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MSSU Course Reviews

Missouri Southern State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
LE 0181Basic Law Enforcement Academy II00000
MUS 0110Music Appreciation00000
HNRS 0495The Rise of Gothic Literature00000
KINE 0295Orientation to Health Promotion and Wellness00000
IET 0205Computer Applications and Cost Analysis00000
HIST 0201Introduction to Historical Research00000
MGMT 0652Applied Human Resources00000
FREN 0400French for Business00000
HS 0422Healthcare Info Management00000
GEOG 0111World Regional Geography00000
JPN 0499Study In Japanese Sect.100000
INTS 0201Introduction to International Studies00000
GOLD 0220Military Fitness II Spring00000
KINE 0367Socio-Psychological Aspects of Physical Education00000
FIN 0435Financial Analysis00000
MET 0100Introduction to Machine Tool Processes00000
HIST 0373Women in U.S. History00000
MRKT 0405eMarketing00000
ENT 0214Entrepreneurial Pricing Strategies00000
MUS 0136Applied Performance Percussion00000
GB 0302Legal Environment Of Business II00000
IB 0498Advanced Topics in International Business00000
ESL 0051Level 1: Introduction to Grammar00000
IET 0450Facilities Management and Planning00000
GEOG 0304Introduction to Geographic Information Systems00000
JPN 0203Intermediate Japanese I00000
INTS 0310Food, Culture, and Society00000
GEOL 0212Earth & Space Science Lab00000
KINE 0114Fitness Programming and Assessment00000
ESL 0093Level 5: Advanced Reading00000
KINE 0332Theory and Technique of Movement and Rhythms00000
GOLD 0499Independent Study in Military Science00000
KINE 0438Applications in Physical Education00000
ENT 0202Business Opportunities and Innovation00000
MATH 0371Introduction to Operations Research00000
HIST 0342Latin American Revolutions00000
MGMT 0541Organizational Behavior00000
FREN 0102Beginning French II00000
MGMT 0791Applied Research00000
HIST 0498Camino De Santiago00000
MT 0405Clinical Microbiology00000
ENG 0310Professional Writing00000
MUS 0121Concert Chorale00000
HS 0310The Patient Experience00000
MUS 0142Jazz Orchestra00000
ENT 0311Entrepreneurship Strategy00000
IB 0410International Management00000
GB 0412Implementing Business Education Programs00000
IET 0105Essential Professional Skills00000
ENG 0325Children's Literature00000
IET 0310Production Planning and Control00000
GEOG 0211Regions And Nations00000
IET 0494Career Success00000
ESL 0063Level 2: Reading Skills00000
INTS 0303Contemporary World Civilizations00000
GEOG 0404Applications in Geographic Information Systems00000
INTS 0499Independent Study in International Studies00000
INTS 0322Teach English Abroad Practicum00000
GEOL 0185Introduction to Meteorology00000
JPN 0298Basic Japanese Grammar00000
ESL 0083Level 4: Academic Reading00000
KINE 0101Couch To 5K00000
GOLD 0120Military Fitness I Spring00000
KINE 0251Lifetime Activities00000
ENG 0491Internship in English00000
KINE 0312Theory and Technique of Elementary Physical Education II00000
GOLD 0310Military Fitness III Fall00000
KINE 0345Tests and Measurements in Physical Education00000
FIN 0350Financial Management00000
KINE 0385Nutrition for Human Development00000
HIST 0140Western Civilization since 150000000
KINE 0499Independent Study00000
ENG 0272British Literature II00000
MATH 0332Geometry00000
HIST 0298The History of Modern Africa00000
MATH 0499Independent Study00000
FIN 0535Financial Analysis00000
MGMT 0498Foundations of Leadership00000
HIST 0345Age of Jefferson and Jackson00000
MGMT 0637Data Analysis &Decision Making00000
ENT 0207Entrepreneurial Accounting Foundations00000
MGMT 0745Contemporary Compensation00000
HIST 0474Colonial Latin America00000
MRKT 0300Principles of Marketing00000
FREN 0305Contemporary Francophone Cultures00000
MRKT 0672Marketing Management00000
HNRS 0390Honors International Study00000
MUS 0101Jazz Styles & Appreciation00000
ENG 0080Basic Composition00000
MUS 0118Applied Trumpet Elective00000
HS 0104Advanced Cardiac Life Support00000
MUS 0126Applied Performance: Keyboard00000
FREN 0430French Translation00000
HS 0370Environmental Health and Safety00000
EH 0382Epidemiological Statistics00000
ENG 0240The Short Story00000
ENG 0361Studies in World Literature00000
ESL 0073Level 3: Reading and Vocabulary00000
GEOG 0491Internship in Geography00000
INTS 0382Geography of Europe00000