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Msu Denver Course Reviews

Metropolitan State University of Denver

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HIS 1700Nature and Society11212
HPL 1110Belly Dance I53551
COMM 3100Communication Theory53551
COM 3780Communication Law00000
CIS 3490Managing Bus Info Enterp Syst00000
ATH 100LTennis-Varsity Sport-Women00000
ANT 3660Ancient American Civilizations00000
CS 49APImplementing an Operating Sys00000
BIO 4290Mammalogy00000
CYBM 5505CYBMInformationTechnology00000
BVG 3950Beverage Promotion00000
CHE 4480Phys Chem Lab: Quantum & Spect00000
ARTH 3421Medieval Art00000
CJC 4240Women and Violence00000
ANT 398MEthngrphy and Qualit Analysis00000
CPD 2330Assertiveness00000
BIO 290AIntro Microbiology for Nursing00000
CS 3120Machine Learning00000
AES 2630Spacecraft Mission Ops. I00000
ECE 2370Curriculum: Young Learner00000
ART 403DVT Community and Collaboration00000
AES 3650Advanced Flight Technologies00000
CAS 2770Gender and Communication00000
ART 2682Screen Printing and Relief00000
CAS 3980Internship in Comm Studies00000
CDES 490AMobile Prototyping00000
CHE 3130Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
ARTH 450FVT: Global Renaissance Court00000
CHS 3300Education of Chicano Children00000
AMS 3010Additive Manuf Stratasys Prep00000
CJC 2500Criminal Investigation00000
AST 1052General Astronomy I00000
COM 2400Basic Video Editing00000
AES 290FSpacecraft Missions Ops. I00000
COMM 3410Rhetoric and Public Culture00000
ATP 3860Therapeutic Inter for AT I00000
CPE 4320Digital Filter Design00000
ANT 3110Race and Human Variation00000
CS 390SDigital Image Processing00000
BIO 3240Animal Behavior00000
CSS 2751Principles of Cybersecurity00000
ACC 4200Auditing and Attestation00000
DANC 3380Modern Dance III00000
BUS 3010Global Business Study Abroad00000
ECE 3330Creativity and Expressive Arts00000
AES 3330Intermed Prec Flight & Navigat00000
CAS 1010Public Speaking00000
ART 2611Beginning Ceramics:Hndbldng00000
CAS 3440Television Production00000
ACCM 5020Communication & Acc. Research00000
CAS 4430Electronic Media Management00000
ART 3612Intermediate Ceramics00000
AES 4500Flight Multi-Engine00000
CDES 3215Typographic Aesthetics00000
ART 3682Intermediate Printmaking00000
CDES 4001Zeromile and 'Zines II00000
CDES 4600Comm Design Portfolio Develop00000
CHE 1811General Chemistry II Lab00000
ARTH 350BIslamic Art00000
CHE 3710Criminalistics II00000
AFR 1010Heritage and Values I00000
CHS 498WOral History Project00000
ARTH 1700World Art II: Art 1400-190000000
CIS 2010Foundtns of Information Systms00000
ACCM 6140Small Business Taxation00000
CIS 4550IS Security & Info Assurance00000
ARTH 3980Internship00000
CJC 3460Crime Mapping & Analysis00000
ANT 39AJNasofacial Morphometrics00000
CLD 4520Field Experience in CLD Educ00000
ATH 100DSoccer-Varsity Sport-Women00000
COM 3420Intermediate Video Production00000
ACC 3090Income Tax I00000
COMM 3000Diversity & Comm in the US00000
ATP 1623Prevtn & Care of Ath Injuries00000
COMM 4910Applied Comm Research Project00000
ANT 1010Intro to Biological Anthrplgy00000
CPE 1140DC Circuit Fundamentals00000
BHAM 5005Theory&Tech. Helping Relation.00000
CPM 3020Facil.Mainten.and Operations00000
AES 1400Aviation Weather00000
CS 49ADBasics of Machine Learning00000
BIO 3020Laboratory Techniques00000
CS 398AProg Interactive Apps00000
ANT 3380Exploring Folklore00000
CS 3700Computer Networks00000
BIO 3410Symbiosis & Environment00000
CYBM 590BCYBMInformation Technology00000
AAS 3300The Black Community00000
DANC 1240Tap Dance I00000
BNK 2700Introduction to Banking00000
DANC 4430Ballet IV00000
ANT 4420Applied Anthropology00000
ART 4801Studio Assistantship00000
CET 2150Mechanics I Statics00000
CET 4135Foundation Engineering00000
BVG 1910Homebrewing & Fermentation00000
AAS 449DThe Gullah Experience00000
AAS 3920Hip-Hop Culture and Rap Music00000
ACCM 5510Accounting Theory00000