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MTSU Course Reviews

Middle Tennessee State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 1610(EXL) Two-Dimensional Design54552
ASTR 1030Exploring the Universe54431
AERO 3240Professional Pilot IV45441
BIOL 1030Exploring Life43441
ENGL 1020Research and Argumentative Writing53551
ART 1620(EXL) Drawing I43441
AERO 3170Aviation Safety44531
ASTR 1031Observing the Universe44441
CHEM 3020Organic Chemistry II51541
THEA 1030Introduction to Theatre45421
INFS 4790Database Design and Development11131
ENGL 2020Themes in Literature and Culture: Gothic and Horror44431
CHEM 1030Chemistry for Consumers: Forensic Chemistry53551
BIOL 3050Parasitology11211
AGBS 3140Real Property Law for Commerce and Agriculture00000
AERO 2201Professional Pilot Flight Lab I00000
AGBS 4820Principles of Food Processing00000
AGRI 2010(HONORS) World Food and Society00000
ACTG 3100Financial Accounting Application and Analysis00000
AGRI 4910Problems in Agriculture00000
AGRI 6100Graduate Seminar in Agriculture00000
ALSI 7220Advanced Applications in Assessment00000
AERO 3261Professional Pilot Flight Lab IV00000
ALSI 7620Advanced Quantitative Research Methodologies00000
ANIM 4405Professional Practices in Animation00000
ACSI 4600Problems in Actuarial Science00000
ACTG 6320Strategic Cost and Control in Healthcare00000
AERO 3710(EXL) Unmanned Aircraft00000
ANSC 3540Dairy Production00000
AERO 6441Applied Research Capstone Project00000
AERO 1340Introduction to Aerospace Maintenance00000
AGBS 4130Agricultural Price Analysis and Price Management00000
ACSI 6600Problems in Actuarial Science00000
AGED 5230Adult and Youth Leadership[ Program Development in Agricultu...00000
AERO 2720(EXL) Small Unmanned Aircraft Components00000
AGRI 4830Food Quality Control00000
ACSI 4280Undergraduate Research00000
ALSI 7020Implementing a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum00000
AERO 3206Advanced Conventional Landing Gear Flight Laboratory00000
ALSI 7420Schools as Professional Learning Communities00000
ACTG 4420Accounting Internship00000
ANIM 3040Motion Graphics I00000
AERO 3440(EXL) Fundamentals of Aerodynamics00000
ANSC 3420Animal Breeding and Genetics00000
ABAS 2210Introduction to Agricultural Engineering00000
ANSC 4430Internship in Animal Science00000
AERO 3731(EXL) Unmanned Remote Sensing Lab00000
ANSC 5420Animal Breeding and Genetics00000
ANTH 2210Introduction to World Prehistory00000
ACSI 4640Mathematics of Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives00000
ACTG 6560Special Topics in Taxation00000
AERO 4100(EXL) Airline Management00000
AERO 4130Aerospace Physiology00000
ACTG 6650Advanced Accounting Theory00000
AERO 4170Airport Capacity and Planning00000
AERO 4203Flight Instructor-Multi-Engine Lab00000
ABAS 6000Research Methods in Agricultural Science00000
ACSI 5200Introduction to Mathematics of Investment00000
ACTG 6730External Auditing II00000
AERO 4310Aerospace Vehicle Systems00000
AERO 6370Aviation Contracts and Leases00000
AERO 1010Introduction to Aerospace00000
AERO 6640Thesis Research00000
ACSI 6030Actuarial Models for Life Contingencies00000
AGBS 3230Fundamentals of Agricultural Producer Risk Management00000
AERO 2010Aviation Weather00000
AGBS 4160(EXL) Agricultural Cooperatives00000
ACSI 4230Mathematics of Compound Interest00000
AGED 2230Introduction to Agricultural Education and Leadership00000
AERO 2342Powerplant Inspection00000
AGED 6030Theoretical Foundations of Personal Agricultural Leadership00000
ACTG 2125Principles of Accounting II for Accounting Majors00000
AGRI 3810Milk Processing and Marketing00000
AERO 3080Aviation Weather II00000
AAS 4755Race and Place: The Struggle for Fair Housing Since 190000000
AGRI 6910Problems in Agriculture00000
AERO 3203Professional Pilot Flight Lab II00000
ALSI 7040Teacher Observation, Evaluation, and Improvement00000
ACTG 3310Cost Accounting00000
ALSI 7240Data Analysis, Learning and School Improvement00000
AERO 3230Crew Resource Management00000
ALSI 7450Application and Research Seminar: Student Success00000
ACSI 4340Actuarial Mathematics II00000
ANIM 1300Animation and the Illusion of Motion00000
AERO 3362Advanced Aerospace Engine Systems Maintenance and Repair00000
ANIM 3330Animation and Rigging00000
ACTG 6100Accounting and Legal Issues for Managers00000
ANSC 1410Introduction to Animal Science00000
AERO 3631Introduction to Air Traffic Control Lab00000
ANSC 3470(EXL) Beef Cattle Production00000
AAS 3200Cultural Diversity: Competency for Practice00000
ANSC 4260Behavior of Domestic Animals00000
AERO 3721(EXL) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Lab00000
ANSC 4520Companion Animal Management00000
ACTG 6510Federal Income Tax Research and Planning00000
AERO 4312Turbine Engine System00000
ACTG 6830CPA Review: Financial00000
AERO 4342Turbine Engine Inspection and Troubleshooting00000
AERO 4392Aerospace Turbine Engine Maintenance and Overhaul00000
ACSI 5230Mathematics of Compound Interest00000