MTSU Course Reviews

Middle Tennessee State University

INFS 4790Database Design and Development11131
INFS 2200Introduction to Microcomputing00000
INFS 3100Principles of Management Information Systems00000
INFS 3450Web Application Development00000
INFS 3800Information Systems Analysis and Design00000
INFS 4310Introduction to Digital Forensics00000
INFS 4990Independent Study in Information Systems00000
INFS 6000Information Systems Survey00000
INFS 6301Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing00000
INFS 6510IT Project Risk Assessment and Control00000
INFS 6701IT Project Risk and Recovery00000
INFS 6790Seminar in Database Management00000
INFS 6980ISA Capstone00000
INFS 2600Introduction to Software Development and Programming00000
INFS 3400Object Oriented Programming with C#.NET00000
INFS 3700Introduction to System Analysis & Design00000
INFS 4300Security Assurance for Information Systems Audit00000
INFS 4740Information Technology Management00000
INFS 4950Advanced Web-Enabled Application Development00000
INFS 5900Business Data Communications00000
INFS 6300Management of Security Operations00000
INFS 6500IT Project Management Planning and Implementation00000
INFS 6700IT Project Management: Strategies for Success00000
INFS 6710IT Systems Development Project Management00000
INFS 6835IT Applications for Decision Making00000
INFS 2400(EXL) Web Development00000
INFS 3200Business Application Development00000
INFS 3470Python for Business Applications00000
INFS 4100Location Analytics00000
INFS 4420Information Systems Internship00000
INFS 4900Business Data Communications00000
INFS 5790Database Design and Development00000
INFS 6200Modeling for Problem-Solving00000
INFS 6302Security Analytics00000
INFS 6520IT Project Management Case Studies00000
INFS 6702IT Project Planning and Implementation00000
INFS 6810Big Data for Analytics00000
INFS 6990Independent Research in Information Systems00000