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Montclair Course Reviews

Montclair State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECON 101Applied Macroeconomics.32231
ARTH 360Studio Techniques in Art Therapy.00000
CHEM 343Experimental Physical Chemistry.00000
CMST 435Red Hawk Communications00000
BUGN 570Business Consulting Experience00000
ARIL 423Animation/Illustration Thesis II00000
CMST 160Introduction to Health Communication.00000
ARAB 121Intermediate Arabic I.00000
ARCR 601MFA Seminar in Theory and Criticism II.00000
ATTR 251Clinical Education in Athletic Training I.00000
BIMS 220Introduction to Marine Biology.00000
BIOL 568Advanced Neuroscience.00000
ARIL 101Introduction to Animation and Illustration00000
CHAD 521Substance Abuse and Family Crisis.00000
ANTH 522Environment and Community.00000
CHEM 579Biomolecular Assay Development.00000
ARST 203Accessory Design00000
CMST 301Communication Research Methods00000
AMSL 364Deaf-Blind Interpreting and Interpreting Strategies00000
CNFS 621Field Laboratory Experience in Environmental Education.00000
ARAB 261Arabic Writing I.00000
ATTR 531Psychosocial Issues in Athletic Training00000
ANTH 155Urban Anthropology.00000
ARFD 124Figure Drawing00000
BIOL 254Applied Microbiology.00000
BIOL 429Herpetology.00000
BIOL 543Advances in Immunology.00000
ARHT 314Greek Art.00000
BIOL 596Selected Techniques in Biology Science Education.00000
ANTH 414Special Topics in Anthropology: Ancient Health00000
CHAD 330Problems of Childhood: Advocacy and Intervention.00000
ARIL 318Animation Production.00000
CHEM 120General Chemistry I.00000
AMAT 546Mathematical Biology00000
CHEM 495The Chemical Literature.00000
ARPA 450Independent Study in Painting. I-S Painting00000
CHIN 215Popular Music and Modern Chinese Culture.00000
APLN 552Special Topics in Natural Language Processing00000
CMST 227Television and Culture00000
ARST 502Independent Study: Independent Studio Work I.00000
CMST 345Critical TV Studies: Campaign 202000000
ACCT 560Accounting for Business Managers.00000
CMST 549Visual Facilitation00000
ARTX 355Fashion Branding.00000
COUN 540Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling.00000
ANTH 115Cultures of the Middle East.00000
ATTR 360Clinical Measurement and Instrumentation in Athletic Trainin...00000
ARAB 478Independent Study in Arabic Language.00000
ATTR 543Therapeutic Interventions II00000
AMAT 240Introduction to Linear Algebra00000
BIOL 113Principles of Biology II.00000
ARED 525Art and Special Education.00000
BIOL 404Plant and Animal Histological Techniques.00000
ANTH 255Urban Anthropology00000
ARGS 350Independent Study.00000
BIOL 434Molecular Biology.00000
BIOL 445Immunology.00000
BIOL 510Biology Pedagogy for Secondary Teachers.00000
ARHT 250History of Photography00000
BIOL 555Medical Genetics.00000
ANTH 402Primate Behavior and Ecology00000
BIOL 580Evolutionary Mechanisms.00000
ARHT 350Art of the Nineteenth Century.00000
BSLW 503Business Law I.00000
AMAT 532Applied Linear Algebra00000
CHAD 210Child Abuse and Neglect.00000
ARIL 261Character Design for 2D Animation.00000
CHAD 504Children and Justice.00000
ANTH 490Internship in Anthropology.00000
CHAD 610Seminar in Child Advocacy Seminar: Clinical Interventions wi...00000
ARIL 351Animated Development and Pitch Bible00000
CHEM 232Experimental Organic Chemistry I.00000
ACCT 528Business Valuation.00000
CHEM 372Experimental Biochemistry I.00000
ARIN 185The Arab World and Religion.00000
CHEM 544Chemical Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry.00000
APLN 520Current Theories of Second Language Acquisition.00000
CHIN 101Beginning Chinese I.00000
ARPM 262Screen Printing.00000
CMDA 440Independent Study.00000
AMSL 260Theory and Practice for ASL-English Interpreters00000
CMST 212Introduction to Rhetorical Studies00000
ARST 301Integrative Studio I00000
CMST 255Special Topics in Communication and Media: Latinx Media00000
APLN 591Cognitive Linguistics00000
CMST 333Public Relations Cases and Campaigns.00000
ARST 533Independent Study: MFA Research Project II: Multi-Media.00000
CMST 405Understanding Persuasion Campaigns00000
ACCT 404Senior Seminar in Accounting.00000
CMST 520Public Relations Writing and Media Relations.00000
ARTX 308Independent Study.00000
CNFS 460Practicum in Environmental Education.00000
ARAB 193Introduction to Arab Culture.00000
BIOL 458Microbial Genetics.00000
ARTX 426Apparel Design: Flat Pattern.00000
ACCT 305Taxation for Individuals.00000
ACCT 520Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting I.00000
AMAT 364Mathematics of Finance I00000
ANTH 340The Anthropology of Work.00000
ARHT 102Visual Culture00000