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MTSU Course Reviews

Middle Tennessee State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 1610(EXL) Two-Dimensional Design54552
BIOL 1030Exploring Life43441
AERO 3240Professional Pilot IV45441
ASTR 1030Exploring the Universe54431
ENGL 1020Research and Argumentative Writing53551
ART 1620(EXL) Drawing I43441
THEA 1030Introduction to Theatre45421
CHEM 1030Chemistry for Consumers: Forensic Chemistry53551
BIOL 3050Parasitology11211
ASTR 1031Observing the Universe44441
AERO 3170Aviation Safety44531
ENGL 2020Themes in Literature and Culture: Gothic and Horror44431
CHEM 3020Organic Chemistry II51541
INFS 4790Database Design and Development11131
HORS 6440Advanced Equine Nutrition00000
HLTH 4390(EXL) Women's Health00000
HSC 4042Seminar in Human Sciences: Nutrition and Food Science00000
HSC 5052Advanced Problems in Human Sciences: Nutrition and Food Scie...00000
HIST 7610Essentials of Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Ma...00000
HLTH 4870Methods of Communicating and Marketing Health Education00000
HUM 3070Brazilian Popular Culture00000
IAM 3070(EXL) Introduction to Social Media Practice00000
HLTH 6200Principles of Environmental Health00000
IAM 4450(EXL) Understanding Digital Analytics00000
IDES 3110(EXL) Interior Design Computer Applications I00000
HIST 7201Seminar: Readings in Pre-Modern European History00000
HIST 7930Selected Studies in Global History00000
HLTH 6850Methods in Epidemiology00000
IDES 3310(EXL) Interior Design Computer Applications III00000
HORS 5400Horsemanship-Equitation00000
HLTH 4280Instructor's Course in First Aid and CPR00000
HSC 1010(EXL) Career Orientation00000
HIST 7540Seminar: Museum Management00000
HSC 4101(EXL) Internship: Child Development and Family Studies00000
HLTH 4451Technology Applications Lab00000
HUM 3000Topics in Foreign Language Linguistics: Esperanto, Dothraki...00000
HIST 7103Seminar: Readings in Modern American History00000
IAM 2500Survey of Interactive Media00000
HLTH 5450Technology Applications00000
IAM 3610Fundamentals of Game Theory and Design00000
HIST 7720Field Methods in Public Archaeology00000
IDES 1010(EXL) Interior Design Career Orientation00000
HLTH 6640Thesis Research00000
IDES 3140(EXL) Interior Material and Finishes00000
EMC 1010Orientation to Media Arts00000
IDES 4110(EXL) Residential Design II00000
HLTH 6890Social Epidemiology and Population Health00000
IMIC 4820Practical Training in Microanalysis Techniques00000
INFS 2200Introduction to Microcomputing00000
HIST 7205Seminar: Research in European History00000
HLTH 1530Health and Wellness00000
HLTH 7710Applied Biostatistics for Public Health00000
HLTH 7890Social Epidemiology and Population Health00000
HLTH 2600Introduction to Health Professions00000
HORS 2110Basic Horsemanship00000
HORS 2480Equine Evaluation and Selection00000
EMC 1080Post-Production I00000
HIST 7225Oral History: Theory and Methodology00000
HLTH 3000(EXL) Service Learning in Health Education00000
HORS 3300Equine Health00000
HORS 4580Advanced Judging of Horses00000
HLTH 4260Curriculum and Teaching Methods in Health Education00000
HORS 6170Issues in the Equine Industry00000
HIST 7530Seminar: Administration of Historical Organizations00000
HORS 6540Equine Experiential Learning00000
HLTH 4340Fitness Education for the Adult00000
HSC 4041Seminar in Human Sciences: Child Development and Family Stud...00000
HIST 6999Comprehensive Exam Prep00000
HSC 4051Advanced Problems in Human Sciences: Child Development and F...00000
HLTH 4430Program Planning in Health Education00000
HSC 4103Internship: Textiles, Merchandising, and Design00000
HIST 7550Seminar: American Material Culture00000
HUM 2130Medical Vocabulary00000
HLTH 4700Coordinated School Health00000
HUM 3060From Atom to Akira: The Development of Japan's Popular Cultu...00000
ELED 6670Advanced Content Methods00000
HUM 3500Latino Images in U.S. Film00000
HLTH 4990Health Internship00000
IAM 3065Audiences and Messaging00000
HIST 7640Dissertation Research00000
IAM 3210(EXL) Interactive Media Applications00000
HLTH 6010Holistic and Complementary Health Care00000
IAM 3950Content Strategy and Management00000
HIST 7105Seminar: Research in American History: Research in American...00000
IAM 4800Seminar in Media Issues00000
HLTH 6350Spatial Epidemiology00000
IDES 2110(EXL) Interior Design Communication00000
HIST 7910Selected Studies in American History00000
IDES 3130(EXL) House Design00000
HLTH 6750Applied Survey Methodology for Public Health00000
IDES 3210(EXL) Interior Design Computer Applications II00000
ELED 6540Teaching Science00000
IDES 3330(EXL) Lighting Design00000
HLTH 6870Health Promotion00000
IDES 4200(EXL) Healthcare Design00000
HIST 7992Professional Residency Colloquium00000
HORS 3410Horse Breeds and Genetics00000
HLTH 3240(EXL) Introduction to Community and Public Health00000
HORS 4040Equine Event and Facility Management00000
HORS 4170Equine Industry00000