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MSU Texas Course Reviews

Midwestern State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GEOS 6983Thesis I00000
HIST 4013History Internship00000
COUN 5343Intro to Reality Therapy00000
EPSY 3153Educational Psychology00000
CRJU 2243Corr Systems & Practices00000
COUN 1023Substance Abuse Counseling00000
HIST 1333Survey of Western Civilization00000
CMPS 1044Computer Science I00000
COUN 6073Comm Skills for Human Res Dev00000
CMPS 4143Top:Cont Prog Lang:Java/Python00000
CRJU 6393Intern in Crim Justice00000
CRJU 3253Police-Community Relations00000
CMPS 5323Grad Top-Computational Sci: AI00000
EXPH 1151Soccer00000
CHEM 4242Biochemistry Laboratory00000
GERM 4013Tp:Korean Guest Wrkrs in Grmny00000
COUN 5203Intro to Counseling00000
HIST 3113American Indian History00000
BUAD 6553Ind Grad Study in Busn Admin00000
HIST 4213Europe in Middle Ages00000
CMPS 3023Logic Design00000
CRJU 2123Police-Community Relations00000
CHEM 1241General Chemistry Lab00000
CRJU 3123Theories of Crime Analysis00000
CMPS 4563Top Parallel-Distrib Comp: HPC00000
CRJU 4403Profiling Criminal Behaviors00000
CRJU 3743Juvenile Justice00000
CMPS 5203Embedded Systems00000
ENGL 6973Comprehensive Written Exam00000
CHEM 3603Physical Chemistry I00000
EXPH 1011Fundmntls Phys Act & Hlth00000
CMPS 5433Tp:Prl/Dist Sy:GPU Programming00000
GEOS 5323Clastic Dep Sys & Seq Stratigr00000
AMUS 1501French Horn00000
GERM 2133Intermediate German00000
COUN 4013Human Relations00000
GNSC 1204Physical Science00000
CHEM 4305Adv Inorganic Chemistry00000
HIST 3003Survey of Texas History00000
COUN 5263Diagnosis & Treatment Planning00000
HIST 3503Early Russia & Tsardom00000
AMUS 1421Oboe00000
HIST 4133Interwar America, 1918-193900000
COUN 5803Substance Abuse Counseling00000
HIST 4263Modern France00000
CHEM 1103Introductory Chemistry00000
COUN 6953Top:Substance Abuse Counseling00000
CMPS 4103Intro Operating Systems00000
CRJU 2223Legal Aspects of Corrections00000
AMUS 1441Clarinet00000
CRJU 2943Writing-Crim Just Professional00000
CMPS 4443Platform Based: Mobile Apps00000
CRJU 3213Research Methods00000
CHEM 1303General-Organic-Biol Chemistry00000
CRJU 3713Ethical Issues in CJ00000
CMPS 4883Top CMPS:Modeling & Simulation00000
CRJU 4263Correctional Counseling00000
CRJU 4123Educational Security00000
CMPS 5133Adv Computer Architecture00000
CRJU 4901Independent Studies00000
CHEM 3305Analytical Chem I00000
ENGL 5773Shakespeare00000
CMPS 5243Algorithm Analysis00000
ENSC 1114Fndtns Environmental Science00000
AMUS 1481Bassoon00000
ETEC 4003Adv Technology Integration00000
CMPS 5363Grd Top:CMPS: Network Security00000
EXPH 1061Conditioning Activities00000
CHEM 4001Seminar00000
EXPH 1291Walking-Aerobic Fitness00000
CMPS 5443Adv Topics in CMPS: HCI00000
GEOS 5911Ind Grad Study in Geosciences00000
AMUS 1401Flute00000
GERM 1134Elementary German00000
COUN 2023Human Development00000
GERM 3133Contemporary German Culture00000
CHEM 4253Biochemistry00000
GNMT 3003Concepts of Mathematics00000
COUN 4943Seminar in Human Resource Dev00000
HIST 1133Survey Amer Hist to 186500000
BUAD 1033Foundations of Business00000
HIST 1433Survey of Western Civilization00000
COUN 5233Comprehnsv Sch Counseling Srvc00000
HIST 3103Medieval England00000
CHEM 4922Ind Study in Chemistry00000
HIST 3133World Religions & Cultures00000
COUN 5293Practicum in Counseling00000
HIST 3853Environmental History00000
AMUS 1371Double Bass00000
HIST 4053Civil War & Reconstruction00000
COUN 5403Intro to School Counseling00000
HIST 4173History of Mexico00000
CMPS 2143Object-Oriented Programming00000
COUN 6013Human Relations00000
AMUS 1261Percussion00000
AMUS 1381Guitar00000
AMUS 1461Saxophone00000
CHEM 2011Organic Chemistry Lab00000
CMPS 5013Fundmntl Computer Architecture00000
CRJU 4223Criminal Procedure00000