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MTU Course Reviews

Michigan Technological University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EE 4219Intro to Elec Mach & Drives42541
GE 3040Fundamentals of Geophysics42451
FW 3200Biometrics and Data Analysis13111
EET 4373Adv Programmable Controllers45331
EE 4227Power Electronics41441
MA 3203Introduction to Cryptography42541
EE 4295Intro Propulsion Sys for HEV44331
BL 6990Doctoral Research in Bio Sci00000
BL 1210General Biology II Laboratory00000
CEE 4223Steel Design I00000
CEE 4905Engineering Design Project00000
BL 5300Applied Genomics00000
BE 5700Biosensors00000
CEE 3101Civil Engineering Materials00000
ATM 5100Atmos. Sci Research Discussion00000
CEE 4506Sustainable Engineering00000
BL 2100Principles of Biochemistry00000
AR 2011Intermediate Leadership Lab I00000
CEE 5261Bridge Design and Construction00000
BE 2100Undergraduate BME Seminar00000
BL 3044Advanced Human Physiology00000
CEE 5509Transport/Transform of Org Pol00000
CEE 5800Math Modeling of Earth Systems00000
BE 3550Fluid Mechanics00000
BL 3780Medical Parasitology Lab00000
BL 4001Honors Research in Biology00000
BL 5025The Scientific Profession00000
BE 5300Polymeric Biomaterials00000
BL 5400Special Topics in Plant Sci00000
ART 3140Creative Ceramics00000
BUS 2300Quantitative Problem Solving00000
BE 6900Biomedical Eng Doctoral Topics00000
CEE 3503Environmental Engineering00000
AF 4010Nat'l Sec Aff I for non AFROTC00000
CEE 4406Airport Planning and Design00000
BL 2001Valuing the Great Lakes00000
CEE 4610Water Res Sys Modeling Design00000
BA 5200Info Sys Mgmt' and Data Analys00000
CEE 5201Advanced Structural Analysis00000
BL 2700Principle of Computational Bio00000
CEE 5502Biological Treatment Processes00000
AF 0130Air Force Elite Forces Workout00000
CEE 5610Water Res Sys Modeling Design00000
BL 3300Introduction to Genomics00000
CEE 5890Adv Rock Eng for Civil Engs00000
AR 3001Warfighting Functions00000
BL 3640General Immunology00000
BE 3981LabVIEW Basics00000
AF 2001Team/Leadership Fundamentals I00000
BL 4030Molecular Biology00000
AR 3068Physical Training Leadership I00000
BE 4230Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering00000
BL 4070Environmental Toxicology00000
BL 4120Environmental Remediation00000
BE 4335Smart Polymers00000
BL 4370Advanced Cell Biology00000
BL 4461Ecosystem Ecology00000
BL 4999Biological Sciences Internship00000
BE 5115Finite Element Modeling00000
BL 5051Scientific Writing/Publishing00000
ART 2130Creative Drawing Processes00000
BL 5370Special Topics in Microbiology00000
BE 5390Scientific Computing00000
BL 5678Biological Sci Field Service00000
AF 3010Effective Com I - Non AFROTC00000
BMB 6030Modern BMB Laboratory00000
BE 5870Computer Vision Micro Images00000
CEE 1000Civil Engineering00000
ART 4440Advanced Ceramics00000
CEE 3401Transportation Engineering00000
BL 1040Principles of Biology00000
CEE 4020Computer Applications00000
ACC 5500Strategic Cost Accounting00000
CEE 4344Construction Scheduling00000
BL 1590First Year Exp. in Pre-Health00000
CEE 4502Wastewater Trt. Prin. & Design00000
ATM 5519Atmospheric Biogeochemistry00000
CEE 4515Atmospheric Chemistry00000
BL 2015Introduction to Neuroscience00000
CEE 4760Optimization Methods in CEE00000
AR 1011Basic Leadership Lab I00000
CEE 4990Public Transit00000
BL 2200Genetics00000
CEE 5223Steel Design II00000
BA 5700Managing Behavior in Orgs.00000
CEE 5414Railroad Engineering00000
BL 3006Health Prog Application Prep00000
CEE 5504Surface Water Quality Modeling00000
ACC 3600Foundations of Taxation00000
CEE 5519Atmospheric Biogeochemistry00000
BL 3210General Microbiology00000
CEE 5730Prob. Analysis and Reliability00000
BE 2800Biomat I: Fund Mater Sci & Eng00000
AR 4011Battalion Staff Operations I00000
BE 4520Industrial and Clinical Issues00000
BL 4530Senior Research Capstone Exp00000
BL 4611SML Medical Practicum II00000
BE 4760Numerical Techniques in BME00000
BL 4660Current Topics in MLS00000
BL 4730Immunohematology Techniques00000