000
ENGL 318Web Writing00000
ITEC 110Communication/Info Systems00000
ESCI 479Environmental Oceanography00000
ITEC 261Electronic Systems00000
ENGL 625Modern Amer Fiction, 1920-194500000
ITEC 331Construction Technology 100000
FIN 345Investment Analysis00000
ITEC 356Desktop Publishing00000
EMGT 617EMGT: Crisis, Emer, Risk Comm00000
ITEC 427Programmable Logic Controllers00000
FREN 202Intermediate French 200000
ITEC 494Total Quality Management00000
ENGL 660Tchg ESL Listening and Speakng00000
GEOG 408Sustainable Development00000
ENGL 402Middle Eng Lang and Literature00000
ERCH 315Family/Commun:Aspcts of Divers00000
GERM 301Business German00000
GERM 351Comp and Oral Expression 100000
ERCH 421Lang Devel and Emergent Litrcy00000